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  1. Modern Format Discussion

    havent played Modern since June.Played UR delver at a local for funsies and 4-0'd.Deck is stupid good.
  2. League of Legends

    You get there? Nope. 7 game winning streak to get to promos, 3 games of trolls in promos   I feel your pain.I ended Silver 1 as well.Couldnt get that final push
  3. Constructed Standard Discussion

    anyone coming to GP San Antonio?
  4. Trevor Humphries is the scums

    he got 10th the following PT (block)
  5. Constructed Standard Discussion

    pff please. Im about to play birmaz and wrath in the same deck.   I was thinking about a jeskai control deck that plays wrath and phoenix 
  6. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    Ill be here chilling and down to blaze with DGZers
  7. gg ygo

    damn now Im just a basic bitch
  8. Limited Format Discussion

    finished x-3 at a ptq this weekend.Seal Pool was decent.Best part about the ptq was killing someone with Ob Nixis while they fetched.Guy goes to fetch eot and I put the trigger on the stack and chorded for Ob Nixis while he was at 9.
  9. Top 4 West Coast $10k WMCQ, Top 8 $10k PTQ

    Great job man.Much respect on r9 paragrah day 1.
  10. V.S. System LCG re-launch

    friend just got back from gencon with my box.You get 4 of everything. 4 Feral Rages =)
  11. college books

    I used to work at the school bookstore.Its way over price and you make ass selling them back. I recommend  renting books from Chegg or buying them used from other students.
  12. Smoke 4!

    Holiday Inn South 9940 Airline Highway    reg at 9 starts at 10. $25. Modern.    lmk if you come by.Always down to smoke with DGZers
  13. Smoke 4!

    Ill be there Aug 16th for a ptq if you're down to smoke.
  14. 2014-2015 Organized Play Updates

    I feel the exact same way..also the stores aget to chose the format..They can just pick sealed everytime to get rid of products.Its def daggers to grinders..Alteast they buffed pt and gp.I think I might have to start grinding open series.
  15. Smoke 4!

     playing storm high is amazing