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  1. the catholic line got me rofl
  2. im seeing a lot of shittalking the roast but a lot of those lines were funny af
  3. Trump: I'm going to be ambiguous about whether I'll actually respect the will of the electorate Winter: Hillary supporters are literally traitors who should hang by the neck until they are dead
  4. EEmployment insurance funds mat leave here and it's for like 66% pay for six months iirc - some companies offer to cover the last 33% but that's an employment perk like a bonus
  6. remember only crooked shillary has done anything questionable to solicit election results
  7. lol that twitter is great "multiculturalism in Canada has failed" LOL No stabbings at UCalgary since 2014
  8. That's actually hilarious
  9. time to queue up the wet works
  10. My statements are clearly not relevant because I spent two months unemployed and got in a car crash
  11. Trudeau liberal thug life
  12. Trudeau liberal thug life
  13. I love how im pathetic for mistakes I made due to mental illness but I'm also a bad person for someone with a mental illness offering me money