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  1. N64 Olympics

    prob one of the burnout games, first one was ps2/gamecube
  2. N64 Olympics

    Sarges Heroes was good i would advise against C&C on the n64 was the road rash 64 version any good? only played 1 and 2 on genesis and the PC one (i think the PC one and the 64 one may be similar)
  3. cheapest tinder phone

    missed opportunity to say someone to go do when on the go
  4. cheapest tinder phone

    Aaron you are like my favourite person It'll run on a Galaxy S3 fine, I'm sure any phone with a gig of ram will pull it off no problem so basically 'what's in stock and actually runs android' That said, might be worth getting a better phone from a few years back as it'll prob have a better camera, if thats part of your tinder experience
  5. A Quiet Place

    especially when you have a literal soundproof basement
  6. A Quiet Place

    It's not so much 'I am smarter' as 'this is a glaring inconsistancy with the timeframe' hell if the movie took place over a weekend most of those problems wouldn't exist.
  7. N64 Olympics

    i preferred Warzone and Attitude personally
  8. Mario Kart hybridized with Super Mario RPG with the MK sections being like chase scenes
  9. N64 Olympics

    quake and quake 2 are legendary PC FPSes. Keep them there their ports were nothing special.
  10. What was the last film you watched?

    Grand Budapest is outstanding too
  11. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    i really dont understand cinematography complaints of it
  12. Galaxy s7 charging issues

    on the plus side galaxy s8 uses USB-C which is becoming a lot more common (but not $2 at a convenience store common) but yeah i feel that i had to spend all m ybday money fixing my phone
  13. N64 Olympics

    DKR is great shut your whore mouth Perfect Dark - but to diversify it from Goldeneye use the combat simulator settings to make cool challenges - I like "1 team per person, and a team of 8 meatsims, one hit kils" and set the kill limit to like 100, so it's literally like fish in a barrel mode and you have to be clever to actually win. Bonus round throw in explosives (especially proxy mines) to neg scores Wave Race 64 is tempting but not perfect esp with MK64 and DKR ahead of it Starcraft 64 was bad but hilarious? Mortal Kombat Trilogy is good if you like mortal kombat and dont wanna play a shitty 3d one Lots of sports games if you're so inclined (including 3 NFL Blitz titles) Pokemon Puzzle League Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Vigilante 8 or Vigilante 8 Second Offense Worms Armageddon
  14. Galaxy s7 charging issues

    gut instinct is either battery physically dying or loose connection somewhere - i think this is probably hardware related but its weird that its two different types of charge both fucking up
  15. not too bad/crazy Here HOAs aren't really a thing but condo boards are (similar, but most condos are high rises, though some are townhouses) - but high rise condos start at 400 and small townhouses a bit more : (
  16. A Quiet Place

    cant turn brain off too many dum things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSKvQBKADJU
  17. p sure the answer is not at all come on try and keep up also congrats on homeownership! If you dont mind me asking what do they go for down there? [be as vague as you want lol]
  18. send tyranno or malc (for the nom to me - i dont even have time for my own site let alone someone elses)
  19. http://www.wlky.com/article/louisville-man-dies-in-fall-at-red-river-gorge/12819047 confirmed on his FB. Was nats champ in the US in 2005. Huge in online YGO in the good ol days, chief force in AO back then Fuck this blows.
  20. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  21. im at a point where I probably should move but absolutely do not want to.
  22. instant gratification culture; idk i like long drawn out searchable posts personally (also uh, I like that I can make money off of this and centralizing evrything to FB and Discord irks me there too - not just as wanting money but also as someone who prefers a decentralized internet)
  23. What games are you currently playing?

    im playing it with a friend, im enjoying it.