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  1. not sure if this is some mr miyagi floating shit
  2. If you can convince two players to not kill scum that's going to be a pretty good play I'm very much with Jazz - Mandatory NKs should be a thing and I honestly just assumed they were
  3. Police report. If they don't give a fuck, reach out to the FBI (yeah overkill right?) - because they technically do a lot more into internet related crime and it's easy pickings for them.
  4. yeah i feel that with the fuck link summons, i wasn't even mentally on point for excise tax summons. Every day when I realize that both the shoes i wear to work are cracked in half but I keep wearing them because fuck spending the money on size 15 loafers I know you're judging me from afar <3
  5. was that the case or was that just saving face afterwards
  6. real talk yeah that was one of the best mafia accomplishments ever piss about the throw all you want but its not easy to convince someone to not kill scum in the lategame
  7. i swear i thin kive played with claire like 3 times ever
  8. Just remember that trust lists day 1 or lying should both always get you killed 100% of the time
  9. its okay it was the optimal play at some point
  10. I had fun and wasn't completely awful!
  11. both Good Apollos (Welcome home is on the first one) are good, def check out In Keeping Secrets of Silent earth 3 - and if you like that go to The Afterman: Ascension and Descension (its basically a split album)
  12. You'll prob like Lateralus the msot from tool, followed by Aenima I don't listen to much progressive anything other than Coheed and Cambria really
  13. So my problem with "prog as virtuosos" is mechanical talent then becomes one of the most relevant criticisms and then you look to shredding prog metal acts as the real high bar