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  1. YCS Sydney, NSW. 13th-14th of December 2014

    gonna sneak LSD in your jocks for the plane ride again bruh? #avalonairport
  2. ARCS Vegas 1st Place Report

    Didn't mean to neg if I did. Shitberry. Super good job dude.
  3. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. I fucking remember that. Shirt off, munted - *bodan walks in* - "Don't look at my fucking spellbook deck!" Brb top4
  4. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

    Double post cause aut1sM~~
  5. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

    Yeah. Look. You can tl;dr and not read the report but there's legitimate match content rather than 'he's playing x deck, hence the win without contextual explanation'. The moral of the story is that shorts and singles are the only way to go at premier events unless it's below 20 Celsius. Fuck having sweat patches.
  6. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

    So he actually got punched? Holy fuck hahaha. My boy Stern. But rly, trading blows over YGO is next level fuckery. Did you see me get douggied on by the judge? Fua
  7. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

      Yeah man I appreciate it you commenting here with quite some humility. My report obviously intended no malice, it was just an odd interaction over swiss and our top 4 match. In game 3 I had to Cresent and then Master the Cresent - AKA I didn't open too well, haha! But yes I did draw the old MST which is at 3 :P. And I wouldn't call the Cresent judge call a 'burst out', I simply reminded you of the card mechanic and then joked how there mustn't be much Spellbook in the OCG, implied by your lack of knowledge.   But it is okay dude - as you say, the tournament is well and truly over, and you emerged as champion. In fact, I'm extremely happy that you're champion, but I'm always going to be the kind of player that is brutally honest about my interactions with others, hence my slight unhappiness with Boyajian, etc. Maybe I should be more sensitive when my opponents don't understand their rulings, but you my friend have quite a reputation, so I could only assume you understand commonly played cards.    But it's really no big deal dude! I remember being so happy when you won, and it was nice to give you another hug upon winning the entire tournament. You're a great guy, a pioneer of the game and I can only hope we meet again one day (in top cut, where I beat you :P).
  8. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

      Yeah, the overwhelming irony of her day 2 game loss for the exact same 2 cards was literally upsetting. Sure, there was a secondary agenda in trying to secure a game win, but that was simply due to the illegality of her cards! They were literally the shape of a fucking rainbow. Not saying that she cheated, but they are significantly easier to draw. Anywho, thanks for the kinds words :). You were obviously present at the event, how did you place?
  9. YCS Sydney 2014 [4th Place]

    Anywho, apologies for the many errors that I'm sure you guys will inevitably find in the report - I refuse to proof-read it haha. 
  10. Alright boys, prepare yourselves for one lengthy and potentially arduous tournament report. The whole 'trip' starts on the Wednesday when my girlfriend chalks an hour-long drive to Avalon airport with Matt Themlecoolckoelcko and Key Borker. The most distinct memory of this drive was the resounding smell of shit when passing “Werribee” - incidentally, this is Jackson Spadaro's home town (getwrecktkid). Anywho, we arrive at this airport that has like 4 people in it and rendezvous with Sam Kershaw (the living brick), Gareth Murphy (my boy), Jackson Spadaro and Chonga.   After the Jetstar auto check-in machine bricks harder than Ruben Prakash in a job interview, we eventually head into security screening. For reasons unapparent to me which should not be shared on such a public forum, Anchong was scanned for 'suspicious materials' about four times before making through security. To make matters worse, as we board the plane, we ask Anchong why his metal briefcase (lol) was scanned so adamantly...in response he practically yells “It's just a decoy man”, leaving our fellow passengers and airport staff in relative disarray.   We eventually land in Sydney and make our way to the brick that is named Lidcombe (AKA roach city) and wait patiently to check into our hotel. Again, while in the lobby and presence of the owner, Anchong drops more comments about how much he managed to “swindle” security staff at the airport, all whilst in presence of the owner. Following this, naturally, Themelco (the guy who paid for the hotel) was given a stern talk about the possession and use of narcotics, and the legal repercussions of breaching the rental agreement etc etc etc (cbf being a lawyer when @ ygo events). After putting all our belongings in this god-awful room we head across the road at about 10am. By 11am I am on my knees on the grass in a cold sweat, again, for reasons 'unknown' to me; it was the start of a great trip. I stumble back to the hotel room, avoid the inevitable munt and brave the autism for a good 45 minutes and manage to catch some form of sleep. We head to the card store where I'm still in a relatively incoherent state and sit there watching jono and x play games, and when someone asked why the fuck I was so spaced out I'd just drop the “what a hed”. Eventually, I just brick being in a card store on the first holiday I've had in like 9 months, and am rescued by a non-yugi Sydney friend with a car and got to some shady pools in Lidcombe and eventually recovered.   A maccas run (my gains ruined) and another nap later (I was seriously doneee) and it was time for dinner. Another mate was like “come to my hotel, pub-style dinner etc”, so Gareth, Chonga, Thomelckokco and I walk 45 minutes and were still 1km short, bricking it at Hungry Jacks were Chonga, Ryan, Gareth and myself 'ensured' a perfect night for ourselves ;). Anyway, I'm being too precise on details so I shall speed this up. We eventually get back to our hotel and see Bodan/Hanson there with the Adelaide boys (Prins and co.) who were all starting to get pretty blind. In my now completely retarded state I begin to laugh at Hanson's head, again, for no apparent reason and am asked nicely to go clubbing with the BiG_bOy Bods/Hanson and Themlecoloclo. We catch a cab to a club called HotDamn and in our state this was the best attempt at a selfie (yes that's my arm).     For the awkward club that it was, I had a wonderful time (I WuNdeR Why), and out-danced all those gabbering lads that legit get away with wearing bandanas and bumbags to Sydney's night life. It's all a bit hazy but the finer details best not be published on such a public forum. We get a call at about 2:45am from Kye saying “Anchong broke the fucking hotel room door dude, you needa come back ASAP”. We're just like 'oh', GG bond and GG having somewhere to sleep for 3 more nights. We eventually cab it back to the hotel to discover Anchong thought the door was a BAGEL, and it was ripped clean off the hinges. Kye, Mot and myself cross the road and discuss a gameplan, ripping out the ole' legality of the situation and how we're gonna play our cards (lol geddit?).   Anyway, after composing ourselves I check my phone and it's literally 4:20am – I proceed to show Kye but he's not impressed. THEN, a fucking goldmine and one-outter appears --- A COCK ROACH crawled out of our air conditioning vent – Anchong snaps a photo and we all proceed to freak-out in our collective state of autism, with Kye stepping up and laying a beating on the roach. Fast forward to 6:18 in the park across from the hotel and Bodan is in a BAD way, muttering “i love fire fist” as he falls asleep (I shit you not this is true). We call the assistant and explain how the door is a trip hazard “lEl” and quietly snuck in the comment about roaches. He looked at the door for about 3 seconds and said “I'LL HAVE TO CALL MY MANAGUR” who was due at 8am. At this point it's 6:50am and we haven't slept (what a cruel tr1p). Kye and I attempt to play Propho vs Hieratic but we're both derping so hard that we just give it up and do nothing for 20 ball. The managur is summoned and is completely cool, in fact, upon news of cockroaches he swings u the old compensation; “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, SORRY, BUT HAVE THIS CAN OF MORTEIN”. Thanks bro, didn't help at all. But we did get a slightly better room cause Anchong decided to eat the bagel.   A NY W A Y, the Friday was relatively uneventful, and in a panic I picked up seals and jogged 2ks in thongs to my mate Ryan Nelson who had Hieratic cards and built the deck – I missed pre-reg cause I was still pre-sure Hieratic wasn't quite up to scratch so we went back and tested, being joined by Rokman and Chester (what a G). Anywho, I test about 4 games against prophecy, conclude the deck/build is Garbo and proceed to get more destroyed. Rokman decides it's a good idea to test X-Saber and soon realises the dream is short lived. Fast forward to 12:55am and Spadaro+Rokman and I are agonizing over whether to play a pair of Mirror Force or Maxx “C”. We conclude that C advanced the objective of our deck and is helpful vs Hieratic and the likes. 5 hours sleep later we all maxi-taxi it to the venue and immediately regret not preregistering. After a decent wait I submit my decklist and wait a solid 2 hours before anything of relevance occurs, just drawing test hands like a sped and laughing every time I saw Priestess/Justice and 3 books (happened more than it should). Now, this is where Konami deserves credit because the venue and facilities COMFORTABLY seated 821 competitors, and it was probably the best venue I'll ever play a competition at. The introductions are done, the eventual pairings are up and for what's probably the shortest part of the tournament report, here is my YCS Sydney experience.   Round 1 vs Gravekeepers (2-0)   So round 1 supposedly 'begins', and I begin to assert dominance with priestess and tower – nek minnit judge walks in yelling “THE ROUND HAS NOT STARTED”. Oh.   Game 1: I drop 3 books from hand for Priestess and luckily have the wisdom tucked away that wasn't revealed for a Bottomless. With my priestess free I banish a cresent from hand to smash through his other backrow, Secrets → Blueboy → Master → Power → Smash over GK Guard (lol) and search tower (Fate already in hand). Of course, he Valley's over my tower and does a whole load of nothing else – Priestess was too strong.   Game 2: I open my hand of 2 books, Priestess and THREE dust tornado. I set 3, pass, he hits me for some irrelevant damage and I draw the third book (Power) for turn – welcome to YCS Sydney.     Round 2 vs Dsummon dude [the eventual winner] (2-1)   Game 1: I manage to win a diceroll and cresent (hitting master) with a secrets already in hand which allows me to have Tower and Fate turn 1, alongside the Fiendish Chain I had set and the all-too valuable Maxx “C” in hand. After his Burei was disrupted, I float justice and Power , drop the Priestess into a Chain and take control of the game – Essentially, Tower was never disrupted and I had enough resources to recycle Fate. When I eventually dropped my turn 1 Maxx “C” on Instant Fusion he conceded and we proceed to side.   Game 2: This was a matter of not drawing Maxx “C” in conjunction with the raw power of this dude's deck – I did draw my CyDra but this guy invented Karakuri OTK, so his board of Triple Bureido and friends was turned into Felgrand and essentially an unwinnable game-state for me.   Game 3: I opened Justice/Secrets and floated a priestess, relying on a set Fiendish Chain to not lose me the game as this was literally in the bag in the presence of Priestess – the turn 1 Justice search was a necessary evil. Luckily, he doesn't get close to OTKing me and summons the Karakuri Emmersblade and swings. Next turn I fall short of one book for Priestess (drew Maxx “C”) and floated one more justice, ABSOLUTELY ready to go but fearing the OTK. He goes for Burei which I Chain somehow successfully, and he goes to reborn Redox declaring attack position – fearing the Sack and potential OTK I am forced to C so he swings with Redox. Next turn I drop double priestess with a searched Wisdom and take out all backrow except one, and Power+Master over Burei + kill redox to finally get the tower I needed in conjunction with fate. He randomly has outs my board (Dark Hole I believe?) but is really burnt. He passes to me and I draw Justice and furthermore MST off tower. The game-state is his unknown T-set to my Fate, Justice, Eternity and SB of Life. I summon Justice in hopes of baiting backrow (error), activate Life and get Gozen Match'ed (lol), so I simply mull over my GY (He's on 2300), see a Power, snap the Fate for 3 on the Emmersblade, Eternity for Power on Justice and swing for a hard-fought game. He eventually came back to haunt me...     Round 3 vs Fire King (2-1)   Game 1: He drops an onslaught while shuffling which actually alters my turn – usually, with backrow, I sometimes like to drop Priestess going first to apply some pressure if I'm confident it won't die – instead, I float a justice on its lonesome opting against Fate/Tower because his turn 1 plays with Fire King are relatively limited. He drops Barong sets 2 and I need to get a move on – I Blueboy Power with my in-hand Wisdom and drop Priestess into BTH which I save, Power, and get the ball rolling with Fate. He Onslaughts, enters BP, I Fate for 3, he uses the Quickplay Spell for Barong so I banish a facedown Mirror Force and he gets the successful board nuke. I hit back with the second Priestess and Master'd Power to swing over Barong and regain control – he's very low on cards at this point and loses to backrow.   Game 2: He manages to resolve Onslaught + Barong and I didn't have the tools to maintain Priestess or remove barong – Blaster + Drain on his behalf really assisted him to a relatively easy win.   Game 3: We go into time and I see my hand of 2 Fiendish, a Blueboy, Priestess, Cresent and I think Secrets – I end with a loaded Fate, Tower and 2 Fiendish. He summons a dead Wolfbark and swings Magician – I chain. Mp2 he sets a lot of backrow and ends. I rip into 3 books due to tower, drop Priestess, attempt to pop and he activates Skill Drain. I swing over Bark and hit directly with Blueboy. He Onslaughts, I Fate for 3, he has the quick play spell (everytyme), and I figure I just win the game cause of his Skill Drain – so I banish a set Dark Hole of his. Again, Fiendish puts in work and I sneak through in time – he sided so heavily it disrupted much of his momentum. 12 cards vs me including dead DNA Surgery and Drains with hurt him way more than me. Figures.     Round 4 vs Fire King (2-0)   Game 1: You ever sit across from an opponent and just know he's bad? This kinda happened to me this round. He summons Barong sets 1 – the floodgates are open. I MST the backrow, summon Justice, Power, search and EP making his onslaught dead and having so many YGO cards that he literally scoops.   Game 2: This is literally the same ordeal – I had access to Power (I drew it this time) and Justice in light of a Dust Tornado. A quick game's a good game, right?   Peeping over next to me at this point I see Bodan has literally brought another player to tears by sharking him on the amount of cards in his side (it was a legitimate error on the decklist) and THEN had the audacity to comfort him saying “it's alright dude” - maaaan that's cold, but yeah I guess.     Round 5 vs Constellar (2-0)   Game 1: The details of this one are sketchy but it involved this guy not being able to stop Priestess nor Justice. When he summoned Pollux → Kaus, I had Chain for when he leveled one his monsters up and he simply crumbled to Priestess.   Game 2: I open Priestess, Priestess, Wisdom, Power, MST. He turn 1 summoned the CED on wheels and set 2 – I draw a Dust Tornado. I set 2 and pass and he summons a Kaus – I take 4300 damage and he passes back to me after setting one more – If I don't draw a book we're headed straight for game 3. With a stroke of gorgeous luck, I rip a tower , smash a Warning and Emptiness with MST+Dust, Summon 2 Priestess into Wisdom and win out – sorry dude.     Round 6 vs Water (2-1)   Game 1: She didn't know what any of my cards did – Fate, Cresent, Secrets, Blueboy – she genuinely didn't know. This was advantageous to me as she didn't make the most optimal plays and crumbled to Fate, though, it was a tough grind which I don't remember a great deal about. All I know is that Justice resolve (hence the win huehue).   Game 2: So these two bendy as fuck Teus' that I noticed from game 1 were dropped on me again – I call a judge, long story short I get a warning for fishing for a win and get savaged by an incorrect Draco play.   Game 3: I drop a turn 1 Priestess with Blueboy into Fate + Tower. When she summoned infantry + infantry into Kappa I knew that was all she wrote. Not sure how we can be sitting at Table 4 in YCS Sydney without knowing what Cresent + Secrets and others can do. I fate the Kappa, had the in-hand Eternity (my hand was literally the stones) and I eventually win. After the head-judge wouldn't lift my warning, the same girl got a game-loss the next day for the exact same two cards that I nearly got DQ'd for. Figures.     Round 7 vs Water [Roger Hatake] (1-2)   Game 1: He wins roll and had a warning for my Blueboy and BTH for my Priestess – Limited trap cards win games. I lose to a Linde beating me down alongside Tidal.   Game 2: I genuinely can't remember, sorry guys, it involved HP though.   Game 3: Going second, of course, Solemn Warning chimes in on my Blueboy. We get to a grindy situation where I essentially lose if he tops a Water monster that can be summoned – he gets there with Aqua Spirit. Oh well, that's YGO, I was more on tilt for my “Warning” last round.   The only problem I had with this match besides Solemn Warning was his overly formal approach which made him seem a bit dicky – he insisted on counting my side when I pulled it out of the deck box and so forth. Don't know how you Americans do it, but over here it isn't that common an occurrence. Nice enough guy though, had a chat on FB post-event and he came top 16 with Water which was pretty cool. Ggs dude :).   So I'm x-1 end of Day 1 and know I need to win 2 out of 3 for the top tomorrow – I'm starting to doubt myself quite a bit and am on extreme tilt from my warning and the following Warning flipped on me game 1 and 3 (xdDDd). Kye and Spadaro tell me to harden up, remind me that I've been playing good YGO for a long time and that this is no stressful ordeal. I calm, get another ¾ hours sleep and head to day 2.     Round 8 vs Hieratic Ruler [Yaoweii Zhang] (1-2)   Game 1: Essentially, I float a Justice turn 1 and power over an on-board Hieratic monster cause I derped and MST'd his one backrow (didn't know what he was playing). I search, EP search, and pray I don't get OTK – and that's just what happened. His board ends in an easy OTK but he forgets to overlay for Gaia, leaves me on 1200, and loses to double Priestess.   Game 2: I can't remember much but again, I get douggied on my that deck which is just beyond scary.   Game 3: Eventually we grind to point whereby I need to life for a Blueboy in addition to my Magician on field – Double Tribute for Priestess, remove Fate to nuke card x and Eternity the Fate – I was feeling good as I had Fiendish too. Now I just get savageddddd. He draws, summons Blaster which I fate, sets skill drain. I try to pop, he Drains, I end. He draws MST, passes – I swing (Drawn 2 dead cresents at this point). He draws, MST's my chain, Shrine's for Tidal with drain on board and wins out in time. Upon reflection, I should have set all my dead Cresents regardless of potential Priestess draws in the hope he left my Fiendish. But oh well.   The guy was genuinely nice and unfortunately bricked from there out going 7-3 which is a shame – gotta sink those OTKs buddy.     Round 9 vs Blackwing [Kai-John Ngu] (2-1)   Game 1: Eseentially, Kai is a huge mate and this was on lock. I won roll, knew he was playing B/W so dropped Priestess turn 1, had a Fate loaded for 3 due to Cresent and Eternity in hand.   Game 2: We didn't bother siding for whatever reason – Kai douggies on me with icarus attack and Spirit Reapear (lol).   Game 3: Again, Priestess turn 1 with BTH and Fate – Whirlwind didn't resolve once. ONE match to go until I make top-cut. It wasn't nerves as such plaguing me before this match but more stress because the way my deck was built and how I was playing, it was going to take a miracle to not let me top this one.     Round 10 vs Constellar (2-0)   How do I even get gifted such a match-up on the bubble? Absolutely gorgeous.   Game 1: Again, the details are super super faded but I definitely know Priestess was involved in this guy's demolition.   Game 2: I resolve Justice and have access to double Priestess under Wisdom – now, I'm convinced he has Honest alongside his CED on wheels and Omega. I summon both – pop both of the monsters and make Heirophant to Nuke a Dark Hole, face-up Tenki and FD Mirror Force. The relevance. I also had Blueboy this turn to have a fate play setup. I was so so low on LP too and he managed to top a Sombres – he makes Omega under the knowledge of my Fate, gets excited, and exclaims he has game. I fate for 2, ask for response, he activates Omega and I BoM my Blueboy, searching Eternity. I'm still convinced he has honest in hand so I Heirophant and nuke one more backrow card , Eternity → Secrets → Life banishing Priestess for Priestess – Swing and set my Rivalry. Behold, he tops another Sombre, this time I had the eternity, and his in-card hand thankfully wasn't honest. What a beautiful feeling – topping the first YCS my country has ever held.   I eventually discover I'm 16th after swiss and Kye reminds meof his belief that this was “my event” which he'd told me multiple times leading up to the YCS. I congratulate my fellow Melbournians Dom Italiano, Ryan Nelson, Gareth Murphy, David Daritan and Damian Preston who all topped beside me. After a lot of lapsed time top 32 starts and I know I'm versing fellow Melbournian and Machina Geargia Player Dominic Italiano.     Top 32 vs Machina Geargia [Dominic Italiano] (2-0)   Game 1: He wins the roll, T-Sets, I drop Priestess and targeted the Armor, he Fiendish Chains, I Wisdom, I summon Justice, set my own Fiendish. Search Secrets + HP and took control of the game with relative ease. Besides a Gearframe which netted him a useless Fortress, the fight back was impossible for poor old Dom, and he unfortunately wasted a 2nd Fiendish on a Justice which put him further behind. Lucky for me he just saw no Geargiagear this game.   Game 2: He opens Gearframe, searches fortress, sets 0 backrow. I'm just thinking O_O. I open Justice and I somehow get over Gearframe – Power seems like the only plausible answer as to how I outted the frame without Power but alas, I am genuinely unsure. I set Fiendish Chain and pass after searching. Anywho, he summons Arsenal, tributes for Armor, and drops 3 Accelerator, looping X's and making a Maestroke to deal exact game +100. I look at my in-hand CyDra, his huge board, my FD Fiendish and just know how bad this kid's gonna feel next turn. I block the OTK by Fiendishing Maestroke, drop CyDra, Chimeratech for infinite and that's all she wrote – GG Dom. Sorry you kinda bricked, but thanks for being so chill in top-cut.     Top 16 vs Hieratic Rulers [Robert Boyajian] (2-1)   Game 1: Essentially, I float a turn 1 Justice and leave myself vulnerable to an OTK, and guess what happens? He OTKs me through BoM having drawn 3 or 4 Hieratics. Standard doe, I thought Book could have stalled but all G. I compose myself and reach for the side.   Game 2: The details are again hazy but apparently I played this one 'badly' (lolno). Essentially, my opening is Justice, Justice, Secrets, Priestess, Blueboy, and Fiendish. Based on the probability of Priestess not being live and in the context of such an aggressive deck I opt for Blueboy in order for a loaded Fate alongside Chain to grind this one out. I am forced to Fiendish a BRD, he summons tempest – swings; I Fate it away for 3. He MP2 summons Blaster and I have BTH for it – I cut off two colours and his Hieratic combos were burnt. My hand was still vulnerable as fuck, and again, I opt not to Justice based on drawing secrets and the context of my hand – instead, I leave them as walls as he's drawing thin and I need to finish the game ASAP. The end board is Blueboy and 3 Justice attacking for game. Apparently I “Forgot to justice” and furthermore “Justice'd 2 turns later”. Yeah bro, that's what I had 3 swinging for game simultaneously.   Game 3: The big one. I'm really not nervous in this top cut, at this guy's presence is in no-way intimidating; there are players in this country that can play at that standard and I rose to the occasion I guess. Essentially, we fell into an awkward game-state whereby Drain was active and I two-turns straight activated Wisdom to turn off drain and pop unknown back row, hitting for small damage eventually getting him down to 2300. Eventually, we are in a game-state whereby he has a face-up Tempest, Drain, Fiendish on my Priestess + a Shining Elf and I have Priestess + Cresent + MST in hand with no books in grave (resources = BuRnT). I double tribute my Elf and Priestess for Priestess, Banish Cresent from hand to destroy Tempest (can't use Cresent due to MST) and swing for game. Apparently he was salty as and called me bad on multiple occasions – sure buddy, take whatever consolation you will from this loss, was still a pleasure to play you.     Top 8 vs Geargia Karakuri OTK [Liam Fardell] (2-1)   Before I link to the feature in laziness – I just want to thank Liam and Scott Miller; my feature match experience was SO much fun, you guys were both so chill and it was an absolute pleasure. Before the match I knew I was versing Geargia, so I discretely showed Bodan + the entire rail the bottom of my side deck (CyDra), and the 2 Chimeratech in my extra deck. After much Zyzzing, laughter, tricep tensing and trolling, the game begins.   Read here bruhs;   https://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/top-8-feature-match-adrian-cilmi-vs-liam-fardell/   A few fine details missed – the game where he has zenmaines and I fated a Mirror Force – it's because he used CED on my Magician in response to Fate claiming it fizzled (eek). That won me the game 2. Game 3 it felt pretty good showing the rail my 3 books and 2 Priestess in hand when going for inevitable game. Again, an absolute pleasure. Thank you again Scott + Liam for a wonderful experience.     Top 4 vs Dsummon guy [Da_Champ] (1-2)   Welp, he came back to haunt me and I'm over writing this tournament report – so I'm just gonna say it as it is.   Game 1: I lost the roll, opened BTH + Chain but no C, and he douggied ALL over me – end board; Buredio, Felgrand, Draco, and relevant backrow. Dead.   Game 2: I resolve a turn 1 Justice, managed to see a CyDra and a purple card, and we were in a situation whereby my maintenance of tower netted me 4 cards over my opponent. He turned quite sour in this match and stated that Tower should be banned, alongside stating how well I drew. In fact, if you go to the Singapore YGO page thing he has a picture of me when he lost in Swiss complaining that I drew “multiple Cresent” - wOw. I take this due to a loaded Chimeratech and well-timed Priestess drop.   Game 3: He turns into Mr. Nice Guy again, asks if I has Maxx “C' and produced the following fucking board; Felgrand, Buredio, Naturia Beast, 3 Backrow + BOOK OF MOON. I drop Priestess, he Books it → Wisdom? Beast mang. GG I lose the YCS to losing a dice-roll. But you know what? I wasn't salty, I literally turned to him, shook his hand, gave him a bro-hug and told him to take the event. No bi-polar YGO from me, fuck that.   Nice enough guy but the whining in swiss and Top when he decimated me with what has to be the best possible combination of cards is just audacious...Congrats again though dude, an absolute pleasure meeting you, talking with you, dueling you and eventually losing to the craziness that is your deck!   Top ¾ Playoff for Giant Hand vs Fire Fist [Jono Ritzau] 0-2   Game 1: I was on tilt from losing top 4, I lost all care. Essentially, he has Warning for Blueboy, I have another next turn, Fate up and whatnot. He summons Gorilla, swings, and I state “surely you don't play Lance”. Against every fibre of my body I Fate for 3 like a sped – he chimes in with Lance – GG.   Game 2: My deck actually finally bricked – gave me a shit hand. I eventually draw Secrets and he chimes in with Mistake. GG dude, you definitely deserved the win against me and the whole event in my honest opinion. Nice bloke.   That's that – YCS over and a 4th place finish. Could have done better but the match vs Dsummon was beyond my control; I can live with that.   We have a celebratory dinner with Chester, Rokman, Kye, Mot, Sam, Anchong, Ferraro, Gareth, Spadaro and myself, and I must say, $60 of ribs had never tasted so good in spite of such a vicious ass tearing. We decide against hitting the Kings X due to an early flight and catch a few hours, manage to somehow get home and that is my YCS Sydney in a nutshell.   Oh yeah, the decklist. I won't bother justifying my choices or the deck itself here – there's a deck profile for that and an essay on Cordero's post of my list against some gronk who thought it was bad.     Also please have a look at the deck profile too if you want some form of justification on the build/card choices and some possible lols.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNaL2AEVr9Y&feature=youtu.be     Props:  Making top 4 Gareth making top 8 with my list My boy Damian Preston and Ryan Nelson topping Dominic Italiano pulling a big event out All the Melbourne boys for rallying behind me Zyzzing at HotDamn Watching Kristian Prins dance Meeting so many cool kids inc. Chester and co.   Slops: Not taking it home for team Melb Bipolar YGO Not staying in Syd longer Anchong eating doors Fearing cockroaches in my bed Solemn Warning Naturia Beast       Also, a huge shout out to my boys Key Borker and Marcus Rokman for the kind words of advice when I was doubting myself.    I    
  11. I don't understand the need for deck checking to occur behind 'closed doors' (AKA black curtains). If anything, this arouses suspicions in relation to judging staff intentions, the Corn issue being a primary example. Now, my opinion is relatively neutral; I find it hard to believe judges would intentionally facilitate a DQ-esque situation, nor do I believe Corn had the audacity to mark Blaster(s) given the context of his ban history. It seems most plausible an opponent marked these, though, this is hard to justify too, and the second deck check again arouses suspicion.   For transparency sake, and as previously mentioned in this thread, most of these accusations could be alleviated if deck checks were performed in viewable proximity to the players. This allows for a better understanding by the players as to the procedural mechanisms of deck checks, and alleviates suspicion that judges could tamper with decks. The only plausible explanation for deck checks occurring in secret is to deny potential viewing of an opponents deck, in which case protocol is obvious (players being deck checked remain seated and if are to move, obviously can't move within suspicious distance to the deck-checking location).   Transparency. 
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    True~ Welcome to DGz for what it's worth. Just use this site as a medium for giving shit to Kye.
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    Ray Ladiana? Who is~
  14. The other guys topped had pulled Gorz, Harpies Feather Duster, CED, Fiendish Chain, Raigeki and so on in literal unison. I was fortunate because I always had amazing early games with some huge beaters; some people couldn't get over the shit for an entire game. There were some extremely tough games whereby their TGU + leviathan plays were literally game winning for the most part.   But yeah, end phase COTH + Jinzo was actually relevant and won me a game, though, I played 31 because I made a mistake writing the deck list and had to play a card I wasn't intending to play, I David Low'd pretty badly~~   The regionals was pretty fun, but not to qualify for a constructed event -__- Go ask "Nelsown" how he pulled for the event, was fucking ridiculous.