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  1. (like i can legally drive without em yolo) (... not that I do, that shit gives me headaches)
  2. are you calling me matt murdock i dont need glasses THAT badly
  3. i just wanted to help you use the dragon balls
  4. also someone mentioned me getting killed by quota this is my 7th post iirc so get fukt scambug
  5. work the shaft
  6. It appears you've been androided. Make sure contacts aand photos are backed up, then nuke it from orbit / reset the phone. There is no coming back from this you are probably already Mirai (Nikki)'d or similar
  7. people suspicious of tyranno for playing different are the same people who tried to kill him for playing shitty oh
  8. vote hero islickz vote lynch tyranno vote go to citadel
  9. are you trying to be me or something
  10. gemstone drama lama triggered
  11. admin abuse uploading wmv directly to host get on my level 2017-02-17_18-53-04_085.wmv
  12. 9 pages to read fuck me
  13. I'm a DBA it's the network team's fault
  14. why are all your pictures snapchat