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  1. ARGCS Charlotte, NC - Feb 8th and 9th

    Go Bodan   
  2. ARGCS Charlotte, NC - Feb 8th and 9th

    Shut the fuck up     "And I say HEY! (HEY!) What a wonderful kind of day. If you can learn to work and play And get along with each other"  
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    Top 16 decklists   http://articles.alterealitygames.com/top-16-decklist/
  4. astral pack 4

    targeting it with debris is not using maxx c, I really don't want to scroll through old threads to prove it but earl and I discussed it for like an hour once Yeah but special summoning it is.    You can Reborn monsters that are declared by Prohibition. Using another card to "place" the monster onto the field does not count as the monster being used.
  5. ARGCS Charlotte, NC - Feb 8th and 9th

    How are Bodan and Jono doing?
  6.   He relapsed from being clean for 23 years and realized he had a problem and was trying to get help... Like holy fuck dude
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    "Contains a balanced amount of cards to appeal to new players, anime fans, and current players alike!" Too bad the cards themselves probably won't be balanced :(
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    Umm there's already a Mermail Discussion Thread, there definitely doesn't need to be another one created specifically for another variant.
  9. Prophecy - Discussion

    I'd rather side Dusts than Breakers because you want a way of getting rid of Mistake/DNA without being stopped by cards like Chain/BTH/Warning, and dodging Mind Crushes is pretty neat too.
  10. New Regional Playmat

    Still upset there was no Dragon Ruler mat :(
  11. YCS Sydney Top 32 Decklist

    There are 9 "top 16" decklists so one of these must be top 32 or top 8.
  12. Top 8 YCS Sydney

    This report is going to be missing a lot of the ygo action because my memory is really hazy so sorry. Anyways, the week before the event there's a massive heat wave in Melbourne where it's 40+ degrees Celsius ( 104+ Fahrenheit) so it felt good to get out of there. The Wednesday before the event I stay at Anchongs place with Sam and we chill in his pool for a bit before sorting out the business of bringing up some of the good stuff to Sydney. Once we sort that out (which took basically all night) we decide to stay up and wait for the cab. Sam just gets super blazed and starts running me through his poker wins from crown and I die of laughter. Love ya sam <3.   We meet up with the boys (Kye, Matt, Adrian, Jackson) at avalon airport (if you've never heard of it, it's where cheap cunts like us fly at 6 in the morning for like 100 return). Im just anxious to get through security cause I have about a quart dacked in my jocks and I dont really wanna head home early. We make it through and wait and get food, we board the plane and Matt takes some wonderful photos of sam.   We arrive in Sydney at about 7.30 and train it to central station, then lidcombe where we check out the hotel (its a fucking mess). I decide to stay in the room with Matt while the boys smoke up and when they get back Adrian is just fucked and it was the greatest thing ever, made the trip tbh. We then head to GGs burwood and on the way get some food. Nothing much happened there, just met Bodan and a few others and smoked up again. We headed back smoked up some more and went to the hungry jacks about a 30 min walk away with a few of the boys. Ryan, another one of our mates meet up with us and well, some shenanigans ensue. A few of us drop some acid and well, Ryan accidentally double drops and within 10 minutes he's as lost as the people well, from Lost.   Someone convinces me to drop and I do, and then head back to the hotel. There's a few tabs left and a few of the boys drop a again and I have another halfa. I become so fucked it was unreal, best experience ever. Adrian and Matt go clubbing with Bodan and co. leaving the kiddies by themselves and we realise we have no food so we just decide to go out and about and look for food (worst fucking idea ever) and we pass like 3 cops while tripping balls, not cool. We find this neat kebab joint and buy some water and food and get lost for a bit as we try head back but luckily Jackson remembered the way and we get back. We were so relieved however, things didn't end there. Anchong tries opening the door but can't get the key in for a few seconds, when he finally does he trips over the step leading into our room and just eats the fucking door. It came off its hinges and we put it back in place to make it seem like everythings gucci but it's not. Since we're still pretty fucked we were panicking and called Adrian and Matt to come back ASAP. Also I forgot to mention I may have found the meaning of life, but that's a story for a different day. We head across the road to the park with a drunk as fuck Bodan and just chill for a bit, then he just randomly says "I love fire fists" and we all die of laughter. Nice one m8.   There are roaches in our room so it makes it easier for Matt to tell the managurrrrrr about the door situation and Adrian drops the roach problem at the perfect time and we get moved into a better room, Hot Damn!~ (this was also the club the boys went to and it was gay night apparently lol). We sleep for like 6 hours before heading to burwood again and GGs is literally packed, there's 75 people outside the store and the pizza joint across the road is getting some pretty good business. We head back to the hotel with Rokman and Chester and test for a bit. Im set on spellbook and Adrian and Jackson were testing Hieratic but later find it's not that great (as said in jacksons report, anecdotal evidence ftw) so they decide to swap to spellbooks and I get fucked since im borrowing their priestesses. I scrounge around on the melbourne yugioh groups to see who has them and a mate has 3 for me to borrow (Love ya Josh~). Once Rokman, Jackson and Adrian work out the list I decide to play the same list too since it seems very, very solid. We head to bed and book a cab for the morning to take us to the event.   We get there and we see the huge fucking line for registration and my god we all knew this event was going to be the best by far, once we register we chill and wait for pairings to be announced. Due to technical difficulties we sit in front of our round 1 opponents for like 40 minutes before we can start (they forgot to register people/lost decklists or some shit). We finally get underway and im sorry but I can't really recall every round and what happened so I will give you a very brief breakdown of what happened in swiss.   R1: Fire Fist in my ASS G1: I lose the die roll and he opens spirit leopard combo but I have maxx "C" so he stops and makes a zenmaines. I crescent into master, secrets for blue boy, search fate and master copy secrets to search tower with an eternity already in hand. He loses very shortly and we go to siding.   G2: He gets me with combo and I dont draw maxx "c"   G3: I open mediocre but he opens trash so I win after a small grind   1-0   R2:  Geargia (I think)   G1: I open very well and he can't do much   G2: I can tell he's new to the game and grind with tower and get too much advantage and win   2-0   R3: geargia (I think)   G1: I win roll but dont open anything relevant and he has OTK   G2: I open a few traps but he has typhoons and enough resources to make a board and I lose   I was tilted especially at this loss because he constantly had to keep reading my cards. He kept saying shit like "so secrets is the one that adds?" and I was just mad that he opened the stones and didnt even know what my cards did but ahh well thats yugioh   2-1   R4: Fire fist (Ryan Maclean) Not sure if this was round 4 though   G1: I open really well and just start the grind till I pull through G2: I cant remember what he opened with but he had mistake I think and I just lost G3 the gamestate gets simplified where he has 2 set mind crush and 1 in hand, I secrets into wisdom and he flips mind crush and calls temperance but I had justice in hand. He scoops because he sees I have access to power to run over his dragon and take it from there. It was a real pleasure to actually play YGO against you this time instead of me bricking like I did at oceanics :P   3-1   R5: Chain Burn   G1: I drop a priestess and magician and just start swinging and putting as many books in grave for fate as I can, I conserve typhoons for when I can get in a gameshot and take it pretty easily   G2: I now have 3x dust and typhoon to deal with his backrows and he errors quite a bit and I just grind out the win   4-1   Round 6: FF   G1: He opens farily average and I open very well and grind to victory G2: is more of a grind as we both open average and I end up double tributing for a priestess after having 2 priestess, 2 justice and a maxx c in hand with a justice and chained mag on board   5-1   Round 7: Six sams   G1: He opens kageki kagemusha into shien but i have maxx c and sets 3, I have priestess and 3 books incl wisdom but I wait to set my fiendish first to ensure I get priestess off. He draws smoke signal and searches for kagemusha and I lose from there   G2: I open justice and a spellbook and end phase search priestess and secrets with a chain set. He summons a Thunder King and swings and I decide not to chain because I can get a successful priestess drop here. I do, he bth's and I wisdom and proceed to kill his other backrow and power of tking to search for secrets and win the game from there.   G3: He opens nat beast with kageki and kagemusha but I have the c again. I set double dust and double chain pass. He blind msts my fucking chain and puts out a kizan and kagemusha so I flip chain on the beast before the barkion comes out but he as a second typhoon. If only he hit my dust instead of chain so from there I lose as I have no outs other than priestess but I dont see it and the game is over     5-2 to finish day 1 I need to win out and even then, I still might miss. We head back to the hotel and I get to bed while a few others smoke up.   Day 2 begins and to start Kye is x-2, jackson x-1 adrian x-1 Sam x-1 Matt x-2 and Rockman x-2 and anchong dropped.   I can't remember what my round 8 opp was playing but I win this round   6-2   R9: Harpies   G1: Lose the die roll but he opens channeller + harpie and I just maxx "c" him and basically win next turn   G2: I open pretty well and he opens utter trash, take the game after a few turns of grinding   7-2   R10: Hieratics (Yaowei)   G1: I open justice, 2 priestess, x playable spellbook, typhoon and tower. I summon justice and play the spellbook, set typhoon and add secrets and priestess. Here, my hand is really bad and I know he's playing hieratics so I just hope he can't combo off and hope I rib a spellbook. He summons CCD and sets a reckless but I just end phase typhoon and draw for turn and it's... ETERNITY. I have never been happier to draw you in my life. I reveal my hand and he's just in disbelief.   G2: He opens a brick hand (2 Drain, 2 Su, 2 Wingbeat I believe from his report) and I open very well again and take it, he really couldn't do much and it sucks that you had to lose in such a way :\   So I won out, but was still unsure if I could make it because of my losses. The standings come out and one of my mates yells "You made it Gareth" and I rush over to check myself and am pretty damn happy to say the least. It felt really good to top the first YCS in Australia and hope there's many to come   Top 32: Fire Fist (Jimmy Lam)   G1: I open pretty well and drop a priestess by turn 2 to which he doesn't have an answer for   G2: He plays very well here and I fuck up a bit and he takes this game through dragons and wolfbarks   G3: he has a brick hand and I open pretty well again and grind through till I get the game   Top 16: Spellbooks (Josh Duce) Here we both get a gameloss; him for having curved as fuck breakers and me for pulling an Urthor and fucking up my decklist. We get things sorted out and play a game pre-side to determine the victor. I play magician but he has the one veiler in his deck for it, I end with a fate for 2, tower and a bth down. He drops a priestess and reveals wisdom so I fate banish 2 and he tanks for a but before wisdoming his priestess so I just bth it and flip my blueboy down and get so far ahead right there. I draw into a chain and sit on that. The gamestate gets simplified as I chain his magicians and he chains mine. I make some xyz and kill his magicians before ending with a hand of double priestess and 3 justice.   Top 8: FF (Chris Welsh)   We wait like 30 mins before we can start our top 8 matches as they deck check everyone, him and I talk and he seems like a really chill dude.   I can't really remember much but he wins game 1, I win game 2 then he wins game 2 and thats that.   I ran pretty deep and it felt good, it rekindled my drive to play yugioh and sold  the xbox for 150 straight away as I didnt want to carry it around for the rest of the event. Big shoutout to the boys Adrian (came top 4 with the same list), jackson, Marcus Rokman, Kye, Anchong, Sam, Ryan for making the trip an amazing experience and one of the best ones, but hopefully not the last.       Props:   Making top 8 and winning the top cut mat Adrian making top 4 with the exact same list 6 Melbournians topping the event Getting a better room after breaking down the door Being there when Bodan announced his love for Fire Fists This >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDlMrvfDCxg   Slops:   Jackson bubbling and Rokman just missing Roaches in our room Breaking the hotel door off the hinges Not realizing I can buy a return ticket for the trains until day 3 of the trip (FUCK MY FUCK MY~) Winning an Xbox 360 and not the One   Hope you enjoyed the report, pls dont ban me Konamo~   Some bonuses:   [spoiler]                                 [/spoiler]
  13. YCS aus, brick city

      I'm sorry :(