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  1. Improvise vs. Kye Baker and The Dickriders

    Got Spadaro 2-1   ggs.
  2. Improvise

    nova has closed. I am going to do greeny's job and say we are now open for 2 wars.
  3. Liberation vs. Improvise

    got hata 2-0   ggs
  4. Prosecution Vs Improvise

    got smashed by some godly hands
  5. Prosecution Vs Improvise

    i see what you did there
  6. Last Kings [vs] Improvise

    2-1 over Suleiman,   ggs
  7. Liberation vs. Improvise

    got hata 2-1   ggs
  8. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    sacked fierce g3, won 2-1   ggs and good war folks
  9. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    Fierce where you at :(
  10. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    1-1 vs Fierce, we will conclude g3 once he returns. Sharpman has our screens of side decks.
  11. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    im on for games
  12. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    Karma... i really really hate you
  13. Hitlist vs Improvise

    Got ben 2-1. Amazing draws g3.   ggs man.
  14. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    got chrisbiswell 2-1 ggs