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  1. Pokemon vs Yugioh, which is harder?

    if this is what you think, why bother making this thread?
  2. DGz Live: The Return? Part 2

    Ladd didn't come out until like December of that year. I piloted Demise with tremendous success. It was a great deck until people started maining dustshoot and mind crush, after that it couldn't compete. Reckless greed was probably at 2 at the time. I have no clue what j hero is.
  3. Julia's answer would only matter if it agreed with what they wanted. See: ground collapse
  4. I think the admin of a forum for yugioh discussion should be concerned when yugioh discussion, especially that of the ultimate yugioh tournament of the season, is not taking place. I think the admin of a forum for yugioh discussion should monitor, or instruct his staff to monitor, for declines in yugioh discussion. I think the admin of a forum for yugioh discussion should determine ways to foster discussion where it is lacking, instead of hoping that regular users will do it for them. I think the admin of a forum for yugioh discussion should also consider advising his staff to help fill in the gaps where threads that should be created, aren't being created. I also think that users who point out shortcomings of the site shouldn't be banned. But I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  5. Here's a suggestion: when you get paid by the game academy to maintain an online forum for yugioh discussion, consider starting a thread to discuss the world championship of yugioh.
  6. Your insecurity speaks volumes.
  7. New and innovative ways like not discussing the yugioh world championship? Or new and innovative ways like rebooting the same failed yugioh warring ideas again and again? If you're looking for yugioh discussion, this site is a ghost town. Anyone with eyes can see it.
  8. The fact that a website whose identity used to be competitive yugioh discussion failed to even acknowledge the occurrence of the world championship event should be a huge red flag to you and the rest of the site's leaders.
  9. and now we had literally zero discussion of worlds
  10. This is a cool new feature
  11. The Next Season of Warring

  12. The Next Season of Warring

    finally some entertaining posts on duelistgroundz.com
  13. The Next Season of Warring

    I disagree. An insignificant amount of store credit that only a few people will win after 3 months of playing yugioh is unlikely to be a motivating factor for most people to participate.
  14. The Next Season of Warring

    I guess I don't see the value of having formal teams going forward then. What is the point?
  15. March 2012 Format

    This was the format that got me to quit yugioh

    Can't tell if retarded child or strange troll
  17. OD Superman Has Been Disqualified

  18. No offense, but what good does that do for people who don't use discord or weren't present in the discord chat at the time it was being discussed? Not to mention in the weeks and months leading up to the tournament, this thread generated basically zero discussion. Atem just said this was the largest WCQ ever. Obviously, there are a lot of people interested in it. Yet this was the least discussed American WCQ on dgz ever. It's weird.
  19. smallest dicklebag competition

    bump i heard mmf is in first
  20. remember when people used to discuss the biggest ygo tournament of the year?
  21. TCGone.com

    the site is fine if you want to play the older formats, but the owner hasn't updated the sets in over a year so playing current format isn't really possible.
  22. the only accurate part of this post is that i voted for trump
  23. what's it like being really unfunny but still believing that you're funny