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  1. scooping

    why do you guys care so much when people scoop to each other. everyones getting on josh grahams balls for offering a DAD for the scoop to jason tan or w/e if people want to not play a childrens card game for money/cards who cares?
  2. Post your Xbox Live Gamertag

    oO Razhel Oo
  3. PS3 vs. 360

    360 for sure. The library it has right now, and will have in the next year or so is a lot better than PS3's. Blu-ray just isn't worth getting at the moment either.
  4. SJC Toronto

    Prove it. what a stupid thing to say. prove that he does. This is an extremely luck-based game. There is some skill involved but not enough to warrant a player doing extremely well at most events where the Top 8/16 are all relatively close to their level of skill.
  5. Top 5 "go-to" items

    Do you skateboard?
  6. Where do you go shopping for clothes?

    Every mall in Ontario has an H & M now pretty much. It was like European for a while I think?
  7. E3 part 3 - Nintendo Conference ...

    I watched the whole Nintendo press conference. They need to step up their game. ALOT The closest thing to an interesting game they showed was Animal Crossing which looks the exact same as it has since 2002. Cammie Dunaway has to be the most irritating person I have ever seen deliver a press conference, with her fake plastic smile, and her inconsequential stories of how she broke her wrist appearing every 2 minutes. I feel very betrayed by Nintendo. Where would they be today without the core gamer? We have supported them for 20 years and they decide to leave us now. I respect the fact that they want more people to enjoy video games and that would be fine if they didn't leave real gamers out in the cold.
  8. SJC Toronto

    i think josh should win
  9. Limit Rebirth

    When do we get it?
  10. Podcasts

    Metagame's too lazy.
  11. Hey guyz

  12. Limit Rebirth

    Disk Commander
  13. is there a such thing as a clean duelist

    When I'm playing at a regional or w/e I don't cheat.
  14. Gold Spoiler

    Wow, this had so much potential. Why'd they have to ruin it =[