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  1. suikoden 2 was the game of thrones of video games before anyone knew what game of thrones was the translation takes some work to get past but its awfulness becomes part of the game's charm also shit i just found out android has exit fate for free hell yeah
  2. i havent played the other persona games but the other characters' stories are pretty damn good and you can choose who you decide to spend time with/get to know better anyway just reinstalled trails in the sky because you guys got me itching
  3. its a very different game but it is right up there with persona 5 in terms of scope and attention to detail, only reason trails 1 isn't my favorite jrpg of all time is because persona 5 exists
  4. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    he replied on the first page, i think most of us figured he could see the posts at that point either way you are right
  5. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    thats what makes it so hard to deal with them, and why it goes as far as it does to begin with
  6. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    as long as people keep responding eventually, it just solidifies in their mind that this is an effective method to get attention also, another part of it is that abusers are often unable to deal with their own emotions so they have to externalize it somehow. these days it often comes in the form of text/call explosions, and the person will work themselves up into an emotional storm, realize what they did, then pull back in hopes of forgiveness - so that they can do it all over again
  7. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    that hit way too close to home so sorry you had to experience this bullshit
  8. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    mark, the first line of your post in this thread was a poor attempt at saving face. that tells me you dont actually care beyond how badly you are being hurt by the situation you have all the hallmarks of an emotional and psychological abuser, get some professional help for everyones sake and yeah completely agree with mmf, i say some weird things sometimes so if i have personally made anyone uncomfortable i would like to be thoroughly eviscerated for it
  9. Which one of these two people should I hire??

    lmao why were you asking ppl who dont know your store/location/customers/etc? op just wanting justification for a shitty decision he made before posting the thread "you guys woulda done this too right??"
  10. I am a legend

    good afternoon friend
  11. r.i.p. Carrie Fisher

    yeah, not sure how well recasting leia would go over with the fanbase. js.
  12. r.i.p. Carrie Fisher

    may the force be with her and after 2016, with us all
  13. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    this was my favorite star wars movie since the original trilogy dont get me wrong it had glaring flaws but the parts they got right were SO FUCKING GOOD
  14. I'm taking a break

    nate, i can't speak for anyone else but i don't hate you - when you aren't in one of your funks, you are a normal dude. the nice approach was taken a lot the times that you asked for advice, and didn't work, so i went a different way. maybe a break from dgz is what you need, maybe not, but i hope you find what you are looking for either way. just know that if we didn't give a shit we wouldn't have bothered with a genuine response