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  1. Favorite Anime

    it introduced silly mechanics at the last minute with no stakes connected to the plot as a whole
  2. Favorite Anime

    Disagree so fucking hard. FMA had way better pacing and emotional depth, FMAB had a way better second half and ending.
  3. ...

    no chances for him imo tbh imo
  4. ...

    coming in here asking for a favour while admitting to a bannable offense isn't such a great call
  5. Shit People Say In Discord

    this isn't the csk reggie, that is excessive.
  6. id say stik with goats as there's a large playerbase outside your friends too
  7. Shit People Say In Discord

    What did you think of Lear and 12th Night if you've read either? I like Lear because its at the absolute bleakest... and 12th Night for opposite reasons as its basically a jerry springer episode
  8. Avengers: Infinity War

  9. N64 Olympics

    i can beat ff4 faster than any of you but im bad at n64 speedgaming : (
  10. N64 Olympics

    prob one of the burnout games, first one was ps2/gamecube
  11. N64 Olympics

    Sarges Heroes was good i would advise against C&C on the n64 was the road rash 64 version any good? only played 1 and 2 on genesis and the PC one (i think the PC one and the 64 one may be similar)
  12. cheapest tinder phone

    missed opportunity to say someone to go do when on the go
  13. cheapest tinder phone

    Aaron you are like my favourite person It'll run on a Galaxy S3 fine, I'm sure any phone with a gig of ram will pull it off no problem so basically 'what's in stock and actually runs android' That said, might be worth getting a better phone from a few years back as it'll prob have a better camera, if thats part of your tinder experience