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  1. Wow.

    [quote name='Swaggalo' timestamp='1319499970' post='3016069'] How do you people remember this? Dark Dragon has got to be one of those names you just absolutely correlate with some random 12 year old ygo player. [/quote] [i]Right[/i]....when most of us actually cared enough to play it and make an online name. [quote name='Exhale' timestamp='1319490647' post='3015939'] darkdragon7582? [/quote] I stopped using that when I quit.
  2. Wow.

    Good old DGZ, where I spent alot of my middle school life.
  3. Super Bowl XLIV Pick 'Em

    Congrats Saints fans, enjoy it.
  4. Tim Lincecum

    Lol, nice one.
  5. NFL Week 8 Picks

    Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears Houston Texans vs. Buffalo Bills San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Rams vs. Detroit Lions Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints
  6. NFL Week 8 Picks

    Me....on a bye week. lol
  7. NFL Week 7 Picks

    New England Patriots @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Safe. Indianapolis Colts @ St. Louis Rams - Safe. Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers - My team. San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs - Considerably safe. San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans - Houston's looking hot. Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns - Safe. New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders - Safe. Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers - Can't trust Carolina at home but the Bills have issues. Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals - I'm thinkin Cinci will flop. New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins - Safe. Miami pass D is terrible. Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys - Only because home field. Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants - I think they bounce back. Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins - Skins don't have the corners Oakland does.
  8. NFL Week 6 Picks

    I am fucking sick. I just lost by .42 in our FFL.
  9. NFL Week 6 Picks

    St. Louis Rams @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville is so damn up and down, but come on, at home vs the woeful Rams? Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers - Give me the Pack at home. The Lions have been competing and I believe this to be a close one, however, the Lions are not a team I'd trust to win close games. Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Redskins - Skin's need it. It's no secret their offense isn't the cream of crop so I say their defense keeps them in it to win in a tight one. Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals - While it doesn't seem logical, I'm going with Houston here. What will show up this week? Hou run defense or Cinci pass defense? Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Woeful as they have looked I think Carolina can win this by shutting down the run and forcing errant throws. Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Really shouldn't be much of a game. New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints - Good game on paper. I'm going with the Giants here because I want to see if the Saints can snap out of having skittish seasons of dropped games. Jacobs is being hard pressed over his run production and I think this is a statement week. Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings - Baltimore is on a downturn of 2 straight losses. One glaring thing I notice is the decline of their pass defense this year. Quite simply I think Baltimore has a game on their hands that they need in order to stay ahead of Pittsburgh in the race. Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks - Factors I choose Seattle: 9th in passing Defense, Hasselbeck's presence, home field, Cards are dead last in passing defense and give up 4th most yards. Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders - Lol Jokeland. Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets - For what seemed like a hot start, we're starting to see the Bills of old again. I give them no shot vs a Jets team playing really well. Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots - Wtf at Tennessee this season, kinda makes me laugh since they stomped our towel and all. Tom terrific and crew in Foxborough please. Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons - Atlanta should be able to roll at home as they seemingly do most of the time. Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers - Denver has surprised the hell out of me this season with a defense that looks totally different from the past couple dreadful years. I'm calling an upset if you will here though. I will go with San Diego's terrible run defense and see the Chargers be the team that finally puts some points up on this Denver unit.
  10. NFL Week 5 Picks

    ► Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants ► Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs ► Pittsburgh Steelers @ Detroit Lions ► Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers ► Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills ► Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams ► Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens ► Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles ► Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers ► Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks ►New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos ► Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals ► Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans ► New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins
  11. NFL Week 4 Picks

    I'm finally starting to believe the Titans D is trash this season.
  12. NFL Fantasy Pick`Em Leaderboard

    Since I apparently forgot to color in Dallas, I'm making it clear that I am choosing them ahead of time. It's in the description I put as well.
  13. NFL Week 4 Picks

    Team pride is important. Stay true no matter how bad things go.
  14. NFL Week 4 Picks

    ► New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs - Easy. ► Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots - I think the Patriots will pull this out at home. The Ravens haven't really faced anyone but the Chargers yet and that was close. ► Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns - Cinci isn't doing it in fashion but they sure as hell have a better looking team than Cleveland. ► Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins - Skins should be able to edge it out in an offensive (lol) struggle. ► Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears - The Bears have kept every game close this year so far. The Lions won last week but I see them falling short in the windy city in yet another close game. ► Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags are an inconsistent team in my eyes. I see the Titans defense finally showing up this week after 2 bad outings. ► Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts - No Hasselbeck, no chance. As if there were anyway. ► Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans - The Raiders may have a decent defensive group but their offense wont be doing them any favors. Teams are just going to stack the box on Oakland's predictable offense. ► New York Jets @ New Orleans Saints - Should be an entertaining game, Bree's and co should exploit the blitz and make some big plays to win in a close one. ► Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins - I'm interested in seeing what the Dolphins do outside the wildcat now that Pennington is out. ► St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers - Rams are just woeful and the 9er's have grinded it out week for week. ► Dallas Cowboys @ Denver Broncos - Denver hasn't impressed me by beating two bottom teams and edging out the Bengals. I think a top team like Dallas gets it done here. ► San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - I never pick against my Steelers. We need this one damnit. ► Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings - Farve comes out to play his former team suited up in bitter rivals uniform. I think Green Bay's D will collapse at some point and let AP slip through their grasp. It should be a really really tight game though nonetheless when you add in GB's pass attack.
  15. NFL Fantasy Pick`Em Leaderboard

    As far as mine: Wk1: 14-2 Wk2: 8-8 Wk3: 13-3 Fuck week 2.