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  1. Looking to get back into the game, just recently started back. DN: Dantew, Skype: dantewright1. If anyone has an opening let me know please. 
  2. Got redpyro 2-1 ggs. 
  3. Got trollin 2-1 ggs.
  4. Thanks for the add
  5. Let Fizz in and I'm back. 
  6. Sure. I'll get it posted.
  7. No Weenies Allowed

    Want to rematch vs us, 7 hearts de? We can post. 
  8. Are u all open for a war vs us, 7 hearts de? We can post. 
  9. Last Kings

    I beat Juhn 2-1 ggs and lost to that dude ^
  10. Aite cool. 
  11. Well we are open for 3 wars now but no one is challenging us or accepting the challenges i post so w/e. 
  12. Name on dgz is The Black Mamba, if u can edit that please. 
  13. Gj on finishing the war Audio.