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  1. Josh Graham vs Eric Caudill

    Came to read JJ's comment - saving grace of this thread :)
  2. Question about posting in the Deck Discussion section

    I was active back in 06-09. Just visited dgz again after a long time, though most of my buds are gone ha. 
  3. I lold uncontrollably

    I was recently reminded of this, so I'm bumping it up. Old but hilarious. 
  4. Question about posting in the Deck Discussion section

    Amazed nobody posted this yet:   LURK MOAR. 
  5. Aphex war archives

    Must be a problem on my end then. Thanks for your help fellas!
  6. Aphex war archives

      Back in the day, the team dgz section was password protected. There was a subforum there for aphex war archives. I'm pretty sure those wars were never moved to the general Team Wars section. I'm asking if someone could move all those threads to Team Wars as well. 
  7. Aphex war archives

  8. Aphex war archives

    Hey,   There are several dgz vs. other site wars in the site team forum. I was wondering if someone could move all those to the public war archives so that we can go through them. I was interested in looking up something in one of the older threads and I'm unable to do so :(   Thanks.
  9. Naruto Manga

    Something really funny I read a while back:   [quote]   I'm sure the ending would be like this.   Naruto stare at Sasuke admiring his skins and body (while he would claim that he's no longer the friend he use to know). Sasuke would also stare at him (there won't be anything in his mind, because it's full of shit).   Naruto would then create several hand sign and use talk no jutsu. Sasuke would then raise 1 hand sign and use talk no jutsu too. Both spent the next few pages breathing. THEN! WE HAVE EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE. Flashback.   While the flashback is going on, we're going to have more talk no jutsu, with the useless heroine Sakura in the sideline saying "Naruto..." or "Sasuke..." or both! She won't participate in the battle because Kishi hate girls. Kakashi would then comfort Sakura and start saying some useless comment with Sakura understanding the circumstance of their final confrontation. Kakashi would then do his own talk no jutsu and then flashback when the team was together. I know I placed a lot of flashbacks, but this is Kishi we're talking about here. After Kakahi's flashback, Kakashi would say how did you turn into a psycho emo Sasuke, I guess I should've picked up the signs earlier of you being mentally retarded and that I shouldn't have taught you the weaker version of Lightning Blade (Chidori), which strangely have stronger variation".   Scene then show Naruto and Sauke kept on look at each other. There flashback continue a few more chapters, this time, the flashback is new which contradicts the story even more. I don't know, maybe Naruto actually met way way back when they were actually a baby or something, it's Kishi we're talking about here. Sasuke would then have some knowledge about the sharigan which make it even more BS, I don't know, maybe the Sharigan is actually the earth itself and that the earth is actually a giant sharigan with many eye wax (soil) and tears (ocean), sio he can control the earth.    After the talk, Naruto and Sasuke get prepared to duel, then the chapter ends with kishi's stupid note on the sideline saying "A shocking battle that we all didn't expect (yeah right)".    The next chapter open with Naruto and Sasuke clash a bit (1 panel, this is important), then they jumped away from each other . Naruto would then use cry no jutsu, then he unleashed his ultimate jutsu, Cry+Talk no jutsu. Sasuke would then start flashbacking about the good times they had (which i couldn't really think of any, but hey if kishi want to make a something, he can stop him). Sasuke with his stupid mind then probably decide to stay evil anyway and rush to naruto. The panel would then cut to Sakura shocked, which is about 2 pages wide (because Kishi love wasting pages for unneesary things).   Panel then switched to Sasuke stabbing Naruto, Naruto is left there shocked. Flashback would then occur again (jeez, don't we love flashback). Sasuke would pull out his sword and use talk no jutsu. Naruto would then say something sappy and lovey dovey, which make Sasuke call him an idiot (the truth is, they're both idiot. The 2 "strongest" people in naruto are idiots). Naruto given up hope closes his eyes as he about to die. Then he see a vision of the fox, Minato and his mom giving him their own talk no jutsu. Then another flashback occurs between minato and his wife, and how they saved his life. Naruto then snap back up and decided not to give up, then declared that he's going to stop him, but in the same time want to do it peacefully (o.0!). The 2 then glared at each other again, they then rush towards each other. Chapter ENDS with kishi's note sayng "What will happen to their friendship?! (strained ofcourse!).   Next chapters open with naruto near defeat, with Sasuke saying he's weak. Scene would then show the other knoaha 11 came out of nowhere and start saying some support BS. Naruto with his new power out of nowhere got up and start using shadow clone jutsu. Sasuke could've use his electric powers to wipe them out easily, decided to be shocked and scared, thanks to Naruto's second jutsu, plot no jutsu. Naruto with all his clones start using talk no jutsu. This pushed Sasuuke far enough to use his Amaterasu at them, which make them poof like smoke. Naruto would be shcoked, because the cloen usually last longer than that! Sakura or Tenten or Shikamaru would then be in the sideline explaining each other character's attack like as if we don't know about them.    Sasuke would use the predicatable amaterasu again, Naruto would start running away again. Sakura would then say "oh! it's a never ending burning flames!". Naruto would then use shadow clone. Sakura would say "Oh! Naruto can create clones!". Naruto would then use rasengan. For some reason, Sasuke's vision suddenly turn 180 degree, cause he start missing Naruto, but when naruto is about to strike, Sasuke would then doge it. Sakura would then say "Oh! He dodged it! Naruto would be shock as well, because villain always just stood there like an idiot to get hit by rasengan.    Even thought, Sasuke have a lot of long range techniques, he decided to go close range and actially susanoo. Naruto stepped into his sage mode or some other form. Then they face each. Sakura would then say "Oh! they change form!". The chapter then ends with them facing off, hyping the fans up, with kishi's note saying "the final climax".   The next chapter would then opened up with Naruto and Sasuke back to their form tired. Sakura would then use talk no jutsu "saying how the fight was intense and that they wasted nearly all their chakra (like it even matters). They stared at each other using talk no jutsu and flashbacks. Even though, at this state, any ninja can just come up and stab Sasuke at the back, but no one do, because Naruto's the hero. This flash back and talk no jutsu would last for 6 chapters.   At the end of the chapters, Naruto and Sasuke suddenly stepped into their final form with plot no jutsu (who cares even if they have no chakra, as long as you have friends!). Sasuke start using his ultimate susanoo. Sakura would be like "Oh! The ultimate Defense and Attack!". Naruto would start charging something on his hand. Sakura would say "Oh! What could that attack be?". There would also be a Kishi's note saying "what new attack is Naruto using, could it be rasengan?" Fans would then be post several topics on this forum titled "what is naruto's new attack?!". The post would be like "I can't wait for Naruto's new attack, they're always different and creative" said the fan stuffing crayons in his nose.   The next chapter have the clash together, the white screen, then both of them lie on the ground. Cliche moment start occuring, where rain start pouring, as Sasuke lie on the ground about to die flashback on all the great time that they never had together. Sasuke would then use cry no jutsu. Naruto would then get up, signifying that he's okay and watches as Sasuke dying. Sakura who has been useless would run up and be by sasuke side. Naruto's last attack has knocked Sasuke's head back to normal, allwoing him to think straight and admit what he's doing was wrong. Naruto being the sappy moron he is would forgive him. Tsunade would then be in the sideline crying saying I admire him, lets make it known that our vilalge has 2 heroes, Naruto and Sasuke.   The other ninjas, including those that were attacked by Sasuke before or have his friends killed by Sasuke would all be cheering. Sasuke then died peacefully, with everyone mourning over him for some reason. Scene would then have some plot no jutsu. Naruto would then confront Hinata, Naruto is still oblivious about Hinata's feelign even thought she confessed to him in Pain's arc. Sakura would then confront naruto, naruto would then sat he's gay. Sakura would then said I'm a necropholia, and the next panel would show she asked kankouro to make a puppet out form Sasuke's dead body. The next panel would show Shino kissing his bugs, Kiba being a beastiality and Rock lee and Guy kissing and hugging each other. Tenten would be training for nothing as usual. Neji would be standing in the background doing nothing, as Kishi obviously don't know how to make use of his character. Shikamaru and Chouji would be talking, while Ino would stay quietly in the kitchen, because kishi is sexist. Temari, Kankorou and Gaara would be visiting the hidden leaf acting tough.    The panel then show Tsunade retiring with the worst reason ever, then there would be talk no jutsu and flashback of how he met Naruto. All the characters would then have flashback of how they meet Naruto. panel then show Naruto become Hokage with everyone laughing and agreeing. Then there would be epilogue saying that Naruto became the best hokage ever, and that there was eternal peace.    Fans would read all this and then gobble it up. They then drink 15 shots of alchohol an say "it's the best manga EVA!!!" with a crayon stuck up their nose.[/quote]
  10. One Piece Manga

    Back on Jaya though, when Blackbeard is cheering on the Strawhats, Nami said something like "he's not weird," and Luffy/Zoro said "it's not a he. More like 'them'." So it's probably just BB's body that can hold two devil fruits. Who said they're going around gathering more fruits for BB? If anything, it's for the rest of the crew. 
  11. Premier League Fantasy Football 2012-2013

    First time an American's on top of the league I bet That Hazard guy is sick though. I don't watch soccer but I saw the game today and he was nuts. Sucks about Torres' fake goal but I can't complain as I had Torres(C).
  12. Premier League Fantasy Football 2012-2013

    Good luck guys.
  13. Team DuelistGroundz[.com]

    [quote name='J o S e J u A n' timestamp='1334320576' post='3153882'] There was a time where team dgz was so fucking good it wasn't even funny. Hell, even the dgz peeps that didn't make the team would war for pojo/etc lol [/quote] Maybe pojo, but never ETC. The first team etc had a minimum 1000 post requirement to get on. It's not nearly that tight anymore (I think there's a kid with about 100 posts right now), but we didn't go out of our way to pick up dgz's leftovers or anything like that. If you look at the archives, nearly all of etc's rosters have been players who were active on etc and/or originated there. I agree with a lot of the stuff said here about the old days, and especially everything Andre had to say. That being said, this site has always been full of pretentious assholes. It cultivated an environment where you seriously tried to get better, and I and a lot of other etc players benefitted from it. Nonetheless, if you look at the war records, etc is 1-1 with the dgz squads 2008 and onwards, and I'm pretty sure we were 1-1 or 1-2 against Aphex. (Could a mod please move the war archives from the team dgz lounge to the general archives? There's good history there ). So overall etc is 2-2 or 2-3 against dgz. I might be wrong, but I just did a little browsing and that's what seems to come up. I see that you guys are like 7-0 versus pojo/xc/yf, which is great, but not very relevant in this circumstance.There's no denying that AO/Underground Prodigies/FU were some of the top notch teams around, and team Aphex was really fucking good. I'd say that ETC was still good during that time, and the current roster is pretty solid. I don't know who the new people are on this team, but I'm sure Soul is stilly really good. I think you guys are idiots for not including someone like Andre or JHub, but that's your call. This should be a good war - best of luck to you all.
  14. One Piece Manga

    Anyone think Aokiji will join the SHC someday?
  15. Odds are you don't need a database [i]specialist[/i].