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  1. How to Start a Team

    The Seraphim Goat Format: - A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647 - !CCK / Kev#9880 - Jazz / Jazz [lemon emoji]#2704 - MattKolenda / MattK#7372 - TheAntiAntimetaAzn / G-sop#9202 - TRUMPOLOGIST / Wow Wink#4876 Current Format: - A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647 - Satchmo / Satchmo#5836 - Squiddy / noobMan93#5478 - themadgician / theMadgician#8686 - Traptrix Rafflesia / Melisandre[flower emoji]#4629 - wrinklywinkie / arvin#4366
  2. thx

    I'm torn because Bullet Club was a decent team But also, I feel like Bullet Club had a lot of the cancerous players in the community. Can we keep like half of y'all
  3. bobs burgers sucks

    I wish I saw this thread before reading Markus' staff application, I'd have put a stop to that train RIGHT QUICK
  4. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    While this may be true, I've failed in other ways. For one, my practical contributions to the site as of late have been very little and I've been neglecting most of my yugioh related duties due to things outside the site. I also was hesitant to fire Mark recently because I thought he was actually doing something, or at least would be willing to had I actually had the time to show him how to do shit. So I am partially responsible for keeping him on staff for some amount of time.
  5. Retiring effective immediately

    Why the fuck do scumbags drive away the valuable members of the community.
  6. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    There's currently a debate on if one of the ones we banned should be perma'd
  7. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    @rei how's that woadie?
  8. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    The terrifying thing is, I could've sworn Mark had a girlfriend around the time of warring but I can't find any confirmation on that so I might be misremembering. But holy shit if he did.
  9. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    I know someone on this forum is willling to pay 15$ to see this, come on team
  10. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Hi welcome. I see that one of your interests is sounding smart. At Duelistgroundz, it's important to keep a student mentality so that we can all learn from each other, and help you improve. I also see your other interests are Minecraft, Star Wars, Marvel and Batman, which is most people would call "normie" but we need more normies here because everyone else is watching avante garde television dramas and avante garde anime.
  11. It's one thing if you wanted to hire her for job diversity and all that, but considering you described her as "hot" I'm gonna assume that's not entirely the case. If recent events have taught us anything it's "don't mix business and pleasure". You're in a position of power over her, this thread comes across as concerning. Pick the ugly dude.
  12. I just wanna say this

    The legend returns
  13. hi

    Welcome to Duelistgroundz, remember to like all my posts, and in exchange I'll like all of yours. Spread love and positivity!