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  1. recent numetal esque type bands that are good?

    emo bands: other post-hardcore bands:
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  3. Shit People Say In Discord

    @mmfit's funny that you try to ridicule me randomly out of nowhere because i had a better time in middle school than you did and i already knew things that you learned in high school so i was way ahead of you academically. i was a bit manic when i bragged about reading a lot of william shakespeare. i don't remember much because i was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years later and i was given so many anti-psychotic medications that i had enough brain damage to cause memory loss. most of my childhood and adolescence seem like a blur. however, i do remember in 8th grade english class that we used to watch the simpsons, south park, and chappelle's show from dvd's. william shakespeare was still an inspiration to me and helped me get through depression and anxiety. i honestly don't care much about william shakespeare now even though i really enjoyed him when i was younger. the only plays that are close to my heart are the merchant of venice, macbeth, and othello and i remember those more than the others. hath not a sharingan eyes?
  4. Shit People Say In Discord

    i was an honors student