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  1. im too lazy to finish my undergrad so probably not
  2. at the end of the day shopify can just be your storefront, plenty of legit businesses use their services for exactly that
  3. god i loved my das keyboard(s)
  4. trans stuffs

    i just figured she/they they would have been more appropriate than her but fair
  5. trans stuffs

    literally titled my pronouns rofl
  6. Your current car

    they're both good cars but the Model 3 isn't as polished in terms of fit and finish of panels and I feel like your aesthetic tastes would go crazy if you had a misaligned door panel or something (The Model S's performance packages put it in supercar speed territory too which I could see you digging)
  7. trans stuffs

    one of my most genuine laughs from the internet in a long time
  8. trans stuffs

    considering how scared you were like a year ago this seems to be going relatively well - not perfect obv but good it wasn't all doom and gloom
  9. im amazed you got a real deal with honey (i have once or twice gotten $5 off a pizza which is something) I only really wear black shoes so theyre my focus - i love those boots, kind of uncnertain on the buckles but that might be because i was a fat goth-lite for a while
  10. we had one not sure we still do just post in general if we dont
  11. Dead Site Mafia Signups

  12. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    I feel like I gotta mention Undertale too, despite how obnoxious its fandom got
  13. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    i think this technically counts as isekai
  14. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    Really I can think of a cant-miss top tier game or two from every genre this decade JRPG: Persona 5, Nier Automata, Trails of Cold Steel WRPG: Witcher 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 (?) Shooter: Doom Survival horror: Amnesia: The Dark Descent RTS: Starcraft II MOBA: Dota 2 There are more good third person shooters than you can count, list goes on and i realized im not dedicated enough to keep giving examples And that's not even listing basically-its-own-genre-now Soulsborne games