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  1. I'm not claiming Hillary or her campaign ever came out and said "Obama was not born in America." Her campaign planted the seeds that Obama wasn't American and was a Muslim and to argue that this didn't lead to full on birtherism is incredibly naive in my view. Clinton herself never gave a strong disavowal of the whole thing when she was still running in 2008. You do know that he was seriously consider running for president in 2012, right? If his only motive is racism, why didn't he bring it up during the 2008 election? That isn't what I said. I said that nothing I've seen Trump say has been any worse than Hillary's campaign saying something like this "I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and values" I reviewed all the statements in that link and my opinion hasn't changed. I'm saying that you can't have it both ways. You can't have it be racist for one of them and not for the other. They're either both racist or both not racist. Either way it's a wash if we're using "racist" as a disqualifier for the presidency. I don't think either of them are racist. It goes back to what I said before - our rule is that you have to be a natural born citizen to become the president. Having to prove that you're a natural born citizen isn't racism, it's enforcing the rules. Obama did that, so that's the end of the discussion about it for me. inb4 "but Trump kept going about it after the birth certificate was released" - I don't care. That's how he is about lots of things. He doesn't like to lose.
  2. "Lack of American Roots" "I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and values" If anything, I think what Hillary's campaign said about Obama in this regard is worse than anything Trump has said, at least that I'm aware of. Here's some more: People who attack Obama "birthers" act like Obama is just an average black guy who grew up in Chicago his whole life or something. If that were the case, yes that would obviously be racist and absurd. There were questions because his father was not a US citizen and because he was raised in Indonesia for a few years when he was a child. Yes. But if someone wants to call it racist, they need to explain why Hillary Clinton is not a racist, and why the other cases aren't about racism.
  3. half a regional
  4. First, Hillary's campaign did start the birther stuff. Second, we sort of have a rule here about needing to be a natural born citizen to be elected president. If there's a question that you're not a natural born citizen, and you're running to be president, you should prove that you're a natural born citizen. Was it also racist to suggest Ted Cruz was born in Canada? There have even been multiple white presidential candidates that have had questions raised about their eligibility due to their birth situation - John McCain, George Romney, Barry Goldwater
  5. I'll debate anyone point by point on Trump's "racism"
  6. People think Trump supporters care about being "real" republicans or conservatives?
  7. I'll be waiting. A literal picture of Harambe couldn't possibly be related to a Harambe meme, but is definitely blatant white supremacist racist imagery. And they call me the conspiracy theorist. You sound like HIllary attacking Pepe the Frog.
  8. It wasn't an article about Obama. It was an article about Trump and how he trolled the media. There's nothing in the article that compares that gorilla to Obama, except your own confirmation bias. There are probably thousands of articles on Breitbart that are actually about Obama. Can you show us one of those with a gorilla in it?
  9. It's literally Harambe lol. It's the exact same photo used in this article. Take your pills.
  10. Not to mention, there is a prominent Trump supporter named Mike Cernovich. He has a book called "Gorilla Mindset" and there are lots of memes about that too. As someone who is in the "Trump zone" of Twitter daily, I see Harambe and Gorilla Mindset memes all the time, with no reference at all to black people. I would bet that they used the image as a reference to Harambe. Just look at your image again. That's the best you've got? That's your blatant racism? Get a grip dude.
  11. Look at your posts here lately. It's like you've had a mental breakdown. Gorilla's are "blatant racist imagery?" Have you seen all the Harambe memes? Are those racist too?
  12. I know what happened. I'm just confused why this has caused @Joe. to have a melt down.
  13. What are you talking about?
  14. There's no reason to care until we see more evidence. She had no representation in her first suit and is being represented by a patent attorney (which is not like a regular criminal attorney) in her second one. If she was more credible I would think she could get some better representation.