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  1. broken format deck construction

    Isn't DMoC only end phase now which makes that not work?
  2. Meant to pos my bad. Stupid phone screen.
  3. Public Place to Open a Big ol' Case of Cards

    Gas Station bathroom. You'll probably get some kind of STD and mugged in the process but you should be relatively safe to open yugimonz cards there.
  4. Wasn't Destiny Hero Disc Commander going for stupid amounts during Perfect Circle and Dark Return because it came with some DR game and pretty much required you buying the game, taking the cards out and then returning the game or whatever? Lol
  5. ARG Orlando January 3-4th, 2015

    I got Patrick to give me all of the ins and outs As long as he isn't in your close circle you're fine.
  6. ARG Orlando January 3-4th, 2015

    Looks like Brandon is putting you on tilt there.
  7. Ultra Athletes are Pretty Cool Guys

    Uhhh what the Football Blocker guy shits on so many cards. What the fuck are you talking about.
  8. Snatch Steal

    Damn is it really as ridiculous as I imagined? lol I still remember when Hidden Armory was being released and everyone threw a big shit over how it gave us essentially 4 Premature Burials but I think I'd rather have 4 Snatches to be honest lol.
  9. I still don't understand how Snatch Steal can even be unmanned before Book of Moon goes to 3. Konami.
  10. Do you like top decked BLS? You'll like top decked Snatch Steal even more. Oh joy.
  11. Sinister errata was stupid. They're completely out of touch with their own power creep when there's so many things that gain advantage now that shit that was previously busted /blow outs years ago are just moderate dents in recursive advantage.
  12. They nerfed CED's burn and prevent other effects (no Yata-lock) which makes me wonder if we'll see a Yata errata and pretty much all the IOC and older cards get a power level drop?
  13. Man the OCG does some really weird shit. We've seen that TCG list doesn't really take many cues from them. But if they are errataing a bunch of banned cards they're probably errataing them to the point that they're just straight ass or barely playable. (Like CED is probably just going to only be usable in Main Phase 2 and you can't have used your Battle Phase and you skip your next draw phase and you don't do any burn and blah blah blah) OCG them fuckers have it rough lol.
  14. Qliphort - Discussion

    You should definitely keep in Chalice when you're playing Vanity Fiend in my opinion because you can do shit like shutting of your own Vanity rushing your opponent and ending with a strong field and Vanity right back on. I personally prefer maxing Night Beam at the moment because you should be more focused on just outright beating your opponent (strengthening your board versus slowing down their plays).
  15. (903) The Secret of Evolution

    Holy fuck Alias is gonna be tits. To think this archetype was tier 1 with just one set. I shudder to think about what future support they're gone get.