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  1. Read a fucking book

    Guys this is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Has anyone read "The Silkworm"?
  2. Madolche - Discussion

    Unfortunately we lose to Lightsworn a lot, but otherwise this deck is pretty boss. Run PWWB and Cruffssant for the combos and chainability.
  3. Read a fucking book

    ...is what I would say if I could post a topic in the Books forum.
  4. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Seriously guys I'm good at YGO. PM me for warring.
  5. if you click on this topic you must post

    Paper Mario is the best video game ever made.
  6. I am a faggot

    Can someone appreciate this deck for me
  7. If you are seeing this a 2nd time, it is because you posted more than once in the free agent thread. I am looking to throw a team together. You must be at least decent with activity, have AIM or Skype for communication purposes, both are free to download. This will be a team comprised of other Free Agents who accept the offer, I cannot guarantee skill level of those involved in the team. Reply back with yes or no, and we will go from there.

  8. I am a faggot

    This deck is op
  9. I am a faggot

    Fixed it idk about Divine Wrath in here though.
  10. I am a faggot

    Do any of you pro ygo players have any advice for this poor little faggot?
  11. I am a faggot

    I dont think its only the deck title man, the rules do specifically say not to post just a deck list with no explanations\plays....and with 3000 plus posts, the community probably thinks you should know better and they are now trolling you...... Most certainly the deck title. I made it that way on purpose just to see if this would happen, and, lo and behold...   The point of the deck is simple, get to Tiara asap. Anjelly is the ideal opening, if I open with her and Striker/Fusion, the game is over in a turn due to the sheer amount of card advantage and summoning power. It's really not that difficult to grasp, and truthfully, I do believe this is one of the best ways to run the deck period end of story.
  12. I am a faggot

    I just otked like 5 games in a row. Tell me my deck is bad, still not caring.   Double Tiramisu double invoker.
  13. I am a faggot

    What's wrong with them? I've used Madolches extensively pre Anjelly and the Striker/Instafusion strategy has never let me down. kinda
  14. I am a faggot

    What should I explain? How to use Madolches? I thought you guys knew how to play ygo. Are your asses so sore because of the deck title? I don't care.
  15. I am a faggot

    Stop spamming my deck thread