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  1. I'm moving to a new apartment that has a free gym in it.. which would rock as I currently pay like $60/mo for the Y; but they dont have barbells yet (they plan on getting some though) Are there any reasonable routines that focus on dumbells which they actually have?
  2. Shit People Say In Discord

    shout outs to pope benedict
  3. ama

    do you still do song of the week and should i turn sigs back on for it
  4. Mafia Statistics

    do it
  5. Mafia Statistics

    feel like not counting anon is bullshit
  6. nice, denis was at their ottawa show
  7. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    I need a sub a lot of work shit came up this weekend
  8. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    hi guys i can weeb trash it up i have nine pages to read
  9. D&D Mafia 2.0 Aftergame - Town Wins

    > literal self defense all post > was being attacked constnatly partly for 'not answering questions' with no evidence by a shit bandwagon train.
  10. D&D Mafia 2.0 Aftergame - Town Wins

    faint wasn't inactive; he was active at different times than you.
  11. D&D Mafia 2.0 Aftergame - Town Wins

    reread every post faint made knowing he's town and its like "well what the fuck is this case against him then"
  12. D&D Mafia 2.0 Aftergame - Town Wins

    Markus consider not ever playing again until you realize that killing someone for no reason is bad and you literally lose all justification a lynch would have brought because it was a fucking mislynch anyway - one that had I not died would have also gotten Jazz (who is terrible) killed. aren't soul reads basically just a scan softclaim anyway so it makes it even more frustrating when you get stupid about it?

    why didn't you get it over the year it was free? what does startup repair do for you do you have a windows disk? related do you have two USB keys / a USB key and and external hard drive? I mean at some point it might be easier to just back up a bunch of stuff and format it - but you'll need to boot to linux (hence the USB key) or plug the hard drive into another pC to do that