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  1. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    1 Zhu, Yueqi vs. Senabi, Kheireddine 2 Brake, Billy Presley vs. Garcia, Santos G Baytown   Top 4
  2. do you feel somewhat responsible for Dante's price spiking :)? also surely that's 100atk and not 600 like OP says, stevie wonder could see that
  3. so the important bit. Also legitimately curious how anyone can translate the text of this card if that's the only known image. (not trying to sound douchey, actually curious)
  4. has the effect of this been confirmed real/fake yet?
  5. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

    I hope craig stern comes.
  6. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

    guy from our ggs in melbourne has email confirmation too
  7. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

    It's just weird that we went from never having a YCS to having 2 in the same year, but no complaints
  8. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

    First time they've held a YCS in the same city, same year? what if you top both though like, -Top 8 YCS Sydney 2014 -Top 32 YCS Sydney 2014
  9. That is called variance. All you can do as a player is consistently make the correct decisions, and in the long run your results will even out. You have access to the exact same cardpool your opponent does and will probably get equally as lucky in the long run. The nutty combos/locks have definitely gotten progressively worse since 07', but you either deal with that or quit playing the game (like some have). The truth is, it hasn't gotten to the point where there is more luck than skill involved and it never will, and you still see the same names consistently topping events. If winning were as easy as playing an event hoping you can make 2 Felgrands and Emptiness every turn 1, then you should probably just be playing bingo or roulette instead.
  10. Dboyz appreciation thread

    there are a few Nats 2012 selfies of the melbourne boys with tomjinzo floating around throwing up the deuces. i think they're on cilmi's ipad, such value
  11. Dboyz appreciation thread

    he actually looks like swap frog.
  12. It's December

    amen squidbrother :(
  13. Yeah, I do remember saying that. Guess I was right. Alpha as fuck.
  14. YCS Toronto 2013 Aug 31-Sept 1st?

    "Kheireddine Set one backrow card and fingered his Shura a moment" he did wat.