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  1. When are we gonna get a cat as DGz's OFFICIAL mascot?
  2. -1 million, literally, and it was done as a joke. That's why Waamu Apokalypsu or whatever exists, the guy JHub was well liked and played a Worm deck or Worm apocalypse or something. So he got his rep changed to that as a joke. But there are people with -1k+ out there in the past
  3. I checked my IP and it Matches Allens
  4. ye, Allen promoted me for really no reason, but I appreciate it
  5. ness00-Today at 8:15 PM @Satchmo I'm too lazy to log in. The use of calculators is to do math, not to keep track of lifepoints. Remember this game includes kids as the target audience. They are used to keep track of LP because it is impossible to get players to bring pen & paper to an event. Rei has the simpliest answer: You can do more complex math, but you might end up slowing down the match by doing so. For something like combinatory math, you might have a function that computes this faster than doing it by hand so it shouldn't slow down the match. You then enter a gray area of "no electronics allowed" vs. "this is my calculator (in my phone!), no step on snek" it boils down to the usual "depends on the judge" with a side of "yes but hurry up" this is one answer I got another was similar to Atem's in that "it depends on intent and your intent probably isn't to calculate how likely it is they have Solemn, it's to slowplay"
  6. that's not something you want to be friend
  7. The wiki would be the best place for that. Zoodiac is the new hot shit, but there's also Eidolon variants that are pretty effective.
  8. In general, Konami has a "no note taking" rule iirc, and this would probably fall under note taking. However, let me look into it a bit.
  9. lol I completely forgot I'll rename BOAV to "Battle of the Anime (x)" and you can just start posting things there, merging both subforums takes a bit of time since the only way I know how to do it is mass moving all the threads.
  10. hi muki!
  11. smh, Bohdan had to make it to top 4 to finally get a feature
  12. go jono
  13. Young Walt Disney