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  1. Or I could just win game 2 and win the match and not risk him stalling while siding
  2. I haven't played in 4 years and don't know all the rules of time. I thought if I scooped game two he might just side deck to run out the rest of the clock
  3. 7-2-1. I won game 1 and game 2 started with 2 minutes left in the round. He had no chance of winning the match but he wouldn't scoop so he won game 2 in time and it was a draw.
  4. 7-2 one more to go
  5. 6-2. I beat 4 zoodiac decks, mermail and a barrier statue deck. Lost to kozmo with zoo and a metalfoes. Pretty good for not knowing what most of my opponents' cards do.
  6. How did your interview go
  7. Looking to buy 3 card of demise. If anyone has some and is going to the ycs, pm me.
  8. I'm going
  9. stay mad, loser
  10. i got it to load earlier but couldnt register an account
  11. You are a mentally ill man and I hope you get the counseling you so desperately need
  12. I don't remember doing this but I defriended lots of people like two years ago. It wasn't personal.
  13. I've never defriended anyone because we disagreed politically and you're quite dense if you really think that's why I defriended him. I defriended him because after years of defending him and being nice to him on and off this forum, he tried to attack me, unprovoked, in order to try to impress the same people I had defended him against. The closest I've come to defriending someone over politics is when I defriended frogman. I didn't do it because I disagreed with him but because he became totally unhinged during the election. I had him muted from my feed for well over a year anyway because I found his posts kind of annoying.
  14. Glad to hear your infidelity didn't blow it. Your hallucination is noted.