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  1. Colognes

    this is actually pretty ill for the price lol i use to wear it for everyday
  2. iPhone 4g or Blackberry

    i know galaxy s is really nice but i just cant trust samsung not after the way they raped me, unforgivable
  3. iPhone 4g or Blackberry

    im stuck between getting either the iphone or the 9780 (latest bold) reasons for iphone: music so much easier to update, nice big screen, hd video recording, reasons not to get iphone: no bbm, i dont really use a trillion apps, touchscreen harder to work with while driving reasons for 9780: i have a blackberry now and i love bbm, full keyboard reasons not to get 9780: blackberry desktop manager for mac is a load of shit, no where near as easy to update media from computer as iphone/itunes what do you guys think, am i missing anything major...i dont really wanna get an android, i love bbm and i love ipod music (while hating how all media works for blackberry).
  4. Colognes

    burberry brit -> everyday and formal events hugo boss -> everyday and formal events yves saint laurant la nuit del homme -> out at night hot water by davidoff -> out at night and sometimes eternity by calvin klein but not much anymore.
  5. Becoming too clingy

    get a life. i think of the guys said keep playing yugioh, and hes right. the busier you are with gym/working/school/your boys/ girls/family/hobbies the less you'll cling. you'll also appreciate your intimate time with her. but be careful not to make it seem like you dont care lol just create a balance in your life, too much of anything is bad for you.
  6. Naruto Manga

    how do spoilers work for the manga? do the spoilers come out tuesday night and then the manga sometime wednesday?
  7. Kanye West

    kanye has music for everyone, all his albums are equally breathtaking. if you're in a dark mood you can always relate to 808's. if you feel like youre on top of the world, graduation just brings it to you. i love this album, i feel like hes learned how to sing/rap and produce beats to create and funnel his artistic thoughts.
  8. save some money, invest in a farm and grow some balls.
  9. kid cudi

    i really like scott mescudi vs the world and MANIAC, but MOTM1 was better imo
  10. Kanye West

    idk if its been posted but kanye got drunk on a delta flight...then proceeded to make his way to the cockpit and sing the good life and gold digger to the rest of the passengers and crew. kanye's so sick mannnn im def buying this album
  11. clippers

    im looking for a nice pair of clippers, like what barbers use. I need it to maintain a crisp line up, i use to use Wahl trimmers but they weren't clean and tight enough. anyone know a good brand/set i could grab off of ebay?
  12. Albums That Mean Something to you..

    i really like this thread KanYe West - Graduation and 808's and Heartbreak Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon I love Graduation just cos of the whole 'I'm on top of the world' feel and i love 808's and Man on the Moon because they're both deep in terms of the message and the emotions they embody.
  13. The Studio ©

    for sure lemme get aim back
  14. Mazda 3 2010

    speed3 tickles my pickle till it prickles. its disgustingly expensive in canada though, like ugly stupid expensive. the regular mazda3 is quite nice as well has bluetooth and shit ull enjoy it