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  1. Meth makes you a better gay lover. Duly noted.
  2. omgraaaah

    when did you guys wipe the thread history? so many memories GONE.    :paul:   ... cute.
  3. Seems like the only good reason to use Twitter nowadays is to get free shit and see who gets hacked.
  4. Pokemon X and Y

    I actually haven't touched the game for over a week lol. Was in the middle of breeding Togepis when I realized that I'm only breeding them because Togekiss would work well in a team of mine... not because I necessarily like it or intend to do any competitive battling.
  5. Pokemon X and Y

    So, I've kinda already lost interest in this game. Any news of events/updates?
  6. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    Why get Clawitzer to level 69? As  soon as mine evolved, just used Heartscale.
  7. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

  8. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    It's a trading glitch... requires 2 dses. you can literally clone pokes.
  9. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

      Yeah, you could... or use it for breeding because it's a 6IV that I cloned for you lol
  10. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    My bad, I just traded with Pengwan for Togepi so I'm good there, ty tho. I figure since I have a 6IV male shroomish I can just breed Togetics for Flying group as well.   I would like one of those Anticipation Eevees so I can make a proper Espeon.
  11. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    Looking for 5 or 6 IV male flying egg group. If you have a 6IV, I can clone and return to you. If you have any pokes you would like me to clone, that works too.   I have 6IV bug, field, grass, monster, dragon and fairy.   Also looking female Topegi/tic, any nature, any IVs.   And Anticipation Eevee, preferably female.
  12. Pokemon X and Y

    I just bought my little cousin the 2ds + Pokemon X bundle and have tried to clone for about half an hour. No luck.   EDIT: Nevermind! The timing is very precise. To all who are interested, I am now capable of Pokeclone until Xmas lol
  13. Pokemon X and Y

    i rather enjoy super training, it honestly takes about 20 mins to ev train, though to be honest, i buy the EV meds in Laverre city first.   I have 0 interest in knowing which hordes at which locations I need for each base stat. Easier IMO to just buy the vitamins for the preferred stats, then quickly run through level 3 super training. sure, buying vitamins can get costly, but i just make up all the money back when leveling pokes vs the Elite 4. just beat them over and over until you get your poke to the desired level.
  14. Pokemon X and Y

    OK so just wanted to make a few observations about typing advantages this Gen. Grass pokes not affected by spores and electric not affected by thunder wave. Very nice touches but I feel like GameFreak missed out on a couple balances. Ice types can't freeze but they still only have 1 resist: ice. I think GameFreak missed a major opportunity by not making Fairy ineffective vs Ice. Basically, ice gained nothing except the move Freeze Dry which has a very limited distribution. More on status, confusion seems to be just as annoying as paralyze nowadays. I've always felt that Psychic pokes should be immune to confusion. Psychic pokes also gained nothing except what Ghost gained with Shadow Ball. About 1/3 Psychic pokes gained access to Dazzling Gleam which is a lame answer to Focus Miss. Hell, I'm going to raise the stakes and say Psychic should be SE vs Fairy.