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  1. YCS Anahiem Nov 26

    IDK. I don't know what half of these cards do. I just wanna play yugioh and see old friends.
  2. YCS Anahiem Nov 26

    trying to return after a 3+ year hiatus. LOL! I saw yugi players earlier but now I can't find them.
  3. YCS Anahiem Nov 26

    I'm at the Ramada near the convention. anyone else??
  4. YCS Houston April 9th & 10th

    I understand the concept, but why did they choose that particular monarch variant that has no good way to recover after getting hit with any type of hand traps? drop maxx c on any number of plays and you beat that variant.
  5. Dueling Network

    my question is, what steps are going to be necessary  to get the site back up and running.  it truly is a shame that people can be so damn petty and ruin an experience for thousands of people in attempt to get 1 or few people.  Damn, do I miss the days when we would just go out back and fight and then move onl
  6. konami is shit - discussion

    I'm sorry I don't get how a deck with the minis is supposed to be good. Don't you want less normal summons, not more? Or am I missing an inside joke?
  7. Dump malicious for black rose dragon. Dump dandylion for formula. This structure deck is looking more fun than I thought
  8. Sylvan - Discussion

    I use 2 call. Opening Bandit + call is such a good feeling
  9. Sylvan - Discussion

    rose archer isn't really worth running IMO, because most times when they flip emptiness you won't have a plant type on the field.  You def want to be running decree or trap stun.  I still run cherub to turbo my tuners to the field to make spark/felgrand vs shaddolls or TRA/Leo vs BA   OH my!  Has everyone seen the decklist that went undefeated at the Chi-town regional?  He took a very minimalistic approach to the deck and it got him there.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Not trying to derail the thread. I'm just curious as to how people are fitting more shaddolls in their deck as well as multiple polymerization. What exactly are you sacrificing to make this adjustment? Is that sacrifice indeed worth it for the mirror? Is it really awesome to put several extra deck monsters on the field vs the mirror? Or to have ways to put multiples on the field? Holding all of those fusion cards in the mirror has got to suck when you have no way to tribute them off. Or does everyone just always have the clutch emptiness? Edit** @902 Lol? Then wtf are we doing then? I think the answer is that we are slowly peeling away the good players from posting ideas and are simply being fine with an "echo chamber". Like, every other idea is not breaking any ground. There a few gems like realizing that Core doesn't suck (most ppl knew this but were silent because no one else would be open about it), but no one is actually getting anywhere reading and contributing things we already know.
  11. Shaddoll - Discussion

        Thanks, now I have an Orangeyes flashback and overwhelming nostalgia for old Duelistgroundz Glasses go flying...sigh the old DGz. My biggest problem here is that people are talking about lists and are indeed sharing them, just not with the forum. Whatever happened to showing skeletons of builds? I remember during ruler format, ppl were hype to discuss techs and cores they were using. Now it just seems everyone is "afraid" someone might take credit for their work. What am I missing here?
  12. Bad Intentions

    How are using Uranus? Also, welcome back <3
  13. Plants - Discussion

    The video doesn't show the one for one dandy combo that puts 4300 damage on the field with just 2 cards.
  14. Plants - Discussion

    I've been looking at sylvan charity as a draw engine and using it to supplement Plant princesses. After stacking with charity, you have mathematician, lonefire, terraforming, and RotA to shuffle your deck. Plant princesses 17 mons Tytannial Chirubime x 2 Lonefire Blossom x 2 Spore Dandylion Glow-Up Bulb Mathematician x 3 Spell Striker x 3 Redox Rose Archer x 2 16 Spells Mt Sylvania x 3 Sylvan Charity x 3 Terraforming x 2 Upstart Goblin x 3 Soul Charge RotA x 2 Foolish Burial One for One 7 traps Trap Stun x 3 Vanity's Emptiness x 3 Compulsory