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  1. "who drew all these dicks on the faces?" "No one."
  2. Joseph fucked Mary in the ass, and the cum trickled down Thats how Jesus was born Also how Wumbo got cum on his balls.
  3. Nice; biggest hassle for me with unemployment was the waiting period due to my severance (lolCanada ;p) - I would have been entitled to my first week of EI payments the week after i started my new job all said and done... yeah i didnt get it ;p
  4. hey dont explain the joke that said while i dont think i deserve mvp/hm, i think im getting a bit undersold for not dying
  5. whats a late game
  6. quote trains only work if you clearly identify conclusions from them more specific than that==scum
  7. anyway post game thoughts I dont know how to play witch hunt, which was okay because I didn't Shout outs to dg town I personallky think Jazz played a pretty good game that just ended out working in our favour I have no idea how angry Francis really is in the world what the fuck is fighting in our quicktopic (you too nelrick parton my french but "qu'est-ce que fuck?!") + the freakout over scumstone murderface wasnt sure how serious I really was too sick to do much early i am sorry
  8. did getting sick keep me alive?
  9. killing scum is never a bad play
  10. i mean people actually in the game ; )
  11. well i mean yeah but only solstice called me out on it, if anyone else pushed id have dug deeper but why overplay the hand
  12. I rode for what four daysx on just saying solstice was confirmed scum and couldn't a done that without you jazz that said you also tried harder than anyone else with a noncompliant team
  13. Itt Me shows yugioh player mindset
  14. related to fake claims no matter what alignment i am i will kill you as fucking hard as i can in lynch all liars style (unless we scummates)