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  1. But seriously thank you for your contributions
  2. So we tend to be fairly strict on not advertising without also mirroring the article here
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    i still need to start 12 was putting it of due to shitty seating situation. ill play it after p3
  4. What games are you currently playing?

    If you like the world of FF Tactics, FF 12 is technically a prequel to it / set in the same world. Tactics had sequels, no idea if they were good, I don't like the genre
  5. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Look, I deleted another post of yours emphasizing how dead the community is and I was sick of seeing it again. DG is clearly not booming by any stretch but defeatest posts just make the people who still do pop in from time to time feel alienated and insulted and I'd prefer you cut that shit out.
  6. jesus fucking christ details in reddit thread; shit is nuts
  7. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    If you aren't ever going to post anything except shittalking this site or its members just fuck off already
  8. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    go for it
  9. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    heeeey maaaan we're all busy and no one goes on forums any more, but lets just lay back relax and find out who the fuck is killing people in their sleep that's so not cool. full claiming long days, 'medium' post count requirement (depends on signups) not gonna be too crazy, we're all chill here, lets just catch some scum sign up now 1: Scumwood (tentative / available aug 1) 2: The Antagonist 3: BuildTheWalia 4: TheGoldenTyranno 5: Jazz 6: Solstice 7: Faint 8: Malcolm
  10. obligatory prayers to our capitalist master bezos grabbed another fire stick 4k for $44 - my chromecast just died and i need a fire stick or android box for my iptv provider to work, so now i got "cable" on both my tvs.
  11. Reccomend me some summer video games

    papers please is in fact very good though hurt my hands more than most games Portal 2 is great
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    Got a Red Nuzlocke run going and also started Persona 3 FES because of course i fucking did
  13. Two desktops?

    also call me crude and oldschool but putting a processor in a motherboard feels cooler when the pins are on the processor. Plus that crank to lock it in feels badass
  14. Boku no Hero Academia

    Vinland Saga is by the AOT team and is aparently good and about vikings @Aaron