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  1. Well that secret still sucks. Cards that let your opponent choose the decision for you have always sucked in card games. Arcane Intellect is more consistent.
  2. The only viable mage deck currently is that aggro frost lance deck and that deck does not play secrets for a good reason. 3 mana secrets give up too much tempo and Arcane Intellect is so much better late game.
  3. That mage card is awful
  4. I really hope arena tournaments become a thing.
  5. It triggers Deathrattle.   Target my Cairne, I just played a 2 mana 4/5.
  6. He can't beat me in   [spoiler]total arena wins[/spoiler]
  7. That assumes you are on the play and your opponent does not have a 3-drop even with the coin on turn 2. You're going to be in a good position with either the 2/3 or Loot Hoarder getting pinged. When it goes like past turns 5-6 you don't really want to start drawing 2 drops anymore. Loot Hoarder at least replaces it self while Crocolisk doesn't even do anything. Even if you draw a vanilla 2-drop that late you would prefer it to be a 3/2 instead because it can trade up.
  8. I'm surprised as well.
  9. [spoiler]P1: Violet Teacher, besides being the obvious choice Shaman drafts you tend to end up with a bunch of cheap spells (Earth Shock, Bolt, Rockbiter) so it's a great card for the class. p2: Faerie Dragon, 2 drops are very important, you will lose games because you weren't able to to have one on curve. It's also one of the better 2-drops. p3: Darkscale Healer, healing tacked onto a body is good (has always been good even in Magic), Snapjaw is mediocre, War Golem is not needed this early. p4: Dragonling Mechanic, it sucks but it's better than the rest. What it really says is 4 mana make a 2/4, your opponent overloads 2 mana next turn. Good with Bloodlust I guess. Shieldbearer is only good in aggressive decks and Magma Rager sucks. p5: Fire Elemental, best common 6 drop in the game p6: SSC, one of the best arena 3-drops. Obvious choice. p7: Razorfen Hunter, choice is similar to Dragonling Mechanic. Lord of the Arena is okay, but the only 6-drops you want to be looking for are Fire Elementals and Boulderfist Ogres. p8: Dwarf, one of the best arena minions in the game. p9: Hex, single best removal spell in Arena. Deals with voltron and bombs. p10: Azure Drake, best rare minion in arena. p11: Murloc Tidehunter, picks are all bad, Tidehunter because it's a 2-drop and it has syngery with buffs p12: Yeti, I don't think I have to explain this p13: Gnomish, replaces it self, good with buffs, eats up 2-drops. Spellbreaker is overrated. p14: Loot Hoarder, 2-drop, trades favorably with other 2-drops. Usually overloads the opponent 2 mana the following turn. Crocolisk is bad because arena is filled with too many 3/3s. p15: Forked Lightning, lacking removal and good 2-drops, also good with Violet Teacher. p16: Axe, early game removal p17: Earth Shock, the reason why I didn't pick Spellbreaker. Great against Loot Hoarders, Scarlets, Twilight Drakes. p18: Gnomish, I don't actually like having more than 1 Axes in my Shaman decks. Having 2 would make finding them earlier easier but the second Axe is so much worse than the first because of the amount of removal Shaman decks tend to have and how big the creatures tend to get in the later stages of the game. p19: Rocketeer, 6-mana removal spell. 5 is a pretty important number in arena. p20: Imp Master, curve needs more 3-drops, good with buffs and healing totem p21: Hex p22: Silver Hand Knight, best common 5-drop, good with buffs, potentially Bloodlust p23: Windspeaker, not enough spells to take Magi and Squire is not good in arena. Good with minions that have big butts, an out to draw if you have Rocketeer in hand with opponent at 10 life. p24: Mad Bomber, one of the best 2-drops. Expected value makes the card good and you have control of when to play it. Good against Worgen Infiltrators. p25: Frostwolf Warlord, good with hero power, good with Silver Hand Knight, Razorfen, Mechanic, etc. p26: Harvest Golem, best common 3-drop in the game p27: Earth Shock p28: Kobold, 2-drop, has synergy with some spells but not that great. Better than tidehunter and the curve doesn't want another 4 drop. p29: Bolt p30: Azure Drake [/spoiler]
  10. Ping Pong is AOTS, if you're not watching it then you need to.
  11. Because one is a floater while the other is not. The same reason why nobody uses Ogre Magi over Azure Drake.
  12. bringer of death you should get a few people on the skype group to help you out in an arena run sometimes. Having 2-3 other people share their perspectives turn by turn can be an eye opener for you in Arena.
  13. Same with me although my best is 8-3. How can people even get 12 wins I mean you are playing 12 people who are most likely as smart as you. How can those streamers make 12 wins consistently with average pools...   Luck and playing super tight. Drafting insane decks.   Sometimes you get Leeroy, 2x Doomguard, Argent Commander, 2x Soulfire, 2x Poweroverwhelming and you yolo until you get 12 wins :D   Edit: There also lots of cards you have to play around and there are different strategies against different classes.
  14. Not really lol. That was my 30th legendary and it was one I didn't have.