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  1. also i have a dog now can i have malcolm scum magic powers
  2. Yeah damn my inability to torpedo my entire team every game ; )
  3. Personally I claim vanilla so when I'm asleep people don't do stupid power role speculation for lying low
  5. just a reminder on page six allen listed getting laid as a self destructive behaviour
  6. God damn it Otto you have lupus
  7. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  8. Games must be approved by one of the following people to be run (No Exceptions): @rei @Logic @Malcolm @PSK @LFN @The Antagonist @Gemstone Mine For now, no more than two games will be held at a time. Post here if you want to run a game and if you want to have a "theme" - for example my first game will be themed around Final Fantasy IX. I'll them PM you about your potential rules / organization of your game to make sure its good to go, and you'll host your game as soon as current game is ending. Also if you have a game with many roles /powers please put the expected players in. when sending your games for approval, state the following: - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: SSB64 - JC. [Approved by PSK] Approved Queue: Game of Thrones - Jazz [Approved by PSK] Development Queue: DGz Mafia - The Antagonist / JC. / PSK Wonderland - Beast [To be approved by The Antagonist] Forever in unfinished limbo: dgz mafia 2.0 - boosh mtg mafia - TFJ Body Parts Mafia - Nelrick Time Travel Mafia - Francis J Underwood Anything hosted by Gemstone Mine ever
  9. the more things change the more they stay the same
  10. dude spoilers
  11. theres more than one fucking admin on staff
  12. why bother he'll just krav you up
  13. getting my first tattoo april 18

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    2. ACP


      Let me know if you want me to send the tattoo dude a high-res image of DGZ's logo. Because, I mean, that's clearly the tattoo that you should be getting here.

    3. Sophocles
    4. Jazz


      Post it after you get it?

  14. I feel like we already had this thread
  15. i challenge you to a shitpost duel, may the worst poster win.
  16. Outside grows affect the quality a fair bit vs completely controlled light cycles I like the idea of a "spacebucket" - using 5gal buckets stacked to grow It seems like a lot of startup effort but once you get going it doesnt seem too bad
  17. Cannabis. (to be clear I'd be growing it legally under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations... but I still dont want to inflict the smell on my girlfriend or neighbours) I want a bonsai too
  18. Awesome I've been planning on getting a bit of a green thumb lately but getting an odour proof tent is expensive for the scale i'd like to grow at
  19. May 31 - Tool Weekend of June 23 - Amnesia Rockfest (Bands I plan on seeing: Rammstein, Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop, Alexisonfire, At the Drive In, AFI, The Specials, Thursday, Parkway Drive, Meshuggah, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Less than Jake, August Burns Red, Protest the Hero, Converge, Pup, Norma Jean, The Birthday Massacre) August: Streetlight Manifesto (Performing Somewhere in the Between)
  20. Rdr2 may fill that entire drive based on recent games lol
  21. He doesn't have any mechanical storage listed.