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  1. I'm Back

    yes allen.    i remember all you guise im so happy to be back.    Yeah rei i moved to Greece a while ago. 
  2. I'm Back

    of course you know me you florida old person!!!!!!   we were on the same team at one point a few years back.
  3. I'm Back

    Oh I'm Back people!!!!!!     Whoever remembers me fuck yeah! Whoever is new, fuck yeah!     Real
  4. Sword Art Online

    this was so good....   until the point where it got so bad.
  5. MGS Round 2: Day 3

  6. MGS Round 2: Day 3

    Mba is more of a feeling im getting    vibes are good i guess
  7. MGS Round 2: Day 3

    In addition, this is clearly my first mafia game as i stated earlier.    I shall learn   and be on point from now on.    but please call me an idiot again. clearly you know me.   respect your elders please. 
  8. MGS Round 2: Day 3

    flame me more   what i have done is clearly no violation of any rule.    my part in this game has been to the dot so far with some humorous touch. After all, this is a game.   unless.....   nvm
  9. MGS Round 2: Day 3

    under pressure!
  10. MGS Round 2: Day 3

  11. MGS Round 2: Day 3

    Vote robin
  12. MGS Mafia Round 2 Sign-Up sheet

    I'm Back!   oh and I'm in.   heyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Thread lacks Suits and White Collar.
  14. League of Legends

    dat teemo top so gud
  15. League of Legends

    ahri all day errday