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  1. its just funnier cos on the skin im on it says 'my name is greg' under his name
  2. Games must be approved by one of the following people to be run (No Exceptions): @rei @Logic @Malcolm @PSK @LFN @The Antagonist @Gemstone Mine @JC. For now, no more than two games will be held at a time. Post here if you want to run a game and if you want to have a "theme" - for example my first game will be themed around Final Fantasy IX. I'll them PM you about your potential rules / organization of your game to make sure its good to go, and you'll host your game as soon as current game is ending. Also if you have a game with many roles/powers please put the expected players in. when sending your games for approval, state the following: - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: Approved Queue: Wonderland - Beast [Approved by The Antagonist] Stranger Things - Jazz [ approved by Gemstone] Development Queue: DGz Mafia - The Antagonist / JC. / PSK [will this ever get done??? stay tuned] WWE - Mascis [To be approved by The Antagonist] It's Always Scummy in Philadelphia - Faint/Jazz [2 early 2 approve] Forever in unfinished limbo: dgz mafia 2.0 - boosh mtg mafia - TFJ Body Parts Mafia - Nelrick Time Travel Mafia - Francis J Underwood Anything hosted by Gemstone Mine ever
  3. alright so im getting bad sunburns on my scalp / cysts what kind of hat do i buy
  4. new players who always speak their mind bluntly like faint are upper tier fwiw
  5. I've been very good in every anonymous game I've played as scum. I'm willing to admit my scum game is average at best but it's not as abysmal as it's painted. That's just a meme that's gone out of control. Then again Malcolm literally became one of the best playerso n the site by telling everyone he was so yeah
  6. I woulda been so angry if i didn't max out anime
  7. I've got a 20 dollar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup you're always made up And I'm sick of your tattoos, and the way you always criticize the smiths and morrisey And I know that you're a sucker for anything accoustic, but when I say lets keep in touch I hope you know I mean I wish that you'd grow up
  8. stay away from winter and buckwheatloaf
  9. I think the context was he was Peurto Rican and got super angry any time someone called him mexican and you just played off that
  10. lol america
  11. The real smash is that you visit pojo
  12. F
  13. I suspect almost all your limitations at present are due to not having the admin password anyway for what its worth.
  15. Gackt - Emu For My Dear / "Mars"
  16. Oh man Mirror Link came back as a hardcore fundamentalist christian talking about how we're all going to burn in hellfire and shit I actually had to remove some of his posts because Adsense labelled them as hate speech lol. (mirrorlink.mp3 has survived multiple hard drive foramts and ipods at this point and I still have it buried somewhere)
  17. BleedingStringsX: I've been watching you online for a while. BleedingStringsX: And I just wanted you to know... BleedingStringsX: That I still want to hump you like a mongoose. smashbro x: like A mongoose? or LIKE mongoose =\ BleedingStringsX (1:41:41): Like A Mongoose. Mongoose doesn't do it right. smashbro x: =\ I know smashbro x: thats why I asked smashbro x: =/
  18. Yeah fair, my dad did the certs game with his CA and CFA and it def worked out real well for him
  19. @rap tap how hard can you play the certification game without getting a degree? could be real valuable, an el cheapo microsoft cert ($350 - and I got my job to pay for it) jumped my employer interest from $55k to $75k for a weekend of studying basically.. though i can't discount how just sheer "number of years experience" helped that too, you're already taking care of that