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  1. Press Play Vs. Addiction

    Thousand Eyes 2 - 0 Advent of Chaos Good games, I declined logs.
  2. Broken Helix [VS] Addiction

    I\'ll play someone if they post they want to play. I\'m not supposed to be on aim, but post, I\'ll come on.
  3. Sonic Boom Vs. Addiction

    Wtf? Bending the rules, eh?
  4. Sonic Boom Vs. Addiction

    I got nuked, great.

    Wtf are Bratz.
  6. best deck in the format " its not monarchs "

    I like this.
  7. whats ur internets routine lol

    Internet Routine. - Start the computer. - Start Conquer Online. - Start AOL Instant Messenger. - Put up an away message, when I could just sign off. - Start playing Counter-Strike till I get bored. - Browse on DuelistGroundz.com for anything interesting. - Browse other Yu-Gi-Oh! sites for anything interesting. - Watch myself getting leveled on Conquer Online for about a half an hour. - Browse through DuelistGroundz.com again for anything interesting. - Play some more Counter-Strike. - Sign on MySpace for new comments, messages, picture comments, etc. - Browse through DuelistGroundz.com again.. for anything interesting. - Download some porn while looking for something interesting on DuelistGroundz.com. - Play some more Counter-Strike while having porn downloading. - Chatting to real-life friends on Conquer, instead of AOL instant messenger. - Chatting to more real-life friends on MSN instant messenger. - Watch my downloaded porn. - Play more Counter-Strike. - Play more Conquer Online. - Leave my computer on for Conquer Online, so I get my weapons leveled. Then.. I go to sleep.
  8. Sonic Boom Vs. Addiction

    I don't fucking give a shit about what you say/doafter the ToC i'm leaving Addiction and makin my own clan =\ With me in it?
  9. So I heard.

    Best Buy is going to have this sale, where everything is low-priced. Games for like five dollars, systems are cheaper etc.
  10. Sonic Boom Vs. Addiction

    I'm going to have fun not playing. -Edit- My bad, I spelled both their contacts wrong, lol.
  11. Who would be interested in a "The Spoils" Forum?

    Sure, I'm interested.
  12. PAWS runs this shit

    What does PAWS stand for?
  13. Bitter Sweet Symphony

    Yo, Moby.
  14. WTF - Von*Dutch

    Stating untrue facts is not cool. -All cool points.
  15. Undisputed and Imperial alliance@productions

    If you want to win, though. I was going towards that :D sup yo? It's Daniel from Vanier.come on stein wins games XD lol. No. Stein doesn't win games, it just wins.