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  1. ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS PROGRAMMING NETWORK (ESPN) is the oldest and most storied active team on Duelistgroundz.com. ESPN was founded in the golden age of warring by Reggie. It was revived in 2017 through the joint efforts of MMF and Reggie. ESPN is a dream team of talent from all eras of the history of Duelistgroundz. Our current roster features some of the most fearsome duelists to ever log into Duelistgroundz.com. ESPN is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any duelists, not even Canadians or Silverdude. This guy's my captain, these guys are my goons, you know? If I need 'em to do something for me, back me up, you know, if I'm getting into some trouble? If Jae Kim were here now, he would think that ESPN was pretty cool. All business inquiries may be directed to kmoneysmith12@gmail.com. War Record: 3-4 War History: OFFICIAL ROSTER 0. SO TiP MMF OWNER, HEAD COACH & PRESIDENT OF YGO OPERATIONS (34) AUTHOR OF THE CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED G.O.Y.G.O. "MULTIPLE REGIONAL TOPS" 3-TIME GPC/DCS TOP 8 CONTENDER 1. BB.SL SOUL POINT GUARD (33) #1 DRAFT PICK 2017 FORMER MEMBER OF THE LEGENDARY BRADY BUNCH DGz ToC 2011 CHAMPION & 2-TIME TOP 4 DSP COMPETITOR (STARLESS) DAY 2 SJC EDISON 2010 6-TIME GPC/DCS TOP 8 CONTENDER (1 WIN) 2. AO REGGIE [HARUKI] FOUNDER, SHOOTING GUARD, FORMER OWNER & HEAD COACH (20) VOTED DGz'S 2012 DUELIST OF THE YEAR LAST REMAINING FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE FOUR HORSEMEN FORMER APPRENTICE TO THE LEGENDARY LEADER OF ALPHA OMEGA AND U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPION OF YU-GI-OH GOAT FORMAT, MAX SUFFRIDGE DEFEATED EVERY MEMBER OF GENESIS EXCEPT SKY PIONEER OF THE GOAT FORMAT REVIVAL C.2012 3. TURCEAL SMALL FORWARD (7) 1-TIME NAWCQ TOP 64 CONTENDER 2-TIME YCS TOP 32 CONTENDER LISTED HAVING AN AFRO AS A CREDENTIAL 4. TR!STAN POWER FORWARD (10) FEARSOME WILD CARD ALMOST WON YCS WITH BATTERYMAN 5. LAZA 6. TYRANNO ON THE BENCH WHILE THEY PREPARE THEIR DECKS TO OUR TOP-OF-THE-LINE SPECIFICATIONS 7. SYKOTIC 8. THUGALICIOUS RETIRED PLAYERS:
  2. Both players can choose to play Exarion Universe or not. From 2012-2016, Exarion Universe was preferred. In 2017, Exarion Universe is not preferred. Forbidden Monster Cards Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Fiber Jar Magical Scientist Makyura the Destructor Witch of the Black Forest Yata-Garasu Spell Cards Butterfly Dagger - Elma Change of Heart Confiscation Dark Hole Harpie's Feather Duster Mirage of Nightmare Monster Reborn Painful Choice Raigeki The Forceful Sentry Trap Cards Imperial Order Limited Monster Cards Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Breaker the Magical Warrior Cyber Jar Dark Magician of Chaos D.D. Warrior Lady Exiled Force Exodia the Forbidden One Injection Fairy Lily Jinzo Left Arm of the Forbidden One Left Leg of the Forbidden One Morphing Jar Protector of the Sanctuary Reflect Bounder Right Leg of the Forbidden One Right Arm of the Forbidden One Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Sangan Sinister Serpent Tribe-Infecting Virus Twin-Headed Behemoth Spell Cards Card Destruction Delinquent Duo Graceful Charity Heavy Storm Lightning Vortex Mage Power Mystical Space Typhoon Pot of Greed Premature Burial Snatch Steal Swords of Revealing Light United We Stand Trap Cards Call of the Haunted Ceasefire Deck Devastation Virus Magic Cylinder Mirror Force Reckless Greed Ring of Destruction Torrential Tribute Semi-Limited Monster Cards Abyss Soldier Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow Manticore of Darkness Marauding Captain Night Assailant Vampire Lord Spell Cards Creature Swap Emergency Provisions Level Limit - Area B Nobleman of Crossout Reinforcement of the Army Upstart Goblin Trap Cards Good Goblin Housekeeping Gravity Bind Last Turn
  3. best song of the year
  4. forget college if i didn't practice taoism and zen buddhism for five years i would be going practicing taoism and zen buddhism for four years is like graduating from college after four years but better
  5. Haruki (goat control) 2 > 1 2k17 (chaos recruiter)
  6. espn has 2 hearts left and soul has 1 heart left mostly harmless has 3 hearts left and 2k17 has 1 heart left
  7. strike ninja return
  8. takeoff i like his voice the most this is my favorite verse by a migo
  9. Haruki/Haruki Goat only
  10. it's an official thread so i thought i should use capitalization in the title when i'm not lazy but when i did i misspelled lol
  11. i edited the op because it was old if anyone wants to add anything to it feel free
  12. Reggie
  13. this is where you got your start
  14. that feel when i'm going to be the tom brady of yugioh
  15. i was majoring in accounting before and it's boring. i only took it because i knew i would get a well-paying job straight out of college but i wasn't happy. i want to study something i am actually interested in. i don't care if i never end up with a good job. my happiness is what matters. i'm going to college out of boredom and for free so i have nothing to lose. my plan is to probably go to graduate school at columbia or nyu and get a master's degree and phd. if everything goes right i'll become a college professor. also liberal arts is the future. http://www.businessinsider.com/mark-cuban-liberal-arts-is-the-future-2017-2 Billionaire investor Mark Cuban offered a perhaps bleak prediction on the future of jobs in an interview Friday with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson at the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in New Orleans. Discussing the swiftly evolving nature of jobs due to automation, he noted that across a broad array of industries, robots will replace human workers. Prompted by Johnson, he then made a bold proclamation about the types of skills and majors that will dominate in his version of the future labor market. Here's an excerpt of their conversation (emphasis ours): Johnson: So essentially what you're making the case for is education and job training for grown ups. Cuban: No, no. I think that won't matter. What are you going to go back and learn to do? Johnson: What it takes, right? Whether it's finance, whether it's software programming. Cuban: No finance. That's the easiest thing — you just take the data have it spit out whatever you need. I personally think there's going to be a greater demand in 10 years for liberal arts majors than there were for programming majors and maybe even engineering, because when the data is all being spit out for you, options are being spit out for you, you need a different perspective in order to have a different view of the data. And so having someone who is more of a freer thinker. Cuban's forecast of the skills needed to succeed in the future echoes that of computer science and higher education experts who believe people with "soft skills," like adaptability and communication, will have the advantage in an automated workforce. Cuban highlighted English, philosophy, and foreign language majors as just some of the majors that will do well in the future job market. "The nature of jobs is changing," Cuban said.
  16. i applied to several colleges within the cuny system in new york city. i picked philosophy as my major. i didn't apply to my dream colleges, columbia university and new york university because i'm too poor to pay for tuition and i won't get much financial aid. i probably had a low chance of getting into columbia university and an okay chance of getting into new york university.