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  1. yea I forgot about this tbh I actually saw it smash wrinklywinkie, but that was one match which is annecdotal. On the contrary side with 1 joker/1 call/2 wisdom, I struggled vs Demise Draco, and the extra consistnecy I don't think solves that match-up. They can just straight up attack your scales and outgrind you that way. Regardless, I think it definitely needs to play Zoodiac cards too, so where ever you look, you're playing Zoodiac stuff.
  2. ok so I'll need to elaborate on this later, since I'm kinda drunk rn, but There's 3 main decks you can look at before June 12th (the next ban list)- Zoodiac, True King Dinosaur, True Draco Zoodiac is the best deck right now as has been said. I intended to post all the good draw combos, but realistically you're drawing an additional 4 to 6 cards on the first combo turn and ending with a defensive monster in the form of Zoodiac Drident. From there you can grind out and combo off later in the game while disrupting them with all those dank ass hand traps/real traps you drew. It's by far the most fuck deck unless you're some sort of anti-capitalist who doesn't enjoy extracting SURPLUS VALUE from by exploiting your deck. You also get to make use of QUICKPLAY AXE OF DISPAIR True King Dinosaur is a hard combo deck, rel;iant on drawing a 2 card combo (1/9 + 1/12) and going off into some combination of Multiple Nat Beast, Laggia/Dolkka/Dweller/(other rank 4) and True King BIG ASS NIGGA True Draco is a deck that is similar to monach, it tribute summons at positive advantage and breaks boards. You utilize cards like Card of Demise to cycle multiple cards a turn. It also has a fusion of Towers + QUICKPLAY DARK ARMED DRAGON Post June 12th, it's basically the same. You can read about Zoodiac post-June and me shit talking Emeral as a degenerate card here. True King Dinosaur doesn't change, tbh the deck isn't actually good but you can probably brute force your way to victory by stealing games with it, you draw the nut 100% of games if you believe in yourself. the deck also struggles going second vs Zoodiac, but that gets less difficult after the June list because they're seeing significantly less resources in their opening hand. True Draco also gets better with Zoodiac seeing less cards. True Draco Zoodiac stays stactic. New Magician cards come out in like a month, I assume they're at least better than all the other rogue decks, but I haven't played enough to have conclusive decision on how good that deck actually is. If you can tell me the last set you remember coming out, I can give you a short list of the relevant shit that came out. This card is pretty notable though.
  3. Quick prefix- this has nothing to do with Zoodiac per-se, I'm just bitching about Emeral being literally degenerate, but:
  4. I'm not even playing in the main event, I'm just gonna play structure deck side events and sell all the dinosaur cards
  5. same
  6. you never forget ambient lo-fi
  7. you're a fucking clown for this mark (in a non-insulting way)
  8. yea that's greg
  9. doesn't matter what the format is, it's always Gladiator Beast format
  10. 2 of my friends who originally planned to stay with me no longer can, so my house is open to ac ouple people who need a place to crash that week. A small fee I'll prolly have to charge to help my parents out with the rent and other expenses, otherwise as long as you have no issue with dogs and weed anyone is welcome.
  11. beat Looped, he played Draco Zoodiac w/ Brilliant Fusion, I played Demise Draco Also- rei is goat only
  12. This is actually just distrubing
  13. lost to morphing jar, I played goat he played recruiter chaos
  14. whoa holy heck we've been getting reamed won vs loli, I played Kaiju zoo he played Draco Zoo