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  1. For those players who do not already have a team but would like to be selected for one, there is where you go. Here teams can search out and make offers on various duelists who are single, lonely and looking to duel when they're not with one of their many sexual partners. Free Agents should include the following information: DuelistGroundz username: Discord Account Name: Formats (Goat/Current/Both): Expected level of activity: (Optional) Blurb: In the blurb, you can include anything potential teams might want to know about you, like you Credentials, Why you might be a good team member, Memes you may have created for a facebook page, etc. Likewise, you may leave it blank if you so choose. Ideally we will have you placed on a team within 72 hours once a season starts, but it may take a bit longer, so please be patient.
  2. Shit People Say In Discord

    We can pin shit no more, so I'm making a thread for it
  3. How to Start a Team

    The Seraphim Goat Format: - A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647 - !CCK / Kev#9880 - Jazz / Jazz [lemon emoji]#2704 - MattKolenda / MattK#7372 - TheAntiAntimetaAzn / G-sop#9202 - TRUMPOLOGIST / Wow Wink#4876 Current Format: - A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647 - Satchmo / Satchmo#5836 - Squiddy / noobMan93#5478 - themadgician / theMadgician#8686 - Traptrix Rafflesia / Melisandre[flower emoji]#4629 - wrinklywinkie / arvin#4366
  4. thx

    I'm torn because Bullet Club was a decent team But also, I feel like Bullet Club had a lot of the cancerous players in the community. Can we keep like half of y'all
  5. bobs burgers sucks

    I wish I saw this thread before reading Markus' staff application, I'd have put a stop to that train RIGHT QUICK
  6. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    While this may be true, I've failed in other ways. For one, my practical contributions to the site as of late have been very little and I've been neglecting most of my yugioh related duties due to things outside the site. I also was hesitant to fire Mark recently because I thought he was actually doing something, or at least would be willing to had I actually had the time to show him how to do shit. So I am partially responsible for keeping him on staff for some amount of time.
  7. Retiring effective immediately

    Why the fuck do scumbags drive away the valuable members of the community.
  8. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    There's currently a debate on if one of the ones we banned should be perma'd
  9. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    @rei how's that woadie?
  10. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    The terrifying thing is, I could've sworn Mark had a girlfriend around the time of warring but I can't find any confirmation on that so I might be misremembering. But holy shit if he did.
  11. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    I know someone on this forum is willling to pay 15$ to see this, come on team
  12. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Hi welcome. I see that one of your interests is sounding smart. At Duelistgroundz, it's important to keep a student mentality so that we can all learn from each other, and help you improve. I also see your other interests are Minecraft, Star Wars, Marvel and Batman, which is most people would call "normie" but we need more normies here because everyone else is watching avante garde television dramas and avante garde anime.
  13. It's one thing if you wanted to hire her for job diversity and all that, but considering you described her as "hot" I'm gonna assume that's not entirely the case. If recent events have taught us anything it's "don't mix business and pleasure". You're in a position of power over her, this thread comes across as concerning. Pick the ugly dude.
  14. I just wanna say this

    The legend returns
  15. hi

    Welcome to Duelistgroundz, remember to like all my posts, and in exchange I'll like all of yours. Spread love and positivity!
  16. There are 3 main factors contributing to this decision, things that have occured both here and on the Duelist Unite team warring discord thing. 1- Multiple Members are guilty of account sharing on Duelingbook. Because we could not bother Xteven to go through specific dates/games, we can only assume the absolute worst given the numerous accusations and the fact that he did confirm that 5 memebers, including their captain, Gift were guilty of logging into each others accounts. Near N even admitting to using each others accounts, and while he claimed they do not war on each other's account, that is something difficult to take at face value. 2- Intentionally DCing during siding to change decklists. While this is conjecture, repeated DCing during siding also sets off red flags, happening to both Bullet Club and Sexually Oppressed Slaves in the exac t same manner. (Near N was playing, DC'd during siding game 3 knowing he's going first, and sides a ton of floodgates/traps) 3- Abusing DB admin privileges. They have been accused of using their admin privileges to view deck lists of opposing teams on the Duelist Unite server. While That is not heating in relation to our own site, we do not tolerate cheating, and will not allow the risk of this abuse to occur he if it hasn't already. In addition to these 3 points, multiple other minor accusations have also come to light. Near N teams having been previously banned from DNF warring, bribery, sending spies to other teams, disruption of administration in other communities. So we have decided not to let them continue. @gift @Near N @Abnormal Dog @samoopusteno @ultra plant are all suspended from warring indefinitely, with possibility to return in the future. All members of LPG will be disbarred from making teams in the future All incomplete wars against LPG will end in no result. All completed matches that have already been reported to warbot will NOT be changed. Evidence My short conversaton with Near N As a closing note, I guess I need to specify "don't let other people log into accounts you play war matches on" EDIT: One of our consultants on the matter wished to remain anonymous, so his screenshots were editing top protec this name.
  17. PICTURED: rei and his coworker hacking into Konami's database, searching for the ban list
  18. TGA is a for profit business, they should've done this to begin with imo, to get a proper return on investment, or at least some type of ad revenue.
  19. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    Second event for the actual format
  20. Kolkata Street Pajeets ____________________________ »| 1 |»| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 »|Satchmo »|Satchmo »|Current Preference ____________________________ »| 2 |»| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 |»| 8 »|Digbick »|digbic »|Both ____________________________ »| 3 |»| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 |»| 8 |»| 9 »|wrinklywinkie »|My mom wont let me play ygo »|Both ____________________________ »| 4 |»| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 |»| 8 |»| 9 |»| 10 »|Kyou »|Aegisouls »|Current ____________________________ »| 5 |»| 6 |»| 7 |»| 8 |»| 9 |»| 10 |»| 11 »|berdversary »|3-D bird model »|Current ____________________________ »| 6 |»| 7 |»| 8 |»| 9 |»| 10 |»| 11 »| FVFRYTHFNG »| FVFRYTHFNG »| Current ____________________________ »| 7 |»| 8 |»| 9 |»| 10 |»| 11 »|Shining Blue-eyes »|Shining Blue-eyes »|Goat ____________________________ »| 8 |»| 9 |»| 10 |»| 11 »|NB96 »|Nick »|Goat ____________________________ »| 9 |»| 10 |»| 11 »|themadgician »|theMadgician »|Both ____________________________ »| 10 |»| 11 »|Markus »|Markus »|Goat ____________________________ »»War History
  21. Shit People Say In Discord

  22. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    If you guys enjoy this format, try arvn's actual deck from September 2009
  23. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    where the fuck am I @wrinklywinkie did you actually play this in 2010 Do I like move this to smash, I legitimately don't know what to do