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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duels

    I hope they do too. The format doesn’t seem solved to me. Even before the new set people were playing builds I didn’t think were very good. And now with the new set, Blue-Eyes shouldn’t be the best deck anymore. Amazoness/Harpie mirrors are quite the grind and that’s where card choices can really come into play.
  2. DGz Live 207: April 2005 pre-CRV (10/14/17)

    In. Db name is mike steinman
  3. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    TS Fearless mcmike1993 Both Active
  4. Updated Suspended Players List

    That was at Nationals against Brady. Korey is scum both in gameplay (cheating) and outside the game (creating fake relationships and taking advantage of trust). He deserves to be banned forever. I have an idea of why he was banned, but it would just be gossip at this point. Let's see if he comes out with the reason first.
  5. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    For the love of Cock
  6. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Basically what Abe said. Being able to summon Omega in the mirror was amazing and a decent way to keep up with Edea builds if you were in a grind game. Sure they can standby phase Stormforth it but at that point it's already returned a Pantheism and now it's in the grave to use its other effect. The other reason we liked it so much is that going 2nd it's a level 4. Having it with Teleport, Blue, Terrortop, Taketomborg (it's a Wind), or Instant for Dragoness gave you access to Black Rose to blow up shit like Mask Hole Deflector etc. Having tribute fodder that was actually threatening on its own was really good and half the time even if someone could stop it, they wouldn't even realize the levels added up to 7 or didn't think we actually had BRD in our extras. I blew up a field at regionals including a live Mojo and CotH because he didn't realize what was going on. We tried a deck with 3 and the goal was to SS Cock, then make a tribute summon to send Prime and make Omega that way. Just like how people used Ghost Ogre to Teleport out to make Omega, but it showed the true weakness of Cock which is that you can't ss it with face-up cards at all. It was really bad to draw after setting up any sort of field at all especially since you have better things to Kuraz than your own Domain. There was a testing game between Brady and Max, both good players, and Max used his entire deck (3 Fog, all the BA and PK effs, everything) and Brady out-resourced him. Max didn't do anything wrong but it just goes to show which engine comes out on top and has the better longevity. You can name situations like them opening multiple Bearice and Fog Blade, even Fragrance too, but I don't really get the point in doing that. They can open so amazing that you can't push through but that's what yugioh is. The fact is that they need one of their really really good hands to even compete with a decent Monarch hand. They need to lock you out asap as if the game goes past 2 or so turns, they've lost. I'll post our list and a few explanations soon, too much to type up on a phone
  7. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    That deck is garbage. BA is EDM's easiest matchup.
  8. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    There are decks where you can maybe justify Upstart as the 41st card. Monarch is not one of them. You can't activate Upstart after thinning your deck if you can't play at all lol. I wrote an article about a program we've been using to test ratios. Maybe it might help someone. Please excuse the padding.
  9. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that Brady Brink is hugely responsible for our lists and even though it's always a combined effort, he puts in the most work and I definitely want to give credit where it's due. Other than that, Congratulations! Seeing this makes me very happy. Great job on the Top 8 finish.