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  1. no for real fuck this show if it wasnt for cameos i wouldnt have opinions on kuroneko being best girl
  2. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  3. Games must be approved by one of the following people to be run (No Exceptions): @rei @Logic @Malcolm @PSK @LFN @The Antagonist @Gemstone Mine @JC. For now, no more than two games will be held at a time. Post here if you want to run a game and if you want to have a "theme" - for example my first game will be themed around Final Fantasy IX. I'll them PM you about your potential rules / organization of your game to make sure its good to go, and you'll host your game as soon as current game is ending. Also if you have a game with many roles/powers please put the expected players in. when sending your games for approval, state the following: - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: Approved Queue: Wonderland - Beast [Approved by The Antagonist] Stranger Things - Jazz [ approved by Gemstone] Development Queue: DGz Mafia - The Antagonist / JC. / PSK [will this ever get done??? stay tuned] WWE - Mascis [To be approved by The Antagonist] It's Always Scummy in Philadelphia - Faint/Jazz [2 early 2 approve] Forever in unfinished limbo: dgz mafia 2.0 - boosh mtg mafia - TFJ Body Parts Mafia - Nelrick Time Travel Mafia - Francis J Underwood Anything hosted by Gemstone Mine ever
  4. Scott Pilgrim is so good, I just get super biased about it as ive been to like every place in the movie (and saw Boris at one of the venues)
  5. Jokeso n you I have the best leader in the free world
  6. if it was a random joe they wouldn't have youtube viewers
  7. oh shit i forgot about Arrival, that shit was gold Guardians of the Galaxy is solid The Lobster is fucking weird I really liked Under the Skin but I feel like I'm alone in that sometimes
  8. what the FUCK Kuroneko? 

    ... yeah I'm watching oreimo i am trash 

  9. Oh sweet a lumbering retard!
  10. Grand Budapest Hotel was sweet
  11. yeah I like the harry potter films because im a book fan and anything is better than nothing but holy fuck the books outclass the shit out of them Yeah watch the Godfather it's really good - I avoided it for a long time because I was scared it was overhyped. It's just damn good you dont need to worry Mad Max Fury Road is the best action movie of the last 20 years or so Ip Man and its two sequels that actually have Donnie Yen in it are good kung fu movies Revenant was pretty solid if you like torture porn and really really beautiful arctic landscapes - prob a good movie for visuals for your new setup I found Kingsmen fucking hilarious. Not everyone agrees with me Drive
  12. You dont need to see Captain America 1 at all, and you could probably skip 2 Honestly Civil War is basically Avengers 3 in a lot of ways, you could just watch Avengers 1, 2, and Civil War to get that story Cap America 2 was a solid but not outstanding ride, Cap 1 is super meh
  13. I don't go around asking people to prove negatives
  14. Ah nostalgia Hi kids do you like violence
  15. - claiming is allowed - no character/flavor claiming Just want to understand whats meant by this
  16. Jazz youi just asked me to remove myself from mafia spectators 1: I can't, it doesnt work any more 2: I cant get discord to open either it just stays in my system tray minimized and i get push notifications so its not the "end of the world" but another admin on discord will have to kick me
  18. his point is that if its on page one its not an obvious necropost; he's not wrong.
  19. The thing about running like ten spells is almost every one of them can tear the game open, they kinda important
  20. counter traps were really good. Fissure was "meh"
  21. i was so good at this format