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  1. I should warn you for that post and make it 7
  2. I'd say Spellbook of Jedgment is an exception as opposed to the rule. I don't expect Cards like that to exist continually. And yes they were, but the thing is that it only really matters vs super specifc Link decks that need to link in a certain order, in which case, a deck that can not function without using very specifc game positioning cards is almost very likely not a viable deck. Starter Deck is next month in Japan, OCg gets Code of the Duelist in April. April OCG sets are released in August~September for TCg, the structure decks are generally released in the summer. Usually June/July. So I imagine this won't matter until after the WCQ and while the starter deck will likely be before Worlds, I think the changes won't be legal for it.
  3. they don't count as extra deck monsters Ok, so you give your opp extra deck slots giving them free reign to use the extra deck to kill your nigga, and we're completely assuming that it's gonna have a broken effect, benefit in a relevant way from giving the opp extra deck slots, and also give you extra deck slots so you aren't just playing Protect the Castle beatdown? I mean I guess that's a theorectical possibility.
  4. shut the fuck up Markus Mark don't respond
  5. yo what's poppin tho @TheLittleIndian
  6. Markus' warn for threatening was justified, because that reference is not something easy to pick up on. It can easly be viewed as a threat. On the other hand, I think Mark might also have been quick to jump and get hostile, and Markus should not have responded
  7. And we're the teachers bitch, we'll look at your warns if we want to.
  8. This is no where near any level of a turn 1 game unless your deck is specifcally designed to take advantage of specific zones near the grave/field zone through a specific sequence of summons, and at that point your deck might actually just not be viable because you auto-lose a post sided game and potentially the dice roll. And only then are you fucked if there are no other Link monsters that fit your needs in the other EX zone I'm not even sure why they'd want to make a viable deck/card that takes advantage of a specific zone, stop being spooked
  9. why are you reading peoples mal messages?
  10. I think so, but regardless, it is now
  11. http://www.gamingilluminaughty.com/the-nba-and-take-two-interactive-software-to-partner-on-nba-2k-esports-league/ http://www.nba.com/article/2017/02/09/nba-video-game-company-launch-new-gaming-league-2018 I'll take "Things you didn't expect to read today" for 500, Alex
  12. shit I gotta look, but there's a lot of them, one piece has some pretty hype battles Pretty much anything from any part of Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure counts except Phantom Blood
  13. welcome bacc
  14. I haven't been able to verify my account yet, but there's another user named Satchmo apparently, and I want to clarify that it is NOT me