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  1. clutch is something that naturally wears out which is why warranties can be weird with it
  2. Tit for Tat Mafia Signups

  3. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    hey not my fault i own both discord and quicktopic
  4. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    its okay fuckfiend likes to pretend they know what they're talking about a lot
  5. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    You are the last person to make any kind of claim on skill rofl
  6. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    oh boy just read how we actually lost what the FUCK solstice
  7. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    i played real bad sorry
  8. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    Fuck you Marj
  9. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    what is it this game with vote counts
  10. Should the age of consent be lowered?

    to think two years ago i was bummed kyoani was ignoring haruhi now i just get super sad about it
  11. Should the age of consent be lowered?

    still feel kinda skeevy going to bat so hard for our at-the-time law of 14 (I feel like our current law does a good balance between protecting children and not criminalizing teenagers close in age to each other)
  12. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    im not reading gemstone's post as a "preservation" move at all
  13. Should the age of consent be lowered?

    Useful notes on participants in this thread: biggy attempted to host child porn on duelistgroundz' servers Max's house burned down lol rip buddy we miss you I am profoundly embarrassed Inari sounds like every reddit argument about this and, for the final cut; PlasmaTsukasa is currently in prison for statutory rape