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  1. thx

  2. Favorite Artists

    1. david bowie 2. patti smith 3. talking heads 4. blondie 5. the velvet underground 6. the stooges 7. sparks 8. roxy music 9. pixies 10. sonic youth
  3. arcade fire: changes (david bowie) free money (patti smith) cities (talking heads) heart of glass (blondie) venus in furs (the velvet underground)
  4. what are ur music top tens

    here are some of my favorite grunge bands besides the big 4 and stone temple pilots
  5. what are ur music top tens

    soundgarden is my favorite band of the 1990s besides nirvana. my top 10 bands of the 1990s are all grunge bands. do you like screaming trees?
  6. what are ur music top tens

    david bowie patti smith talking heads blondie the velvet underground the stooges sparks roxy music pixies sonic youth
  7. bobs burgers sucks

    everything sucks compared to the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
  8. 2017 MLB Thread

    lols angeles
  9. where are the pics though?
  10. digbick

  11. Max Suffridge has died

    r.i.p. i was helping him test his nationals deck and we were great friends