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  1. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    I'm not accusing you of shielding scum as much as scum will use that logic to survive
  2. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    It's more that attitude has been used to protect scum literally every time I've seen it
  3. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    Super not liking the idea that ignorance is innately town
  4. Gotta admit I didn't have 'hooking up with asshole I hate' as my out this weekend
  5. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    Hey maybe tei sux
  6. i moved to ottawa seven months ago partly cos of me being unable to get over the girl who likes to get felt up to anime but doesnt wanna go any further goin back to my old haunt tonight to play dnd and she wants me to crash on her 'really comfortable' couch and stay up late watching big mouth ask me more about my self-destructive behaviours
  7. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

  8. are those things related rofl riley doesnt even shave her armpits any more, i'm pretty over her new content friendship ended with RILEY now LILY RADER is new best friend
  9. she was so good i wish she did more mmf before retiring / switchign to mostly cam stuff
  10. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    vote hazmah cos i feel like i was lumped in with the americans
  11. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    we love you for it keep the weeb ttrash alive <3
  12. malc do you still play ptcg? you wanna r/f the deck i posted?
  13. i figured but thought the distinction was still necessary
  14. KFC sucks and is basically Canadian so no southern cred anyway Hilariously Sanders retired to the town I grew up and they named a hospital wing after him. I wish it was a heart ward Southern gravy is overhyped and meh. the fuck are you doing with white gravy rofl
  15. southern bbq is outstanding Fried chicken is good but overrated, buttermilk biscuits kinda the same Does jambalaya count? I mean it came from west africa but that shit is great. Gumbo is good too everything else is meh at best
  16. fuck yeah meat standards laws
  17. Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

    I think if i'm gonna drop the Mimikyu it's going to be for a Xerneas GX Remember GardSylv has a one colorless energy move to put two fairy energy to your bench from and their main attack also can redistribute energy pretty much however Haven't playtested enough to get a real firm grasp on the spinner's value. basically a 'netdek.pick' I feel like I may drop a super scoop up or two for fairy charms once i feel out the meta more - they mostly have the same role as great potion and flippiness sux
  18. Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

    Rate and fix! 1x Mimikyu GX 4x Gardevoir and Sylveon GX Tag Team 1x Lusamine 2x Bill's Analysis 2x Lillie 2x Judge 4x Green's Exploration 4x Power Plant 4x Super Scoop Up 4x Pokegear 3.0 2x Reset Stamp 4x Great Potion 4x Custom Catcher 2x Energy Spinner 4x Cherish Ball 2x Tag Switch 4x Switch 1x Choice Helmet 9x Fairy Energy
  19. my parents got back from PA and brought back American kit kats y'all are fuckin up, not enough chocolate taste, too much sugar taste. get your candy shit together america
  20. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    we get some @Logic level shit where someone just gets themselves modkilled to win the over
  21. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    Taking the under
  22. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    banned for multi