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  1. Reading Recommendations

    American Gods by Neil Gaiman first and foremost.
  2. Which videogame do I play next?

    man i fucking love skyrim, i kinda keep quiet about it cos elderscrolls fans will always bust out obliv and morrowind and a million remakes, but skyrim is just such a satisfying game to sit down and play - even iwthout mods (my SE install has no mods for achievements, ive modded the fuck out of my original install i bought way back when)
  3. Video Game club

    I'm in; maybe not for every single game but a quick two week sample should be fun says the guy whos put 30 hours into Persona 5 since Sunday.
  4. Which videogame do I play next?

    yeah; though lets be clear playing on special edition being a sneakarcher is a lot of fun adn very powerful, but its not broken as all shit esp with really tanky enemies; you gotta hold your potions close
  5. Which videogame do I play next?

    yes but havent found many yet this is the most weeb game ive played in a while and i didnt know people still made turn based games i'm in love. im def playing p3 after just to get more of this series I do think its really imperfect from a video game standpoint - a lot of handholding and railroading early and 'but thou musts'; coupled with short but still present load times as you're railroaded; that said its finally just opened up for me (just under four hours in) and im just happy playing this like i haven't been in some time people who say this game is better than nier automata are flat wrong, but i think this is more my gameplay experience despite its flaws
  6. Hi im moka

  7. Which videogame do I play next?

    are the girls hot
  8. Which videogame do I play next?

    What should I play next (i've played none of them) FF12, Persona 3FES, Persona 5
  9. Most commo nexamples: Home office and internet line 'for business use only' (tax deductible) Vacations where you spend an hour meeting with a 'prospective client' Hiring a spouse to qualify for lower private health insurance rates Using priv'd information for investments
  10. the law breaking advice im pretty sure every IT contracter I've ever met does (honestly that article kind of annoys me because it mixes good points with 'he used to be called BOB now he wants to be called ROBERT')
  11. You can literally sum up all its good advise to 'real estate is usually a good investment' and is huge on the factual errors and its written by someone who's general method of wealth is fraud so... Kiyosaki is not someone qualified to give more than the most general financial advice
  12. 100% of my issues come from impulse control problems and crippling laziness
  13. if anyone ever recommends reading rich dad poor dad kick them in the nuts also im a corporation now i feel cool
  14. is that a motherfucking jojos reference