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  1. This was the format that got me to quit yugioh
  2. Can't tell if retarded child or strange troll
  3. No offense, but what good does that do for people who don't use discord or weren't present in the discord chat at the time it was being discussed? Not to mention in the weeks and months leading up to the tournament, this thread generated basically zero discussion. Atem just said this was the largest WCQ ever. Obviously, there are a lot of people interested in it. Yet this was the least discussed American WCQ on dgz ever. It's weird.
  4. bump i heard mmf is in first
  5. remember when people used to discuss the biggest ygo tournament of the year?
  6. the site is fine if you want to play the older formats, but the owner hasn't updated the sets in over a year so playing current format isn't really possible.
  7. the only accurate part of this post is that i voted for trump
  8. what's it like being really unfunny but still believing that you're funny
  9. bump
  10. Who?
  11. I'll preface this by saying that I don't know a lot about competitive play right now, I mostly just play for fun online sometimes, so you can use my advice at your own discretion. Running all the frogs seems for a rank 2 engine seems a little pointless to me if you don't have Toadally Awesome. They're great with Toad because it can special summon them via its effect and use them to pay for the cost of negating cards. Without Toad, they seem like a slow and inefficient way to make your rank 2s. Wetlands doesn't really make them any better when it's just decent with Swap Frog and kind of worthless with Dupe and Ronintoadin (1300 ATK isn't doing anything). The rank 4 engine you have also seems out of place, especially since you only have 1 rank 4. Here is a fun deck I found and used online for a bit that just focuses on using the Paleozoic traps to make your rank 2s: Some cards I added when I played it were Accumulated Fortune, Lost Wind, Dinomischus, Marrella, and Absolute King Back Jack. I think those are all pretty affordable cards.
  12. pot, graceful, and 3 solemns were not enough to break the impenetrable wall of my d.d. trainers