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  1. what brought you to DGZ?

    the [s]girls [/s]giels
  2. Drug Policies

    hey pedantic gentleman, i said drugs ARE a social control mechanism. lrn2read. and mandatory sentencing for possession/sale of crack is a huge example of a social control policy. who did crack because it was cheap? blacks. who sold crack? blacks. why is it that mandatory sentencing for crack is much harsher than powder cocaine in the US even though they are the same? racism. [quote name='rei' timestamp='1334227731' post='3152793'] [b]I believe drugs legality should be scaled on their addictiveness and mortality rate[/b] - I don't want meth legalized, but I think the only real charges should be distribution of it, as opposed to hitting people with possession. Meanwhile pot I think would do better legalized but controlled in a manner similar to alcohol. [/quote] ban alcohol? ban tobacco? ban caffeine? you make no sense
  3. things/people in life that genuinely annoy you

    [quote name='rei' timestamp='1336666369' post='3177048'] You have to have done something wrong if you didn't like living in dorms. [/quote] have you lived in a dorm before?
  4. update on my bitches issue

    you seem to be a very conflicted human being
  5. Afro's gone

    Atem, you call yourself black?
  6. What was the last film you watched?

    good will hunting sorry, gotta go see about a girl
  7. things/people in life that genuinely annoy you

    [quote name='harig07' timestamp='1336343398' post='3173460'] -[b]Shut the fuck up. [/b]Attention seeking bitch that think they're the hottest thing on the planet. Post to feel liked? No one gives a shit, Ugly. - People really, really try hard to bypass the fact that I've been ugly my whole life, you just gotta deal with it. -[b]Who the fuck are you to look down on anyone?[/b] -Close-minded "ignorant" - Still too pussy to go talk to a girl, go after younger girls, not just a year younger but 2-3 years younger. At my age that's just disgusting, lie. - Asians spend their whole life studying, get out a little enjoy yourself "nigga". -Shut the fuck up rich/posh people that try, you own Ferraris and wear Gucci. - Don't act like you're from the ghetto, girls that try to be too difficult/play hard to get. -Girls will say one thing, mean the complete opposite then get mad at you for people that show up to a party and just sit around not enjoying themselves. - People that try way too hard to have swag think that they're nerdy cause they played a couple of games back in the day. -People rock cause they listened to Paramore that one time. - Guys come , your friends stick you[b] ([/b]who are really ugly, know they're ugly, but still try to act like a slut). - Bitchiness in ugly people is a redeeming quality, people. -Think that screamo takes no skill? People say I'm amazing at singing (have a fake laugh). -Girls that do that whole united front bullshit thing even though they know their friend is wrong, spread bullshit education in general. -Kinda dull, I get bored way too easily and nothing really challenges me at the moment about being fat or ugly. -As someone who is both fat and ugly I don't really appreciate people. - When girls comment "you're so pretty" on ugly photos, scrawny pieces of shit try to act tough, I don't care if you have a flat cap you still can't throw a punch to save your life. Think they're a black belt at martial arts? They did Karate lessons for a week, people. Think they're amazing at fighting cause they took like two boxing classes,people? - Say "Pokemon" whenever anything manga/anime related appears! - Girls wear crosses but are still horny sluts that think that Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men and so forth are the funniest shows ever.Girls that bite. When they give a blowjob, my brother! - -Arrogant piece of shit guys with big dicks that use it[b]. [/b] Rich shits that spend their money on useless stuff: the apple hipsters that own every fucking apple product and use all of them as if they're so cool. - "Get the fuck out.""OH YEAH I CAN DRINK A LOT" *passed out after a couple of shots*. Furthermore people that drink,, it's fucking disgusting have some class. - Jeez, gave to charity once. You have to actually go there... -Everytime Yu-Gi-Oh enters the conversation, I'm "sad" because I play Yu-Gi-Oh (one lives on shit like that). I won't feel sad when I'm driving around in the car that YGO paid for, I won't feel sad when I'm fucking your Xbox. - Shut the fuck up.[b]People complain too much, shut the fuck up, for fuck's sake.[/b] [b]-[/b] what did you expect? -Try to have a room full of ugly, sweaty guys playing a children trading game!? what's the point in attempting? to have guys that are completely obsessed with it and won't talk about anything other than that they're ballers. [b]You play a children's trading card game, stop acting so fucking pretentious.[/b] That's all off the top of my head will list more if I think of any [/quote]
  8. things/people in life that genuinely annoy you

    this thread and all of your shitty, small complaints
  9. dressing classier

    it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it
  10. yoga pants

    who gives a shit about the precise definition of yoga pants vs leggings? who gives a shit if girls are trying to be fashionably slutty, fashionable, or just slutty? who gives a shit in general? i like girls in tight pants and a large population of others do too, hoorah
  11. first impression

  12. Questions for cool college kids

    drinking = expensive????????
  13. im fn back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i remember i used your 12 monarch + frog deck at a regionals once, lost on the bubble