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  1. DDt

    Why the hell would you side Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror? lol
  2. Samurai Valley

    Maybe a double summon?
  3. Mex natz Winner Deck

    + = Any questions?
  4. Like 8 hours, from Bama.
  5. Glad 2 B Alive

    I like this deck, it's similar to the PC deck I've been playtesting with for nats. The only difference is I don't run Metamorphosis or saks, but Crushoot instead. Nice deck and nice job on getting + $80. :-]
  6. Place Your Bets

    Most likely to drop first: Idk, Levitin? Most likely to last the longest undefeated: Marc Glass Most likely to sack their way the farthest: Shon Long Most likely to start the most drama: Jeff Jones Most likely to t16(/8): J Baum Most likely to bubble: Nareg Most likely to win it all: T Most likely to have their Cyber Dragon mat stolen: Shon Long Most likely to lose to Austin Kulman: Emon Most likely to cheat: Nikitas Katsourakis
  7. United States Championship

    I'll be there.
  8. Favorite YuGiOh Moment

    SJC ATL was the craziest, Shon getting his Shrink Stolen and Yetter setting off fireworks... and I was like right there for both. Yetter and certain other people that will remain nameless set off the fireworks in the pool area like 15 feet away from me and my frind Josh while he was dueling some dude. After like a minute of fireworks, some drunk people from the Braves/Redsox game looked at us all funny and shit like we did it. We told 'em we didn't know what the fuck was goin' on and went back to the hotel room. Then, when Shon's Shrink got stolen... I was actually sitting the closest to it. But I didn't know it at the time though... seriously who sits a SJC prize card on a laptop like 3 feet to the left of our little circle we had? I didn't know it was there or I would have been more aware of it, although it wasn't even my responsibility. But, I did offer to hold it for him. Anyways... whoever got it was slick as hell, lawlz. And then SJC ATL 05, there was a leather convention at the hotel. I'm still scarred from the amounts of homosexuality I encountered. Once you get stuck in an elevator with 2 40+ year old guys in bondage with leashes on each other, you look at stuff differently. The lack of SJC ATL in 07 blows.
  9. Favorite YuGiOh Moment

    Oh god, I know what you mean. Every year we go to Dragon*Con in ATL we get bummed on like 20 times a day. We actually stay at the Sheraton too, where SJC ATL was. They're so bad too, they'll make up like fake ass stories claiming they're not really bums and they got a fine to pay cause of sexual harassment or some bs. At SJC Atlanta, whenever I would get bummed on, I just started asking the bums if they could break a $100 casue that was all I had. roffles
  10. O.o

    - 3 Trooper - 2 Machine Duplication - Widespread Ruin + 3 Sakaretsu / or +2 and another Shrink + 2 Snipe Hunters Trooper + Gadgets is ghey, drop the Dupes for more removal. Also, don't run 46 cards... run 45.
  11. Predictions for Nationals

    Explosion will t16. Also, Explosion >>> Demise.
  12. South America Championship

    Heyyy, good luck man. :]
  13. Columbus Top Eight Report

    hey, ready for a classic...? u mad?