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  1. i swear i thin kive played with claire like 3 times ever
  2. Just remember that trust lists day 1 or lying should both always get you killed 100% of the time
  3. its okay it was the optimal play at some point
  4. I had fun and wasn't completely awful!
  5. both Good Apollos (Welcome home is on the first one) are good, def check out In Keeping Secrets of Silent earth 3 - and if you like that go to The Afterman: Ascension and Descension (its basically a split album)
  6. You'll prob like Lateralus the msot from tool, followed by Aenima I don't listen to much progressive anything other than Coheed and Cambria really
  7. So my problem with "prog as virtuosos" is mechanical talent then becomes one of the most relevant criticisms and then you look to shredding prog metal acts as the real high bar
  8. St Anger was the first album I bought with my own money, but Meteora was the first album I bought with my own money that I actually liked I wore the fucking grooves out of that CD.
  9. Yeah I don't like the time limit on editing either though I'm immune to it LED uses less power is the main difference - If you aren't speedrunning higher refresh rate will make things look better and are worth a 2ms response rate (back before LCDs/LEDs started getting so good the rule was first "get 7ms or less" then "get 5ms or less" - suffice to say you'll be fine with 2) you're really not going wrong with any of these options though they're all 1080p and will all look decent for a decent price. Zowie sponsered a bunch of starcraft stuff in the last few years so I've got a soft spot for them and if you tweet at them that you bought it because esports hype theyll prob give you a shout out or maybe evne send you some mild swag like a sticker. Plus it shows that investing in esports is building customers - but this is me being political i mean theyre all good options lol The PC looks solid and capable, it'll def do what you need and doesnt look like a bad price - my concern is it might have a shitty power supply but if thats the case its an easy replace down the road.
  10. that time again
  11. Okay so In Keeping Secrets of SIlent Earth 3, VULGAR, and Deja Entendu all came out in 2003 and those are some of my favourite albums of all time, picking one track off them is gonna be pretty fucking impossible, so I'll just go with the most epic one