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  1. Should the age of consent be lowered?

    i was 15 years old in 2006. my favorite anime, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya was still airing during this thread's time. good times.
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    i never smoked crack. i never fucked anyone in my life. i'm 29 years old. i turn 30 years old in december. i will become a mystic witch.
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    his underaged girlfriend tried to be a witch by practicing wicca, but i was the one who became a successful witch with a massive accumulation of good karma by practicing zen buddhism and thelema
  4. if you click on this topic you must post

    capcom vs. snk 2 is my favorite fighting game of all time
  5. if you click on this topic you must post

    can't wait until noelle kicks the devil's ass in the next chapter of black clover
  6. if you click on this topic you must post

    As the Smith family go on a camping trip, Rick receives a call from Gaia, a sentient planet, that she is pregnant with his children. Rick reluctantly takes the family to Gaia, where they witness the birth of the first generation of Gaians. Rick denies being the father, but he and Beth build an advanced city for the Gaians so they can become a self-sufficient, spacefaring civilization. Their system to determine professions for the Gaians ends up ejecting "Unproductives" outside of the city. Meanwhile, Jerry takes Morty and Summer camping in Gaia's wilderness. However, Summer bitterly accuses Jerry of using camping as an excuse to make himself seem important. Hurt, Jerry flees the camp while Morty and Summer search for Rick and Beth. Jerry eventually makes contact with the Unproductives, whom he raises into a primitive, tribal society with a hate for technology. Morty and Summer get lost and find a crashed spaceship, which they repair but lose control of. Just when Rick and Beth are on the verge of completing their project, Jerry leads his army of Unproductives against them. At the same time, a godlike entity named Reggie arrives. Gaia admits that she made a mistake, and Reggie is the true father of the Gaians. Reggie attempts to take custody of his children, but Rick refuses to stand down. Reggie empowers Jerry while Rick gives Beth an advanced gun, leaving the two to battle each other while Rick personally fights Reggie. Beth and Jerry fight to a stalemate, but Rick quickly finds himself at a disadvantage against Reggie. Reggie is about to crush Rick when Morty and Summer accidentally ram their spaceship into Reggie's head, killing him. Reggie's body falls to Gaia, destroying Rick and Beth's city and killing many Gaians. The impact causes Beth to fall into a crevice, but she is saved by Jerry. Furious at Reggie's death and the damage Rick caused, Gaia chases the Smith family back into space, leaving the surviving Gaians behind to fend for themselves. Jerry admits he only wanted to go camping to make himself feel important, and Morty and Summer apologize for their rudeness. Angry at the family taking Jerry's side, Rick coldly calls out Beth's parenting by revealing how Morty and Summer killed Reggie. In the post-credits scene, Rick watches a commercial for "Planets Only!", advertising steamy, hot planets. Summer catches him in the act.
  7. i would donate more to get ancient mod, necro mod, or administrator
  8. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    black clover. it's the new wave.