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  1. 5 episodes already and no mention of hanna... wtf
  2. good times for sure
  3. if i join a team, it'll have to be a team that's fairly active, and plays in 2-3 wars a week... i don't mind joining a "small" team, you'll just have to persuade me lol  :P
  4. i am back... possibly join a team if anyone is down  :-,
  5. The best part of this report is that you went to Smokes after day 1 Also, in day 2... In your first match-up of the day... I quote "[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Round 9 vs Josh Graham (ps. i might add this was the first die roll i won all day)" Obviously bro, it's the first game of the day! Haha jks[/size][/font]
  6. Hulk (from Porto) and Witsel (from Benfica) are going to Zenit due to a sensational [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]€80 million do[/size][/font]uble-swoop! 5 year contracts for both
  7. teaser trailer [url=""]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/url]
  8. man utd saw both hazard and lucas slip from their hands from cash-rich clubs chelsea and psg lol... worse of all, i don't think they're done signing players yet this transfer window
  9. for those who care [url=""][/url]
  10. Oscar is set to sign his contract with Chelsea on Friday for a reported fee of 25 mil pounds.. I really hope he does, so it encourages Hulk to move to Chelsea also
  11. england 2-1 italy
  12. Nasri didn't even begin as a starter lol
  13. Czech Republic < Portugal Spain > France Germany > Greece Italy < England Portugal > Spain (this will surprise many, but I can see it happening. Especially after their 4-0 onslaught against Spain right after 2010 World Cup.) Germany > England Germany > Portugal (although I hope Portugal wins, I don't see them beating Germany. Germany is just that damn good.)
  14. -me for now... i'm going to take a break from dgz (i might lurk around here and there,) but i need to start doing other things with my life.. i've been here since july of last year or something, i dont remember (i was even going to quit but i decided to hang in for a bit longer.) but it's my time to go, thanks for letting me play on the team brady bunch til next time!
  15. [quote name='DRaMa' timestamp='1337752564' post='3188481'] [quote name='ImChill' timestamp='1337752435' post='3188479'] [quote name='Unknown001' timestamp='1337749343' post='3188452'] [quote name='sandwiches' timestamp='1337742225' post='3188359'] Why doesn't Konami post decklists anymore? [/quote] Yeah I don't get it either. They do deck checks before Top 32/64 and the lists should be sorted out already, they could always get someone to type em up (without publishing it) during the matches. Maybe they're worried that someone would leak info during matches? idk. [/quote] Didn't they used to give the decklists to the players who topped? [/quote] They did wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day when Day 2 would be top cut only. The end of day 1 they would give the players who topped printed out copies of the lists [/quote] good times... we used to be able to check our opponent's decklist (mainly their side deck) and figure out how to play around their cards