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  1. Forbidden Limited Semi-Limited All Legal Sets up to April 1, 2005: This format had a number of key ruling changes and product releases that make it difficult to pinpoint a single point in time to "go back to" in order to play it retrospectively. This is an abridged timeline of these changes and releases, as far as 2005 premier event play was concerned, along with the dates of every SJC event that took place during the format: That's a lot of changes! Fortunately, it's not quite as complicated as it looks. Broadly speaking, the history of the format is typically broken up into three phases or "versions." The "battle position change ruling" mentioned on June 1 was the change in mechanics that allowed a monster to change its battle position manually after having its position changed earlier in the turn by a card effect. Prior to June 1, if you Normal Summoned a Tsukuyomi at the start of your Main Phase 1 and targeted your own Thousand-Eyes Restrict, you could not flip the TER back up to Attack Position during the same turn. Similarly, if your opponent used Enemy Controller on your Gemini Elf during your own turn to shift it to Defense Position, you would not be able to turn it back to Attack Position during that same turn. The version of the format with these mechanics is colloquially referred to as "Wilson Luc Goat," and two SJCs were played in it: SJC Pomona and SJC Houston. SJC New Jersey (June 10-11) is considered the first traditional Goat Format SJC event. However, a number of set releases occurred afterwards that affected the format in various ways. The Lost Millennium (June 15) adds Brain Control, amongst other things, to the format, and Dark Beginning 2 (July 27) made no notable original contribution to the cardpool but made Morphing Jar and Cyber-Stein available to the general public, each of which are hugely impactful to the metagame. Most people at casual and competitive levels choose to play Goat Format with the cardpool and mechanics of SJC Indianapolis (August 19-20). This is typically referred to as "pre-Exarion Goat" or "Standard Goat." Indy was the last event before the release of Exarion Universe and Cyber Dragon, both of which were legal for the final event of the format, SJC Boston (September 9-10). Cyber Dragon and Exarion Universe are both notoriously format-warping, but the three set releases between Indy and Boston each had more to add to the format than those two cards alone. Nightmare Troubadour (August 30) was a video game that came with three promotional cards, two of which (Silent Magician LV4 and Magician's Circle) are relevant to fringe strategies in the modern format such as Chaos Recruiter and Gravekeeper. The second wave of Collectible Tins (September 1) added Rocket Warrior, Vorse Raider, and Panther Warrior to the mix in addition to Exarion Universe. Finally, Cybernetic Revolution (legal for premier events on September 1) changed the entire meaning of Metamorphosis with the release of Cyber Twin Dragon, and added a host of other fringe cards that often fly under the radar of modern casual Goat players such as Drillroid, Goblin Elite Attack Force, Dimension Wall, and Magical Explosion. These versions of the format are typically seen as fast at best and degenerate at worst, but nonetheless, there are still many communities who play "Exarion Goat" and/or "CRV Goat" at casual and even competitive levels. I haven't heard of anyone playing "NTR Goat" yet, but I'm sure there's someone out there who insists that they're able to play Magician's Circle while other people can't play Exarion Universe. Technically, you can argue for a version of "CRV Goat" without CT2 as well, since CRV was available and used at local and regional levels for about two weeks before its premier event legality date. More recently, there have been movements to begin modified, custom formats based on some of these versions of Goat Format. The most notable, Newgioh, developed a cult following up until its discontinuation in 2016, and many of its players have moved on to successor projects such as Format Library's Nova Format or Relapse's Goat Minus Format. Many of these formats are designed with specific visions in mind that attempt to go beyond the limits of traditional Goat Format while retaining the "feel" of various fan favorite aspects such as grindy control mirrors or the occasional beatdown-based matchup. Those that begin with initial modifications to the Forbidden/Limited list with new additions to the cardpool are broadly termed "Goat Plus" formats, while those that limit their changes solely to Forbidden/Limited list additions and adjustments are typically called "Goat Minus" formats. Goat Control has been kept alive to this day by a rich and storied grassroots community. DuelistGroundz has been at the core of this community from the very beginning, with our very own Max Suffridge (all RIP) taking the crown of U.S. National Champion with a Goat Control deck that is still netdecked by new Goat players to this day. In 2012, DuelistGroundz hosted its first Goat Controller Tournament, which kickstarted the so-called "post-historic" eras of the format and inspired other independent TOs such as HobbyTown USA and ToyWiz to host their own, in-person Goat tournaments throughout 2013 and 2014. That wave of Goat hype peaked in the Golden Goat War League hosted once again on DuelistGroundz in the summer of 2014, the tournament that put Kris Perovic's now-famous Exarion Goat decklist on the map. Today, Goat activity on the internet centers around three major and loosely-connected communities: DuelistGroundz, Format Library, and Nostalgic Duelist. All of them have run at least one circuit of online tournaments in the past year. DuelistGroundz continues its War League/Seasonal Playoff program to this day, and this year that program was joined by the returning DuelistGroundz Championship Series in DGz's thick lineup of Goat competition. With a lot of hard work from Jazz, Ynusgridorh, and MMF, Format Library began its own independent series of Format Library Championships this year as well. Europe even has a semi-recurring live event circuit in the form of Card Sports League's Challenge Tour Stops, which have enabled European players to qualify for CSL's annual Invitational by playing in regional-tier events that are occasionally hosted as side events in Goat Format at larger YCS/CSL events. Lastly, GoatStats now provides a centralized hub of resources and statistics for players both new and old as well as a community-run ranking system mirroring what ChampRank once was for advanced format TCG players (RIP). List of Resources
  2. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

  3. Best Anime Episodes

    every ouran high school host club episode
  4. What song are you listening to now?

    grunge nirvana, soundgarden, alice in chains, pearl jam, temple of the dog, mother love bone, screaming trees, mudhoney
  5. if you click on this topic you must post

    i like every album by madonna until ray of light which was released in 1998. confessions on a dance floor is the only album i like ever since. even though madonna has several bad albums, i still think madonna at her best is better than kylie minogue at her best. unlike madonna, kylie minogue has a flawless discography just like david bowie.
  6. i joined this site in 2004 with my first account and this account is from 2006
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    radar backwards is radar
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    here's my favorite song by carly rae jepsen
  9. if you click on this topic you must post

    kylie minogue is so good. i don't think she ever had a bad album. she's my favorite dance-pop artist besides michael jackson and madonna.
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    Carly Rae Jepsen Is The Next Kylie Minogue She might end up sticking around a long time if she continues to emulate the Australian pop icon. Carly Rae Jepsen's debut album Kiss is jubilant and overwhelmingly wholesome from start to finish. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone familiar with "Call Me Maybe" – and surely that must be around 90 percent of North America by now, right? – but it's something of an outlier in terms of female-fronted contemporary pop. There's no hostility or sexual aggression in Jepsen's music, just a single-minded focus on the joys of infatuation. So much of recent pop, from Adele to Rihanna, has been about intense emotions and the darkest edges of sexuality that it's truly refreshing to hear a dance pop record that embraces innocence for its own sake and isn't going out of its way to way to seem "adult." If anything, this self-possession makes Kiss come off as a fairly mature record. Whether by accident or design, Jepsen's debut positions her as a young Canadian version of the Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. This is brilliant, particularly if the goal is to extend her career well beyond one-hit-wonder status. Minogue, like Jepsen, is a singer who can't help give off a sweet, perky vibe, and is totally unconvincing as a "bad girl." The genius of Kylie is that she has never rebelled against this quality. She started off as a fresh-faced soap actress with a sideline in pop music in the Eighties, but over the past two decades has emerged as one of pop's most dependable stars. She's changed her sound over the years, but her essential sweetness is always there, even on records like Impossible Princess, where she's reached for a more grown-up style. Pop stars who want to seem dangerous and sexually transgressive inevitably date themselves and alienate portions of their audience. It's a short-sighted strategy. Minogue, however, found a way to make her youthful style age well with her. The trick? Emphasize songs about crushes, because that experience of love and lust remains fresh and powerful through life, even if just as a nostalgic memory for those in long term relationships. Carly's "Call Me Maybe" is the best pop hit about a new crush in recent memory, but Kiss is packed with great songs on that theme. "Tiny Little Bows," the opening track, is arguably even better, and bears a strong resemblance to Kylie's work with its cheery dance beats and classy disco strings. If you place the song side by side with "Love At First Sight," one of Minogue's biggest international hits, the similarity is pretty obvious. Jepsen's new single, "This Kiss," is another song in this vein, and it's terrific. Of course, it has only been a very modest chart hit so far. It's still early days for that song, though – it's been out as a single for a few weeks, but the video isn't out yet. It's hard to imagine this or anything else on Kiss going supernova like "Call Me Maybe," but these Kylie-esque songs lay the groundwork for what could become a long career in ecstatic dance pop. https://www.buzzfeed.com/perpetua/carly-rae-jepsen-is-the-next-kylie-minogue
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    carly rae jepsen is the kylie minogue of our time
  12. Favorite Artists

    1. david bowie 2. patti smith 3. talking heads 4. blondie 5. the velvet underground 6. the stooges 7. pink floyd 8. the beatles 9. led zeppelin 10. black sabbath
  13. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

  14. Favorite Anime

    1. the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 2. welcome to the nhk 3. ouran high school host club 4. school rumble 5. great teacher onizuka 6. serial experiments lain 7. kino's journey 8. mushishi 9. death note 10. monster
  15. Best Anime Episodes

    every haruhi suzumiya episode
  16. i must correct your arrogant belief that you can defeat lord dio