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  1. best song of the year
  2. forget college if i didn't practice taoism and zen buddhism for five years i would be going practicing taoism and zen buddhism for four years is like graduating from college after four years but better
  3. Haruki (goat control) 2 > 1 2k17 (chaos recruiter)
  4. espn has 2 hearts left and soul has 1 heart left mostly harmless has 3 hearts left and 2k17 has 1 heart left
  5. strike ninja return
  6. takeoff i like his voice the most this is my favorite verse by a migo
  7. Haruki/Haruki Goat only
  8. it's an official thread so i thought i should use capitalization in the title when i'm not lazy but when i did i misspelled lol
  9. i edited the op because it was old if anyone wants to add anything to it feel free
  10. Reggie