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  1. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    how you list yourself twice rofl
  2. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    unvote vote broken brilliance francis stop being a fucking cunt to everyone you're lucky we have found scum
  3. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    My comment was at broken and his flailing freakout
  4. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    What are you even talking about And what does jazz have to do with anything
  5. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

  6. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    happy thanksgiving
  7. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Francis is making such garbage plays i'm worried he's some weird neutral shit; that's scum's problem to deal with tho, we can fuck with him after
  8. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    I most strongly town read Soph and Solst; both on the wagon of BB near the end along with Haz BB seemed almost a sure thing for so long I wouldn't be surprised if there's an associative protection there. I think BB is likely scum with haz
  9. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    also hazmah's perfect info post " This malcolm switch feels a lot like scum team tryna push a mislynch onto a town that can't defend themselves. Not a fan at all"
  10. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    that is exactly activity monitoring because they literally are not reliable and you're trying to make a point out of them. And he's dead. Knock it the fuck off. There is absolutely scum in the mislynch, but I don't see how Francis stands out more than, say, soph. I also feel like Hazmah is setting up a bit of a false dichotomy that bugs me a lot "This is suggestive of 1 of 2 things: 1) You forced a mislynch off a weaker player in BB onto the stronger player in Malcolm, to remove the stronger town player. 2) You switched the mislynch off your teammate BB onto Malcolm. " I think that gives a lot more agency into Francis's leading the lynch than actually occured and railroads town onto two paths that ultimately have the same conclusion... but you could maybe argue to get a second mislynch in case 2 Kinda feels like you're trying to look busy after floating an entire day phase and want to be the Helpful Townie and hope the game is over before it's noticed.
  11. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    vote francis j underwood we dont do that.
  12. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    not really sorry, invisions search functionality is by and large dogshit you can click their profile and hten go to view content-> posts is the closest you can do
  13. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    for me at least, his case on jericho was based off of really garbage wifom; and i think jazz hopped on his anti-jericho wagon as a "quick back me up" play to keep things mixed up, along with them both looking good if BB got mislynched. vote malcolm
  14. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    he certainly is to me but what the fuck are you doing
  15. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    I do not like no lynch at all. I will vote again in the next 7 minutes regardless I wouild prefer to target malcolm.