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  1. things that r makin u sad

    I pissed off the one person that can make me smile, we still talk but it's not the same right now. I think it'll be fixed soon.... hopefully.
  2. Diet Journals

    That's retarded. Woah, it's for my car insurance for the next year, not anywhere near retarded.
  3. Diet Journals

    Nope, bet with a friend and I have two weeks left to lose the last 20 xD. Whole wheat pasta and some chicken meatballs Done for the day!
  4. Little bit of help

    So I've been talking to this girl for a bit and she's pretty much my type exactly. She's cute, funny, a bit dorky and quirky. Now I just got out of a two year relationship and while I'd like to take some time to myself I just feel a connection with her. BUT while she says she's shy she's been out partying the past......... 3 nights? And hasn't been home since Saturday, now she says she hasn't done anything but I just don't know if this is the type of girl I'd want to try to start something with. I don't really party much anymore since I graduated a few months ago and I'm trying to straighten shit out but she's still in her senior year so I can't really fault her for it right? But she's been kinda excessive about it I think, or maybe I'm just being prude. Someone help me out, any ideas are welcome.
  5. Diet Journals

    Wrap and a Tomato Cutting 20 lbs in 2 weeks sucks.
  6. The only reason I'm still friends with you is because whenever I try to get you the fuck out of my life you threaten to kill yourself. Your boyfriend's a tool, just because I used to like you doesn't mean anytime I flirt with you it's serious. Get over yourself. Your boyfriend's a dumb spic and your life and your daughters life would be sooooooo much better without him in your life. Stop being such a flirt and then saying you love him. She doesn't like you, your fat and even your dumb ginger friend calls you fat. Oh god this was like a verbal orgasm, I feel so much better.
  7. World of Warcraft

    You were top 400 in ONE 25 man tier, take a seat. There's like a 0% chance of me seeing any response you post to this just as a heads up.
  8. Climaxing too fast.

    Today, 10:38 PM In: Climaxing too fast. By: Nut Dude, it's not easy keeping it in when your mom's giving you a tugjob thinking she's holding your hand, right Ricky?
  9. Childish Things

    I get really quiet and my tolerance level lowers even moreso when I get mad, doesn't seem 'childish' to me but i've been told it is.
  10. ugh, wtf am I doing here

    Yah breh, all the pics from those cam whores you had made me decide to go out and find someone, turned srs though .
  11. ugh, wtf am I doing here

    It's not that, it's just that when everything's chill and there's no fighting or anything (basically every night) she's probably the coolest person i've ever met. I pretty much forget about everything bad that's happened between the two of us whenever i'm talking to her at night.
  12. ugh, wtf am I doing here

    Carey? lawl.
  13. So uhhh yah, I haven't been on DGz in a longgggg time but I needed somewhere to vent. Since about mid October i've been in a long distance relationship with this girl that i've known for about 10 months, we didn't really talk until about 2 weeks before we started going out but things moved stupidly fast during the early months, after being together for about two months she wanted me to go out there to meet her, it was....... by far the best time of my life, spent all day for three weeks with her, lost my virginity and tooks hers etcetc. Things moved pretty quickly and we already planned on her coming out here in the near future, but then when I got home things started going to hell. We both hate the long distance thing but we both have to finish school, the distance started causing dumb fights and shit until eventually it got to the point where we were fighting everyday. We broke up the day before yesterday and we decided to try to be good friends, yah fuck that shit. Today I got an interesting message from her saying that she's been giving me the past few days to 'win her back' which, granted, i'd like to do now that we're not together but that was never stated or any shit. Am I dumb for not assuming that? She's just way to........ controlling I was talking to some random girl (who we both know is in a serious relationship) and she thinks I was flirting with the girl in my mind whether I was or not is none of her buisness now that we're broken up (I wasn't if it means anything). So after being accused of this and being bitched at for a small amount of time I said bye and left. So about 5 minutes after that i'm laying down trying to go to sleep and I get a call from her, she's crying saying i've been treating her like shit now that we're not together (when earlier today she told me she didn't even know if she wanted to be my friend), she get's really fucking defensive and mad and starts claiming i've never cared about her and that i'm a bad person and shit and I just have no response to this, everything ends and i'm like k, maybe in the morning she'll be a bit more level headed. So I text her that i'm gonna go take a walk and to not call my house phone, she texts me back instantly asking me to get into Ventrilo to talk to her so I say fuck my walk and go talk to her, I get in vent and she sounds really calm and shit when like...... 5 minutes ago she was crying claiming I never loved her. So guys Duelists Homies What the fuck do I do? Am I dealing with a girl far to unstable to try to make something work? Do I keep going with this if I really care about her? Halllllp.
  14. This game

    he lives in cali lol oh lol, thought by "we don't have regis here till December" he meant he lived near me.
  15. This game

    nice...... that'd be some time to get shit together and remember the game, I checked the name history thing and I couldn't find any from you, who are you IRL? XD