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  1. am i good yet
  2. Ahem
  3. It's actually a feature Allen implemented that only applies to TheGoldenTyranno. It's for your own safety.
  4. >laughing black dude meme
  5. Yes. I am enjoying this thread.
  6. i played a goat format game earlier today. worked fine for me but i think my opponent got disconnected because he quit the game at a weird time.
  7. Or I could just win game 2 and win the match and not risk him stalling while siding
  8. I haven't played in 4 years and don't know all the rules of time. I thought if I scooped game two he might just side deck to run out the rest of the clock
  9. 7-2-1. I won game 1 and game 2 started with 2 minutes left in the round. He had no chance of winning the match but he wouldn't scoop so he won game 2 in time and it was a draw.
  10. 7-2 one more to go
  11. 6-2. I beat 4 zoodiac decks, mermail and a barrier statue deck. Lost to kozmo with zoo and a metalfoes. Pretty good for not knowing what most of my opponents' cards do.
  12. How did your interview go
  13. Looking to buy 3 card of demise. If anyone has some and is going to the ycs, pm me.
  14. I'm going