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  1. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia

    i thought ed edd and eddy was a shitty show but i was born in 88 so this might just be a get off my lawn thing
  2. if someone goes into a cell phone store in 2017 without knowing exactly what they want they need someone who can either convince them of a product for their needs or a product that can boost margins. tits are great but there's no guarantee of knowing the nuance to actually make couple hundred dollar + contract deal - the people dumb enough to not take total cost into account / impulse buy phones can just as easily be swayed by "omg look at the cool shit you need that you dont have" as "omg im going ot pretend you're really interesting"
  3. buddy of mine who used to be p active, he's def around and def will play lol
  4. uh if its autoclicking ads i think it might violate adsense TOS so i clearly didn't see that message and have no idea what you're referring to
  5. like seriously absolute hasn't made a single message on discord since LAST WEDNESDAY. at least i have a fucking ping out https://imgur.com/a/9NtFo
  6. how do I get a loss when im around and looking for absolute and he never responds, especially when I had to wait for him first time around to even finish his first game. I pinged him twice with no response, and was never pinged. the fuck.
  7. <3 do u play goats also 2bae
  8. Soccer

    > ball in hockey fuck now i am triggered
  9. Ancient player haha who still plays?

  10. May 2002 - Yugi vs Kaiba Format

    run mystic elf and yami like a bamf
  11. Soccer

    hockey is already ice football
  12. Soccer

  13. Soccer

    No one was talking about hockey., btw the way to trigger canadians isn't by saying no one cares about hockey it's to ask if they mean 'ice hockey'