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  1. Games must be approved by one of the following people to be run (No Exceptions): rei Zappdos my bloody arcanine Malcolm LFN! Papasmurfkof For now, only two games will be held at a time. Post here if you want to run a game and if you want to have a "theme" - for example my first game will be themed around Final Fantasy IX. I'll them PM you about your potential rules / organization of your game to make sure its good to go, and you'll host your game as soon as current game is ending. Also if you have a game with many roles /powers please put the expected players in.   when sending your games for approval, state the following: - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Now Playing:  [25/07/2015] League of Legends Mafia - wrw.chrono [Approved by Papasmurfkof]   Approved Queue: [12/02/2015] Pokemon Emerald - Dischord  Wild Dischord Fled!   Awaiting approval Queue: Body Parts Mafia - Nelrick - to be reviewed by Papasmurfkof Time Travel Mafia - Francis J Underwood - to be reviewed by ???   Forever in unfinished limbo: dgz mafia 2.0 - boosh mtg mafia - TFJ
  2. I loved it
  3. posting with a cat on my shoulder/beard
  4. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  5. was reading an outdated tournament doc that had a line that seemed to imply intent. Checked more recent version and its more clear that unintentional is a requirement for the warn
  6. >everyone has floated >confirmed scum wants more of a weigh in
  7. he's scum trying to plant discord hoping we forget he's scum
  8. he's basically confirmed scum i'm kinda curious what a better idea would be I've been trusting felwinter all game but I haven't given myself much scrutiny over that
  9. Im saying it has potential as a playable viable card
  10. I only know La Roux from the youtube video where she and Franz Ferdinand covered blondie and she was a qt
  11. So my initial vote on markus was a legit joke/troll but I do find it hilarious that he's gone full scum since then brazenly ignoring why a course of action is occuring
  12. I'm shielding PSK because I liked his crafty callout joke but isn't dumb enough to go all impulse murdery on me over it
  13. damn you and your sexy anime ladies, my main weakness
  14. He's literally the cult leader that's like number 1 kill priority 100% of the time.
  15. Counting this post I'm only at 7 I think. I don't even personally consider my vote-only posts as quota making Dont u worry ur little panties i will solve this game eventually i just need to actually finish reading it
  16. 44 pages will take me a while to parse as it turns out lol
  17. unvote markus vote jazz HMM LETS LEAVE A CULT LEADER ALIVE RITE GUYS
  18. i'm literally voting for markus because of his wall of text gender