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  1. my attempts to youtube game for rep are getting me nowhere
  2. Has sage called anyone other than mark and to a lesser extent jazz townish?
  3. " I don't think rei is 100% safe yet because how he chose to out his role made no real sense. I'm inclined to agree with Jazz because his logic is sound, but even that is just a 50/50 chance. He's either scum and he did it to try and gain game/role info, or he's actually town and did it to keep himself alive n1. " So here's how this works > either me or jazz dies - I flip town, that makes jazz look bad, he flips town, that makes me look bad Meanwhile Sage is Semi-Pregnant with "well Jazz is probably right but i mean i wont marry myself to that idea or anything So he dodges being tied to a potential mislynch and can just kind o sit in the shadows if either of the opposites get attacked... which if we're both town is certainly fine by scum So yeah that's more sketch than you being a chonus Jazz unvote jazz vote sagerhapsody
  4. I mean other than the "Jazz logic is shitty... but if we mislynch him we can still mislynch rei later because of all the doubts im gonna not fully commit to in my first paragraph' ... thats actually a pretty good reason
  5. I have my vote on the present best option. When I'm more certain of someone I'll fuckin tell you MALCY BABY WHY WE KILLIN SAGE I mean I might be onboard but like
  6. I think day 1 is useless, and I revealed my role in a way that's guaranteed to generate leads.
  7. I like Kahu's posts as they 'try' - they miss shit, but they try
  8. Look heres the deal - i dont care if you took anything away from any post made at any time about you except one thing "always work on improving yourself" Dedicate it, cultivate an iron will of making yourself as perfect as you want to be until it's as perfect as you need to be. other than that <3
  9. anything you said related to kahu's post until you posted the columns post, anything you said related to my tracker claim
  10. I've explained every single one of my reads, though I've withheld that I get annoyed at anyone who implies moves that provide more information are pretty much ever bad play