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  1. What's hand control? Is it just Don Zaloog/Reapers with Tomatos?
  2. check my join date faggot
  3. Japan/OCG was always on the Exarion train it seemed like. Every list I saw had at least 2. more decks from 2005 to look at: Never knew the guy who won Worlds used Sacred Phoenix. I thought DDAs pushed that card out of the format.
  4. You just play a chaos deck with stein that smokescreens into a full stein deck, it's not that hard. Cyber Dragons in the main and 3 Trunades in the transformational sideboard is going to shit on just about any rogue deck. Their only outs are usually Kuriboh, Scapegoat, or Threatening Roar if you didn't EoT Decree.
  5. oh i was looking at the metagame list, I didn't know there was an updated one. then yeah cut airknight for exarion I guess. edit: i cut jar because I've never been good playing with jar. This is dating back to the summer of 2005 when it came out as a rare.
  6. Looking at Perovic's stock list I would cut goat, jar, reaper, ddwl, and airknight for 2 more exarions, 2 merchants, and chaos sorcerer.
  7. has anyone tried 3 exarions? I know most lists run 2 but since almost every matchup is a goat mirror, 3 seems too good not to have.
  8. Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  9. nigga's glasses went flyin'
  10. Well that secret still sucks. Cards that let your opponent choose the decision for you have always sucked in card games. Arcane Intellect is more consistent.
  11. The only viable mage deck currently is that aggro frost lance deck and that deck does not play secrets for a good reason. 3 mana secrets give up too much tempo and Arcane Intellect is so much better late game.
  12. That mage card is awful
  13. I really hope arena tournaments become a thing.
  14. It triggers Deathrattle.   Target my Cairne, I just played a 2 mana 4/5.
  15. He can't beat me in   [spoiler]total arena wins[/spoiler]