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[8:05:08 PM] Aaron Riker: "hey girl u know that dolphin pussy pull in the dick sup im aaron lmao"

[8:16:18 PM] Chacobos: I'm still being an edgy traplord farming so I can fund my expeditions to kill slimegirls in caves for ore

[3:10:18 PM] Arvin: Kyaaaaaaaaa! My fangirl levels are off the chart!

[3:58:44 PM] Edgar Mackenzie: IM A HOTDOG TRAPED INSIDE A MAN WHAT DO?

[11:29 PM] arvin: nah im pretty sure i would've ended up as a school shooter without you guys

[8:11:28 AM] Seth: stop impulse buying dog sweaters

[11:44:38 PM] Mike: fuck boys it's happening I'm falling in love with anime girls again

[11:44:38 PM] Mike: fuck boys it's happening I'm falling in love with anime girls again


[2:35:08 PM] Mike: I wish Atem was my dad sometimes

[6:28:57 PM] Arvin: mfw a story about a guy who gets life in prison because he became a drug lord is what inspires me to want to change myself

[7:57:07 PM] Ben | The Protagonist: and I kild the chat again
[7:57:09 PM] Ben | The Protagonist: MAGIC
[7:58:57 PM] Satchmo Catlin: try that magic trick on yourself

arvin [1:16 AM]
why am i watching yugioh arc v
mike [1:16 AM]

Because you don't think Suicide is a viable solution to your problems

[8:36:26 PM] Arvin: time to look for some romance anime
[8:36:30 PM] Arvin: to fill in the void in my soul

[12:08:25 AM] Arvin: so sasuke just banged sakura and left??
[12:08:28 AM] Arvin: tbh id do that too not gonna lie

[9:08:20 PM] Arvin: my dad came into my room cuz he needed a pencil from me
[9:08:21 PM] Arvin: i was listening to an anime op
[9:08:28 PM] Arvin: he called me a faggot while laughing and then left

[5:41:03 PM] Arvin: dad just sent me a text\
[5:41:08 PM] Arvin: 'sneak out im bored and wanna go home
[5:41:13 PM | Edited 5:41:18 PM] Gucci Mane: don't open that shit at work

[7:16:17 PM] Mike: furries are subhuman but
[7:16:24 PM] Mike: I don't hate dogs

[1:01:09 AM] Arvin: everytime i watch a romance anime
[1:01:14 AM] Arvin: i ask myself what im doing with my life
[1:01:23 AM] Arvin: and then i sit in a corner and listen to edgy music

[4/9/2015 7:24:55 PM] Satchmo Catlin: Arv got me watching that fucking show
[4/9/2015 7:25:06 PM] Satchmo Catlin: First thing he says about it AT ALL
[4/9/2015 7:25:27 PM] Satchmo Catlin: "WTF, this guys ex just walked in on him fucking his sister"
[4/9/2015 7:25:41 PM] Satchmo Catlin: "Oh, I've got to see this shit"

[5:08:43 AM] Urthor: you listened
[5:08:49 AM] Urthor: to someoen from the phillipines
[5:08:51 AM] Urthor: about anything
[5:08:55 AM] Urthor: there's the misplay

[2:24:54 AM] Arvin: wtf my sister poured all of my aftershave on the fucking bathtub
[2:24:56 AM] Arvin: who does this???
[2:25:03 AM] Arvin: i don't even understand why
[2:25:14 AM] Satchmo Catlin: ask her
[2:26:43 AM] Arvin: she just called me a faggot

[6:09:04 PM] Denko: https://www.facebook.com/foggat/videos/469657843212096/
[6:10:43 PM] Satchmo Catlin: ok 30 seconds in, this is a john cena meme right?
[6:10:56 PM] Denko: hot dam
[6:11:11 PM] Mike: Everything is a John Cena meme
[6:11:23 PM] Mike: You ever see something that seems innocuous? it's a John Cena meme

[6:32:09 PM] Mike has renamed this conversation to "(●´ω`●) Let's Have An Ironic Ethnic Cleansing - Race War Now!!!(●´ω`●)"
[6:32:59 PM] Denko has renamed this conversation to "(●´ω`●) Let's Have An Unironic Ethnic Cleansing - Race War Now!!!(●´ω`●) "
[6:35:12 PM] Satchmo Catlin has renamed this conversation to "(●´ω`●) Let's Have A Postironic Ethnic Cleansing - Race War Now!!!

[3:17:32 AM] Satchmo Catlin: My dream now
[3:17:42 AM] Satchmo Catlin: is to go to a YCS with Greydoll
[3:17:49 AM] Satchmo Catlin: get a feature on stream
[3:17:59 AM | Edited 3:18:04 AM] Satchmo Catlin: wombo combo his ass
[3:18:13 AM] Satchmo Catlin: say "AYY LMAO" out loud
[3:18:23 AM] Satchmo Catlin: then do the schmoney dance

[8:02:34 PM] Satchmo Catlin: but justin bieber's dick is a big deal to a lot of people
[8:02:52 PM] Satchmo Catlin: especially since everyone expected him to have a little baby dick but he actually doesn't
[8:03:03 PM] Satchmo Catlin: that itself is newsworthy
[8:03:17 PM] Satchmo Catlin: JB doesn't have a little baby dick, what a time to be alive

[8:07:49 PM] Mike: But we're having a conversation about Justin Beibers dick
[8:08:25 PM] Satchmo Catlin: I mean if I were a celebrity, I'd want anonymous people talking about my dick in skype chats too
[8:08:52 PM] Mike: If you're reading this it's too late

[11:44:32 PM] Earl David Ratliff: I don't even get why satch thinks I'm destroying this guy
[11:44:40 PM] Earl David Ratliff: but if it makes him giggle like the schoolgirl he is
[11:44:41 PM] Earl David Ratliff: so be it

[3:57:56 PM] Denko: hey calm down
[3:57:59 PM | Edited 3:58:01 PM] Denko: that amv was good
[3:58:28 PM] Arvin: i haven't degenerated to the point of enjoying amv's yet
[3:58:33 PM] Arvin: im gonna drag myself out of this hole
[3:58:36 PM] Arvin: belike i used to be
[3:58:40 PM] Arvin: anime was a mistake
[3:58:42 PM] Arvin: just like me

[11:28:58 PM] Arvin: idk if ill be ever leaving the house again until college
[11:29:03 PM] Arvin: mom came home today
[11:29:08 PM] Arvin: and she started yelling at me for no reason
[11:29:23 PM] Arvin: and then she started trying to hit me
[11:29:29 PM] Arvin: so I told her she should strongly consider suicide
[11:29:52 PM] Arvin: my dad started laughing really hard after I said that
[11:30:10 PM] Arvin: and the only thing going through my mind was literally 'what the actual fuck did I just do'

[11:19:35 PM] Caleb Romeo: add alice to chat and make me admin so i can kick her
[11:19:40 PM] Arvin: fuck off
[11:19:42 PM] Arvin: we keep alice
[11:19:43 PM] Arvin: honorary member
[11:19:49 PM] Arvin: maybe ill be able to lose my internet virginity
[11:19:53 PM] Arvin: just like yukarin

[2:36:05 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: it was after the 18th of dec
[2:36:14 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: lemme check schedule
[2:36:18 PM] Arvin: ok gonna crash at ur place then
[2:36:18 PM] Arvin: thnx
[2:36:23 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: well
[2:36:27 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: you're free to do so kek
[2:36:46 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: Im not responsible for anything that happens to you tho : ^)
[2:37:09 PM] Arvin: my virginity is yours :^ )
[2:37:16 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: spicy
[2:37:18 PM] Denko: I can crashh at rauhlio's safely
[2:37:23 PM] Denko: no virginity for him to steal
[2:37:39 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: Ill take seconds np
[2:38:01 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: I dont need to be the first
[2:38:04 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: if you catch my drift
[2:38:15 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: oh nvm forgot that denko is white
[2:39:01 PM] Denko: :^^^^^^)
[2:39:02 PM] Denko: I'm safe
[2:39:08 PM] Denko: no curried anus for him to steal
[2:39:29 PM] Denko: his parents would never allow it anyway
[2:39:37 PM] Denko: A R R A N G E D M A R R I A G E B O Y S
[2:39:55 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: only raep indian grills, mother always said
[2:40:16 PM] Mike: And ur dad if it come to it
[2:40:27 PM] Rahul Mountaindew: wont deny
[2:41:03 PM] Mike: Brb, got a school to shoot up
[2:41:31 PM] Denko: nice


[11:52:15 PM] Satchmo Catlin: Despite rumors to the contrary, I did not just buy a crown at the costume palace and ask people to start calling me the King of Town. I earned my title the same way I earned a free combo meal; by purchasing one of equal or lesser value
[11:53:43 PM] Mike: I have no clue what that means
[11:54:01 PM] Arvin: you wouldnt
[11:54:03 PM] Arvin: filthy brit
[11:54:11 PM] Arvin: b u r g e r k i n g b o y z
[11:54:33 PM] Mike: We have Burger King here you fucking faggot
[11:54:37 PM] Arvin: oh
[11:54:41 PM] Arvin: i thought you guys
[11:54:43 PM] Mike: I just don't eat trash food
[11:54:44 PM] Arvin: were a 3rd world country
[11:54:45 PM] Arvin: forgot
[11:55:01 PM] Mike: Lmao have a nice life with that cardiovascular disease
[11:55:03 PM] Arvin: everything except America is 3rd world in the eyes of a real american

[3:11:04 PM] Arvin: y
[3:11:40 PM] Arvin: one time i saw a video
[3:11:56 PM] Mike: Ok let me ask you a question
[3:11:56 PM] Arvin: where a lady took 2 giant dicks in her ass at the same time
[3:12:06 PM] Mike: Do you think porn is representative of real life at all?
[3:12:12 PM] Arvin: yes
[3:12:17 PM] Arvin: 100%
[3:12:25 PM] Mike: Ok nigga
[3:12:25 PM] Arvin: why wouldnt it b
[3:12:33 PM] Mike: Do you think transformers are real?
[3:12:56 PM] Mike: Or actually
[3:13:01 PM] Mike: Do you think predator is real?
[3:13:23 PM] Arvin: yes

avianspud [5:50 PM]
Our problem is that we go to like 5 events a year between all of us
satchmo [5:51 PM]
well that and I do not practice technical play
avianspud [5:51 PM]
I mean same, none of us really do much except Arv + Dom and they play the most out of us
satchmo [5:52 PM]
I literally just never have money
as well
avianspud [5:52 PM]
no cards, no money, no motivation true ygo duelist
satchmo [5:52 PM]
arvin [5:53 PM]
shit i guess im not a true ygo dualyst
since i have daddy's money (edited)
avianspud [5:53 PM]
Triple M no Monsters no Money no Motivation
And yet somehow you still enjoy playing this shitty game
arvin [5:53 PM]
daddy's CUMMIES
ok time to slit my wrists
satchmo [5:53 PM]
MMG- no Money no Motivtion no Games
avianspud [5:53 PM]
arvin [5:54 PM]
hey at least you dont know what my dad looks like so you cant visualize that shit
avianspud [5:54 PM]
arvin [5:54 PM]
christ i want to die
oh right LOL
satchmo [5:54 PM]

yea man I just mentally blocked that post, but now that it's the focus of discussion my repressed suicidal urges are beginning to show themselves

arvin [5:05 AM]
go trump
mike [5:06 AM]
Lmao does he even know how BTFO he is going to get by China?
arvin [5:06 AM]
china flood the us
with our currency
fuck our economy
then we nuke them to hell
mike [5:06 AM]
China will lieterally ruin you
arvin [5:06 AM]
that would be funny
the solution
is to nuke them to hell
mike [5:06 AM]
China have nukes too lmao
arvin [5:07 AM]
its ok if we go first we win
win die roll
player priority

goes to turn player !!