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  1. no im the type of person who torrents everything so i'm sure it will never leave me
  2. Eris is hotter without her pads, Megumin's personality shows up a solid two books before Darkness' shows up. Aqua is just better looking.
  3. like when the gentle nudge doesnt work and a goddess has to literally take on a body to get you a friend lol (and the best she can do is still kazuma)
  4. speaks to her character that she needed a better character / literal goddess to get people to even bother interacting with her
  5. i mean its megumin or eris, i'd still put aqua over darkness tho
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    Im about six hours into Vesperia, I'm liking it mainly as Estelle is top tier waifu material and i ship her with Rita so hard
  7. but these hands will not hold anything
  8. im a simple man who likes his asahi
  9. Anime/Manga Recommendations

    well if you want 'more of that' then My Hero Academia and Hunter x Hunter seem like the obvious ones
  10. Death Note Aftergame

    that was based on the RNG no lynch not an opportunity to hammer