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  1. screw prequels i want a sandor clegane spinoff

  2. I just got a firesteel

    ... can it be not -20 so i can go use it

  3. whos your display pic

    1. Paraliel


      Ash lookin to slide into those DMs

    2. Jujuuu.


      some random emo 

  4. what the FUCK Kuroneko? 

    ... yeah I'm watching oreimo i am trash 

  5. daddy pls


    hear the song that I sing 

    1. Satchmo


      I thought u didn't like to be called daddy

    2. Krokoza


      good talk

  6. Happy holidays everyone 

  7. Do i watch Blues Brothers, anime, That 70s Show, or car videos tonight?


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    2. rei


      I did (... and posted on facebook about it. Do I have you on facebook?) 

    3. TheGoldenTyranno


      Sorta you don't actually have me in your Friends list anymore so this is all I can see so I legit guessed it. I assumed based on you posting the car vid you probably didn't watch it, I knew you weren't watching anime, and Blues Brothers is way too long to watch late in the evening those by process of elimination and the beginnings of a working understanding of your personality iit had to be That 70s Show:


    4. rei


      i get home at 4:30 i got plenty of time for a movie, but yeah i went with like a season of that 70s ;p 

  8. getting my first tattoo april 18

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    2. ACP


      Let me know if you want me to send the tattoo dude a high-res image of DGZ's logo. Because, I mean, that's clearly the tattoo that you should be getting here.

    3. Sophocles
    4. Jazz


      Post it after you get it?

  9. hey cool i can walk again 

  10. After literal years of saying to not get an android phone here I am again with an android phone

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    2. SSJ Grumpig

      SSJ Grumpig

      i've always had extremely stable android phones and cannot live without my .apks

    3. lo fi

      lo fi

      Honestly, I haven't made the transition back yet simply because I'm being cheap and lazy. TL;DR the iPhone currently has everything I want.. Except the ability to download PDF's and forward them gmail, swap books( which you can just upload via dropbox), or test a majority of the stuff I'm trying to do with mobile.

      Other than that It's a simplified clean phone that I've head relatively no issues with.

      I'm curious why you made the transition once again.. Do you miss your headphone jack too? 

    4. rei


      I got a moto z so I actually lost my headphone jack with this upgrade


      I broke my iPhone and the size of the SE (the only $0  iPhone available) hurt my wrists. I needed to have a phone. 

  11. wait why does my chromebook not have a pagedown key

    1. Flacko


      i usually press space or shift space to scroll up or down pages quickly. 

    2. Flacko


      rip precision tho. 

      also i installed linux on one of those b4. ALL BY MYSELF! 

  12. Watched womens beach volleyball; there was a wrist injury but I'm ok now

    1. Flacko


      quoting facebook are we huh?

    2. rei


      yes i am quoting my own facebook/timehop



  14. “Tosis my son," say the Tasteless, "you are such a large pylon, why aren't you in sick city?" But the Tosis don't respond. He goes home to boot up Cardstone, puts on his gamer jacket and says "Well met!" to his Topdeck. Alone in his heart, Tasteless commits sudoku at a Starbucks in San Bernardino with Al Pacino, no Kappacino.

  15. I used this to find a spammer I never would have noticed!

  16. I am so exausted all the time

  17. rei

    your 'short story' is a reference to a mel brooks joke

    "Tragedy is when i lose some change, comedy is when you fall itno a sewer and die"

    I'll write a real story later I just wanted to get that joke in on someone.

    And clear out your PM box. Seriously


  19. rei

    Clear up some fucking PM space.

  20. So a girl goes to a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre, so he gives it to her.

    1. Farley


      so I herd this status needed a comment