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  1. Your point is retarded because you're attempting to discredit a video you haven't even watched based on your vague criticism of the guy releasing the video.
  2. Then hold your criticism until you've actually watched it. Duh.
  3. Okay, I'll ask again, just like I did after the first video: Are you claiming the footage is fake? If you're not, can you give us a hypothetical scenario in which these statements would be found totally acceptable? Surely there must be some context missing. There's no chance people are really committing fraud. Disregard the fact that Scott Foval appears to have been fired after video 1 was released.
  4. "I don't like the guy who made this video because of ???, therefore this video footage of people admitting incriminating things is invalid"
  5. Yeah, can we really trust someone not bought and paid for by special interests? Can we really trust someone that the corrupted establishment doesn't trust? We better not take a risk on someone who can't be controlled by donors.
  6.–-video-ii-mass-voter-fraud.html Voter fraud is a hoax perpetuated by the Russians
  7. Please spin what's in that video in a positive way then. Let's hear what kind of context would make what's described in that video ok.
  8. So the people talking on video are just lying?
  10. Jill Stein is really starting to grow on me
  11. You keep lying and saying he offered you that amount. He didn't. The amount he offered was much less, around $50. I saw it myself in the discord chat.
  12. You didn't need to do research to know he has a history of mental illness. You took advantage of a mentally ill person out of pathetic desperation. I dont fault you you for swindling The Game Academy though. That's their own fault for doing zero due diligence on this failing site.
  13. He offered you much less and you took advantage of him and extracted more because your poor decision making left you in debt and desperate. When he told me how much you took from him I couldn't believe it. He lives on a small, fixed income because of his condition and you took almost all of the money he had at the time. His dad, who now looks after him because his mother had just passed away at the time, was very upset with him when he found out how much you scammed him for.