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  1. Gary Johnson deregulating shit is p scary
  2. 14 is now considered a good mmo 15 is coming this year allegedly
  4. wasn't that the plot to bioshock
  5. (the joke was automakers didn't need to include them or airbags)
  6. Those joking examples are both far closer to libertarianism than anarchism; though they're both very closely related and anarchocapitalism is ultimately a libertarian train of thought (as is objectivism, which is probably the low hanging fruit of parody)
  7. hey look i found chumley's ideal political system
  8. Is trump being against free trade somehow surprising? Him bailing on Nafta / trade agreements is literally how he plans to 'make mexico build the wall' (that and making western union ID more LOL)
  9. an iPhone covers all the basic needs of the phone and doesn't have any 'frustratingly slow' issues
  10. For some reason (derp) i was thinking it was at WW again yeah at LW Conor will wreck him imo
  11. Eh, I've never liked Diaz and I don't like their size disparity but McGregor is fun to watch. I'll likely catch it but it's not something I'm salivating over
  12. Watched womens beach volleyball; there was a wrist injury but I'm ok now

    1. Markus.


      quoting facebook are we huh?

    2. rei


      yes i am quoting my own facebook/timehop


  13. Saw this on facebook, i'm sure there's some interest here