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  1. VR Gaming

    for all the shit talking i do, rift on sale cyber monday week sale for $300 was too tempting to pass up (Compare $800 for base Vive)
  2. Investments

    the conception of your funds need to be invested is what are they doing if they aren't generating revenue for them eagerly awaiting your lack of understanding the difference between speculation and investment.
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    ive mostly been dicking around as kirby
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Persona 5 first DLC what the fuck
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I think my aoty is honestly Devilman Crybaby of the other shows i really liked this year two are basically joke isekais (How NOT to Be a Konosuba Ripoff with a Hotter Loli, How To Be a Perverted Slime With No Penis), Berserk-lite (Goblin SLayer) and one has started strong but has a title no one can take seriously and still has a fair bit of 'can fuck this up' potential (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunnygirl-senpai)
  6. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I take it you aren't dreaming of a bunnygirl senpai. ... i need to double check what actually came out this year. And I will watch Gridman. I want to go full deep with my weeb side
  7. XC VS DGZ

    damnedhackerman.png @Paxman
  8. DG Weight Loss 2018

    Time for a weight loss competition. If someone wnats to set up a prize/gambling pool go for it. Highest percentage of bodyweight loss wins. Weigh ins every monday. Post your weight / height here to get in rei - 306lbs / 6'5 (138.8kg / 196 cm) Silver - 170lbs / 5'3 (77.1kg / 160cm) Literal Bastard - 222 lbs / 5'10
  9. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    im gonna start gridman when i have time
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    but why is it SSSS Gridman? anyway I am watching like five things i'm finally back to my weeb roots, now seeking A-cup gamer girl. Goblin Slayer How I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Sempai Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions Persona 4 The Animation
  12. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Games must be approved by one of the following people to be run (No Exceptions): @Logic @Malcolm @The Antagonist @Gemstone Mine @JC. @Jazz For now, no more than two games will be held at a time. Post here if you want to run a game and if you want to have a "theme" - for example my first game will be themed around Final Fantasy IX. I'll them PM you about your potential rules / organization of your game to make sure its good to go, and you'll host your game as soon as current game is ending. Also if you have a game with many roles/powers please put the expected players in. when sending your games for approval, state the following: - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: N/A Approved Queue: Witch Hunt - Jazz MARKUS AND SAYAKA: MANHUNTERS MAFIA - mmf (if he ever wants to host) Development Queue: N/A
  13. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    law school has a very funny definition of 'week'
  14. Final Fantasy TCG

    oh shit awesome hope gob does well
  15. Banjo-Kazooie

    I like that they kicked Jontron out of it ; )
  16. Smoke 4!

    finally got a dab rig, fighting the temptation to buy a rosin press
  17. being an adult sucks

    I tried to get denis to post it but he said the jokes moved past him using it ;p
  18. being an adult sucks

    im kinda sorta planning this lmk if you wanna talk ideas or anything I wanna go semi-offgrid, sattelite internet (tho slo and expensive) so i can continue to generate income, solar + diesel power, harvest own food, wood heat.
  19. been in a very similar situation actually. Keep hanging out with your friend, his wife will continue to become more crazy but you just be a 'good guy' and keep heading into situations where you might be around her. Play it off like you've got no beef and shes being crazy (but only call out shit that happens while you're there). They'll divorce eventually (and sooner than you think)
  20. being an adult sucks

    almost like that was why it was a meme to begin with Go meet girls at anime and gaming conventions, there are hot clever girls there and not a lot of doctors to compete with
  21. GoatFormat.com

    post was best way to effectively voice some frustration while acknowleding this is a good thing (tm) ; )
  22. GoatFormat.com

  23. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    i straight up think you made your post chain before reading previous pages
  24. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    if im gonna vote to extend the phase im gonna submit an NK come on