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  1. Loved his speech. Very high energy!
  2. Hey @Optimus Rhymewhy don't you try joining the discussion instead of silently negging me. Re: @DAD 4 GAME if you look at Trump's most recent statements re Muslim ban he's basically saying the same thing as you about Iran vs Malaysia I feel like you're just being nitpicky re Trump's comments about blacks. How many predominantly black communities aren't facing high rates of poverty and unemployment? Not all blacks are poor/unemployed/etc, but those ones are probably not living in communities that are predominantly black. I'm not arguing for voting for the lesser of two evils. It's certainly not what I'm doing; I'm enthusiastically voting Trump. I'm arguing against voting for the lesser of two evils. What I was trying to say was if you hate trump you should logically hate Hillary too and not vote for either one. I'm in favor of people voting 3rd party if they don't like either trump or Hillary. Yes I'm certain there are conservative biased news outlets in those areas you mentioned but they're fairly irrelevant since they aren't part of the mainstream media. Fox News is really the only mainstream one.
  3. @Azzaw thank you for finally posting some sources. I'll look at those when I have more time.
  4. Careful, Joe might come and scold you because you're starting to sound like Trump! Remember last page when we learned not mention those nasty stereotypes about blacks being poor and unemployed? In all seriousness, you're correct and you're making my point. You're contradicting yourself here. You admit that poor/unemployed people are more likely to commit crimes, and that blacks have substantially higher rates of poverty and unemployment. Therefore, blacks are statistically more likely to commit crimes than whites. It's not because they're black - it would be ridiculous to think that black people are inherently criminals - it's because they're poor/unemployed. That's correct. Do you think it's because cops are racist? Or could it be that those areas become hotspots because they have higher crime rates and thus require more police attention? Again, we're talking about poor/unemployed blacks. An affluent black neighborhood wouldn't likely be a police hotspot. In a sense, the answer to your last question: Is yes. But not without reason. Police logically focus more of their attention on poor areas rather than affluent ones because that's where more crime is. Sure. That doesn't necessarily mean the people you're arresting haven't committed a crime though. Pretend we had 1 cop for every 25 million Americans. The arrest rates would be low because there wouldn't physically be enough cops to police people properly. That wouldn't necessarily mean that crime rates are low. I would wager crime rates would increase in this scenario because people would have an easier time getting away with a crime. Now pretend we had 1 cop for every 1 non-cop. I would wager that, over time, crime rates would drop because people would know it would be difficult for them to get away with it. Now, on the subject of drug charges, I'm not going to dispute that blacks may be unfairly targeted. I think that there's evidence of some bias there. What I'm concerned about is more serious offenses like robberies, assaults, and murders. Is there evidence that blacks are arrested unfairly for those crimes? Please post if so. Before anyone criticizes the source, it cites a Wall Street Journal article that cites data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  5. Yeah buddy, that's the real question here. Thanks for pointing that out for everyone and exposing me as a typical right wing close-minded dummy. What evidence do you have that I automatically disregard certain information as 'liberal bias?' Most of the time, no one even presents any real information, let alone a link to a source, in their responses to me (including in the Trump AMA thread I did earlier this year). Maybe if Azzaw or SJ Black Mage actually posted some real information instead of just saying they "could" do it, then I could read it, evaluate it and attempt to argue against it if I don't agree. Instead, they've chosen to take cheap shots to gain a couple green internet forum points and end discussion. I can't argue against information you "could" produce. Further, this whole "hehe this crazy conspiracy theorist thinks there's a liberal bias in the media. go read some more breitbart ya loon!" thing is tired. There is a liberal bias to some of the mainstream media. If you think the msm is giving you comprehensive and unbiased reporting on every story you're being naive. Go look at Wikileaks where the DNC was exposed for trying to control the narrative on MSNBC and CNN. Look at this recent example of CNN editing footage to shape the narrative they want and having to apologize for it after they were exposed: If you hate Trump that's fine, I can understand why. But you should be able to agree that Hillary Clinton is a terribly flawed candidate, surrounded by various allegations of misconduct (with evidence to back the allegations up). Yet, the amount of negative coverage she gets compared to Trump is laughable. Should voters know more about Melania Trump's "plagiarized" RNC than the fraud and abuse surrounding the Clinton Foundation? Because they do. My girlfriend, who has no interest and doesn't follow politics, knew about the Melania story right away. She had no idea what Wikileaks was when I brought it up to her, she doesn't know anything about Hillary's emails, and I'm sure if I asked her she would have no clue the Clinton Foundation even exists.
  6. Me stating the facts is not twisting them just because you think my facts are racist. Telling me "lol you're so wrong that I won't even bother to explain why" isn't an adequate refutation either, sorry. At least gemstone mine made a decent counter argument, which I will respond to when I have computer access (too hard to do a proper response from my phone). My "unrelated nonsense" was in response to your post that seemed to imply that the amount of ppl killed by police must be directly proportional to population size or the police are biased; i.e. If blacks are 13% of the population then they should only be 13% of the 500 or so ppl killed by police each year. If that was true then cops would need to start killing more women and Asians.
  7. Nah. I was living in the Seattle area when I still played. I just knew Kyle from going to regionals.
  8. I knew Kyle back when I still played. Nice guy.
  9. That is because statistically, black people commit more crime. Crime rates are not directly proportional to population. There are more women than men in the US, yet significantly more men are killed by cops. Are cops sexist?
  10. I was there. The judging for that event wasn't good. I heard judges ruling that you could Torrential Tribute when your opponent set a monster. Kay'est was a pretty obscure card no one had really ever paid attention to, and card text, especially back in 2005, was written so poorly that it's not obvious you could attack directly.
  11. Yeesh...even in the 80s Trump was spouting hateful racism. This clip is sickening. Just goes to show he's always only cared for rich whites.
  12. Racist news network CNN implies all black people are felons
  13. Okay, I'll make sure to get the word out to Detroit, Chicago, etc. that Trump should stop being a racist panderer because things are going great!
  14. So many black communities don't suffer from unemployment, poor education, and poverty? I just addressed this in my post above. No one thinks ALL of a group are ALL something. You are being ridiculous. He NEVER did this. Another media lie. The guy he criticized suffers from arthrogryposis, which causes joints to be stiff and crooked and a lack of mobility. It does not cause you to be spastic or flail around, I guess Ted Cruz is disabled too? Was spun into him saying ALL Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, which he never said He should've kept it to himself, but it's CONCEIVABLE that someone of Mexican heritage, who is a member of a La Raza lawyers association, could be biased against someone who wants to build a wall and deport illegal Mexican immigrants. I'm sure you would've supported complete unfettered immigration from Nazi Germany in WW2 or from the Soviet Union during the Cold War too. Yeah, he called Rosie O'Donnell that. It's not nice but it's not false either. It's not "presidential" to talk like that but he did it years before running. People criticize Trump for his appearance all the time.
  15. For some people, no matter what Trump says or does he just can't win. That's fine, and it's the reason I don't bother replying to everything in this thread. First he's a racist who hates blacks, other minorities, and the poor. Then, when he comes out and directly states that he wants to help blacks, other minorities, and the poor, he still gets criticized. The audience for his speech is too white. He's "stereotyping." He only visited Louisiana and donated an 18-wheeler full of supplies to flood victims for a photo op (while Hillary takes a break and Obama plays golf). Hey did you guys know not ALL blacks are poor? Not ALL muslims are terrorists and not ALL illegal Mexican immigrants are rapists. Wow, mind blowing stuff! Trump doesn't think ALL [insert group here] are ALL [insert adjective here]. NO ONE thinks that. It's totally absurd. It's called a disproportionate number. Yes, we all know plenty of blacks live middle or upper class lifestyles, but plenty of them don't. The ones struggling in Detroit or Chicago, among other places, living in poverty and surrounded by crime. It's not a tiny percentage of blacks dealing with these issues. It's a serious problem that desperately needs help. OF COURSE Trump would choose to address that. It would be insane not to. He's not saying ALL blacks have this problem. That's you filtering his words through your "I hate Trump" filter to hear what you want to hear. I keep seeing people say "but he never says HOW!!" I don't know if it's because they don't actually listen to what he says or if it's because they just don't understand it. Outside of creating new government jobs (e.g. jobs related to fixing our infrastructure, which Trump has spoken about many times), Trump can't just speak new jobs into existence. No one can. Trump's plan is about creating a climate where businesses are able to compete globally while operating in the US instead of overseas, and where entrepreneurs have less barriers making it difficult for them to start and grow new businesses. Studies have shown that an increase in # of police leads to a decrease in crime. Studies also show that whites are killed more by cops than blacks. Much of the BLM movement and surrounding protests/riots are based on cases that are somewhat bogus. Again, I'm not saying ALL of them - there are legitimate cases of police wrong doing. But much of it is media spin - running with a narrative of "police are hunting black people" - then by the time all the facts of each case come out it's too late, people either don't hear the new info or don't care because they already see the story one way in their mind. The recession was due to the housing bubble collapse. You can find blame for that collapse on both sides. Republicans can certainly take blame but, for example, Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, signed a bill exempting credit-default swaps from regulation, and rewrote a bill that put pressure on banks to give loans to people in low-income communities (i.e. people were getting loans who couldn't really afford to repay the loan). Raising the minimum wage is not the cure-all many people believe it is. For the record, Trump has said he would consider raising it. I don't have time to get into all the details, you can do some research on your own and decide for yourself, but here's an example of why just raising the min. wage isn't a fix for poverty: Ending common core, allowing education to be ran at the local level, promoting charter schools, allowing for school choice, stopping teacher's unions from protecting and enabling bad teachers - these are some things he's named. I will concede he has been a bit vague on education and should do more to address it. I want them to go home. I want legal immigrants only. Allowing millions of low-skilled immigrants to enter our country drives down wages and makes it harder for low-skilled American citizens to compete in the job market. Millions of illegal immigrants have been deported under the Obama administration. Enforce immigration laws that we already have and make it financially difficult for them to remain here so that they self-deport.