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  1. he didn't like him though. geezer butler was into the occult and aleister crowley. black sabbath's albums were influenced by the occult and aleister crowley.
  2. http://www.yugioh-wo...d=tcgbannedlist goat format talk here only all sets up to tlm. fuck crv and everything else. exarion is legal - if your opponent uses it and you didn't know you could use it then tough shit ghandipants/hindu/otk/ftk/burn decks not allowed also post your dn to let the people know dolphin - dxlphin ryanjavery - ryanjavery cum - -SF- orangeeyes - dtate brotacular7 - brotacular7 Canadian - Canadian SenSationS - speed_craft Nothing - Dgz-nothing pkmn prof. grant - //decay L2theZ - L2theZ teddy KGB - iblufftomuch Rory - DGZ-Rory Wumbologist - lolygo.tumblr.com / Wumbologist arroganceclause - Arroganceclause pyr0 - iampyr0 Mascis - Mascis nippie - nippie Dawgy - Dawgy Allenpennington - kird ape fighter guylaroche5 - guylaroche5 AngelicChaos0 - AngelicChaos0 Sharpman - Sharpman biki - Dgz/Biki Cornish - Cornish DarkArmedThumper - DarkArmedThumper Nygas - Roy St. Clair Kidrock (non-dgz member) - Kidrock williamstm1 - PimpJuice nafetheninja - nafetheninja Kill_switch - Joqur BigDongStudios - BigDStudios Millennium - magicalyata Sykotic - LILB"THEBASEDGOD" Zach Burnz - burnzthemall beetle - kogyochi Dr. Doom - Diabolic Genius - dgz - doctor doom Tamura Makoto- - Tamura Makoto Dominican - Dominican-dgz Draigun - DGz-Draigun Bergy - AndrewBergen TS Fearless - crossfadthree ChrisBiswell - chrisbiswell Baylife - DGZ-SiQ Darklords - Darklords Exiled - Exiled Model - Model_Zero Kyuui - kester ta_mere - MrDutchy CEILINGxCAT - CEILINGxCAT `Colton - ColtonT Vayu King - MattK Aurian - Au Revoir if you wanna host without pming anyone and waiting you should add this when you host:     now go play
  3. ha ha good effort for parodying my post
  4. does anyone follow thelema? i like aleister crowley.
  5. ash and i are zen buddhist pals. i've been a zen buddhist for 4 years now. zen buddhism has taught me it's okay to never smoke or drink and i was never into those things. i am happy most of the time. i've opened up all of my chakras. i've experienced ego death without the use of drugs. maybe one day i will reach nirvana.
  6. DuelistGroundz username: Haruki Discord username: Haruki Formats: goat Expected level of activity: i can play anytime during the day or evening Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): anyone (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: i was the best duelist during the time cypherwind was still an admin on this site. i beat everyone from duelistgroundz's official team, genesis except for sky, trying to get in. i was in genesis for a few minutes until i was kicked out because sky didn't think i was worthy even though cypherwind thought i was. i helped test max suffridge's deck online which eventually ended up winning the 2005 u.s. national championship of yugioh in the goat format. he said i was worthy of joining alpha omega, which is regarded as one of the greatest teams in yugioh history, but since some members didn't like me i couldn't join. i pioneered the goat format revival so if you're dueling goat format it's because of me. i won best duelist of the year back in 2012.
  7. can an admin set up a way i can access my first account?
  8. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/profile/1139-kyousuke/ JOINED January 7, 2004 this was my first account. i never posted with it. it was a different username at first but i had it changed to Kyousuke. i forgot the password of the account and the password of the e-mail address i used to register with.
  9. i went to a shop in lower east side in new york city today to buy music t-shirts i got: the velvet underground lou reed bob dylan david bowie talking heads pixies sonic youth nirvana blondie ramones metallica frank zappa the beatles led zeppelin pink floyd black sabbath
  10. i'm going to start applying for colleges out of boredom. i want to stay in new york city. my top 2 colleges will be columbia university and new york university. i'll also apply to cuny 4-year public colleges and community colleges as backups. i have a former science high school teacher who i have been in contact with and he can probably get me an interview with a professor of philosophy and physics from columbia university. i want to major in philosophy but he also says i should also major in a science field because it would be a good combination. i have no income so there is a good chance i don't have to pay much for tuition at columbia university or new york university but if there's going to be debt then i rather go to a less prestigious college that leaves me with no debt.
  11. i just watched it in theaters 10/10
  12. 01. the colbert report 02. the daily show with jon stewart 03. late night with conan o'brien 04. chappelle's show 05. south park 06. the simpsons 07. futurama 08. american dad 09. bob's burgers 10. king of the hill
  13. LPR Presents at Nublu: A night with Ghostly International artists feat. Lusine w/ Trent Moorman (drums) with Logan Takahashi & Michna Fri April 7th, 2017 9:00PM http://lpr.com/lpr_events/ghostly-international-april-7th-2017/
  14. 01. the velvet underground 02. bob dylan 03. david bowie 04. patti smith 05. the stooges 06. talking heads 07. television 08. the modern lovers 09. pixies 10. sonic youth
  15. what do you wear nowadays? i have various styles i have dress shirts, blazers, v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, cardigans, turtle neck sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, skinny chino pants, skinny jeans, dress boots, converse sneakers, vans sneakers, a pea coat, a chesterfield coat, a parka, a bomber jacket, and a beret i'm inspired by the fashion of the mods of the 1960s, the beatniks of the 1950s, and the punks of the 1970s
  16. 01. serial experiments lain 02. kino's journey 03. mushishi 04. monster 05. death note 06. great teacher onizuka 07. love hina 08. school rumble 09. ouran high school host club 10. the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya