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  1. i used to listen to coheed and cambria when i was 13. i listened to the album that had "welcome home" frequently.
  2. i know you like tool. i might get into them. i listen to soundgarden and alice in chains because of a really cool girl and she likes tool too. what are some other progressive metal or alternative metal bands you like?
  3. they're alright although i liked days of the new the most
  4. i like babes in toyland haven't heard the others
  5. my top 10 favorite grunge bands: 1. nirvana 2. soundgarden 3. alice in chains 4. pearl jam 5. mudhoney 6. melvins 7. love battery 8. screaming trees 9. mother love bone 10. temple of the dog
  6. nirvana hole mudhoney love battery melvins malfunkshun u-men truly hammerbox green river screaming trees skin yard these were grunge bands i was listening to frequently 3 years ago. i wasn't listening to the big ones that much.
  7. i appreciate them. there are about 10 or 20 grunge bands i used to listen to years ago but i mainly listen to the big 4 nowadays.
  8. i went to hot topic to get a soundgarden t-shirt and an alice in chains t-shirt they didn't have pearl jam t-shirts but i'm going back to lower east side because the guy who owns the shop has one then my collection of the big 4 grunge band t-shirts will be complete like the 5 pieces of exodia
  9. The genre’s primary appeal, though, was not spiritual but technical. The musicians presented themselves as virtuosos, which made it easy for fans to feel like connoisseurs; this was avant-garde music that anyone could appreciate. (Pink Floyd might be the most popular prog-rock band of all time, but Martin argued that, because the members lacked sufficient “technical proficiency,” Pink Floyd was not really prog at all.) In some ways, E.L.P. was the quintessential prog band, dominated by Emerson’s ostentatious technique—he played as fast as he could, and sometimes, it seemed, faster—and given to grand, goofy gestures, like “Tarkus,” a twenty-minute suite that recounted the saga of a giant, weaponized armadillo. The members of E.L.P. betrayed no particular interest in songwriting; the group’s big hit, “Lucky Man,” was a fluke, based on something that Greg Lake wrote when he was twelve. It concluded with a wild electronic solo, played on a state-of-the-art Moog synthesizer, that Emerson considered embarrassingly primitive. An engineer had recorded Emerson warming up, and the rest of the band had to convince him not to replace his squiggles with something more precise—more impressive. In the effortful world of prog, there was not much room for charming naïveté or happy accidents; improvised solos were generally less important than composed instrumental passages. i loved emerson, lake & palmer so much in high school
  10. The Persistence of Prog Rock Critics think that the genre was an embarrassing dead end. So why do fans and musicians still love it? The genre’s bad reputation has been remarkably durable, even though its musical legacy keeps growing. Twenty years ago, Radiohead released “OK Computer,” a landmark album that was profoundly prog: grand and dystopian, with a lead single that was more than six minutes long. But when a reporter asked one of the members whether Radiohead had been influenced by Genesis and Pink Floyd, the answer was swift and categorical: “No. We all hate progressive rock music.” http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/06/19/the-persistence-of-prog-rock
  11. nah radiohead are haters for hating progressive rock first
  12. roger waters keeps on winning in 2017 meditating while listening to pink floyd/roger waters
  13. this is the theme song of my life I am home Lost my job And incurably ill
  14. i went to lower east side today to buy more david bowie and talking heads t-shirts after i left the store, another store was playing "found a job" by talking heads
  15. i'm not into gaming the only things i do is meditate and for entertainment are listen to music, watch cartoon network/adult swim, and read
  16. i don't think i can quit soda soda to me is like alcohol and smoking for other people
  17. i joined this site in 2004 with my first account and this account is from 2006
  18. roger federer
  19. the good old days were before 2008 when you joined this site
  20. if shaman had a history of posting porn and gore pics he would've been banned by now he must be a parody of me when i was bragging about my spiritual awakening years ago
  21. by the way if you haven't watched rick and morty you should. it's good for everything including depression. if you have watched rick and morty then these videos explain everything: