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  1. Left Arm Offering

    Not like anyone in life plays traditional, but wow this card is good in that. That was a good remark about dad return, gets ya thinking of other avenues Also u dont send ur hand AFR, you banish
  2. WATER - Discussion

    You cant add/take away decks when the format just changed today if thats what u meant? Or last format, Mermail still topped so deserves to be here. It just wasnt in big numbers. There are some strategies that shoulda been cleared(magician/majespecter), but now i guess they have some potential. Idk
  3. WATER - Discussion

    Water got way better. 2 allure w genex undine is filthy. They will top more now, but u guys think its a top 3 choice?
  4. Some of the cards on the list may feel good at first, then u notice theyre years too late. TER, ARA, Tragoedia, Dmoc coulda been better in other formats, but the game is too evolved now. I think the most interesting card is Allure. Outside of BA/Kozmo, Mermail will love this hit. Some other decks that could get better off the top of my head: Fluffal, Evilswarm, Heros. They prob wont be great still, but got more consistent potentially.
  5. Left Arm Offering

    Any other ideas for this card? It will be tcg legal in like 3 weeks. Infernoids seem to benefit the best, then Zombies. Kinda shocked alot of ppl arent talking about this as a whole, unless the decks i named are the only options?
  6. Ycs Columbus

    June 17-19, being held at a Con. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/. Theres no official info, but its in the events box on the site.
  7. Pot of Desires

    Man if cards like Burial and Miracle Dig could work, certain decks would have a field day. Probably a good reason its face down tho, bc faceup woulda been too good for alot of decks. Im kinda upset theres no cards to take ur whole stack of rfg cards and put them to the yard. I know Necroface puts them back to deck, but gy is where its at
  8. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Majority of the builds, u wanna go second for the extra card. So depending on board your opponent does, u react. If ur going first, depends what u got in hand. U can drop big dark to hit a card, big light for another tribute to go to hand, or possibly just pass. The mithra build opens a ton more thing, erebeus and thesty could go off t1. Im sure someone more experienced can add on to this or edit
  9. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    My idea wasnt thinking ppl will main restrict. Overall a drop of a fiend if u cant ur pantheism going, or if a squire gets taken out, u still have something to put onto the table. Since u did bring up restrict, some decks do main fragrance if possible, so this also lets u do something sometimes over nothing. Yes the trap is slow, but what can ya do. Ppl say the deck bricks, but everyone does the same build lol. I truly feel theres other things to go about it, just gotta find it
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Heres the idea I was thinking about 6 Big Monarch 1 Kuraz 3 Majesty Fiend 3 Vanity Fiend 6 Squire 3 Domain 3 Patheism 3 Tenacity 3 Storm Forth 3 Soul Exchange 1 Return 3 Yorishiro 2 Prime The advantages to this idea is even if u open mass tributes, u can still do things. A drop of either fiend then following turn dropping the other one is juice. As great as the Squires are I may go the Quantum way so Veiler doesnt ruin your day. You also shouldnt run out of juice and have a constant flow. Isnt nowhere near perfect, but ive been thinking since day 1 what u can do with the deck. I would say side into it, but it feels good against most of current meta. Not asking for fixes per say, but any ideas?
  11. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Random idea, think theres any merit to siding into that old Fiend deck with Maseleum? With the fiend trap they need double the outs to get past a majesty/vanity. This helps you surpass mask of restrict when they side them in. Idk exactly what cards would make it to the side, or could be totally dumb. Still need to worry about fragrance if someone uses it, so need s/t removal still. Edit: prob nevermind on the field spell. Even the trap + siding fiends and soul exchanges would seem better, less bricking.
  12. Chicken Game

    am i missing something on this near ftk? Make rank 6, rank up spell on it then u legit have to deal only 100 damage somehow? Has to be a missing piece bc that sounds too wild?
  13. WATER - Discussion

    I know r7 isnt the focal point with this deck, but Gem-Knight Amethyst is neat. Dump a water to summon, and u got a level 7 to do stuff with. Getting Dragoons to the yard for Instant or revive off Prince is beneficial. Anyone toy around with it?
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I strongly believe this decks potential hasnt been unlocked yet. Naturally, majority of players say this deck bricks, yet everybody uses the same build. As good as the Squires are, theyre a big issue when they dont do what theyre intended to, or get stopped. I have seen people completely cut them, some doing just 1/2. It just hurts inside to lose the spell retreival part, so this is one crazy rubix cube. Quantums are more consistent in the long run, Ive rly wanted to incorporate Soul Exchanges in the main somehow, but im realistic and know it prob cant cut it in 2016. Also thought about a spin version with Raiza/Thesty/Mind Crush, but again its 2016.
  15. Card of Demise

    Inochikezu no Housatsu / Card of Demise Spell Normal You can only activate 1 Card of Demise per turn. During the turn you activate this card, you cannot Special Summon monsters. (1) Draw until you have 3 cards in your hand, but for the rest of this turn, your opponent takes no damage. During the End Phase of this turn, send your entire hand to the Graveyard What is everyones thoughts on this? Its releasing in the Millenium Pack in April. Naturally the card had to be watered down to be released, but I think some decks can benefit from this still. As the game stands now, not every deck could use it, to special summon is a must for everything. Anyways, deck ideas that come to mind are: Tellars/Burn/Exodia. Anything else of use? There has to be other strategies that either can set their hand, or go through whole deck and do something without a special summon.