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  1. what's good

  2. john galm

    [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS7Fp68QlZ4[/media]   he also plays for this dope ass band on ranch records 
  3. john galm

      pill friends is great as a band, not so much as people.     they are some of my closest friends. they are bad on the internet cause they troll a lot, they are actually some of the nicest most genuine people in person
  4. nah

    nah is so fucking good live
  5. john galm

    I booked him at a penn state house show in January this year with pill friends and left & right. he is really nice we played injustice all night 
  6. what's good

    how do I still have more posts than you
  7. what's good

    ay lil ma
  8. top 10 humans

    Ok, let me explain it this way. Somewhere evolutionary, there was someone that met the standard to be classified "man". It does not matter what the standard is, or who reached it. It's factually agreeable that there existed someone who was the first homo sapien. It does not matter who he was, what he did, what he came from. Just because Homo Sapiens EXIST, we can deduce completely that there was someone who was the first homo sapien. That homo sapien, is first man. It's gradual yes, but there is someone who reached the state first. Someone was first born the way we are, and then he mated to make more of us. Evolution is gradual in the same sense that cooling or boiling water is gradual. It changes over time yes, but there is some point where that thing turned into something else. Water gradually turns into ice, but there is a point in the exact process where the first molecules of water turn into ice. I hope that makes sense.
  9. Starcraft 2

    Because it's such good rationale to think that naniwa can get through it with practice and dedication and stephano can't? Stephano has beaten the likes of MMA and MarineKing before in best of 3s, he has gotten toe to toe with MC and Nestea in their primes. Stephano recently crushed TaeJa and Hero, like the games weren't even close. He wouldn't coast through, but he will definitely be considered a huge favorite to make it past the group stages. I've been watching the GSL pretty closely this season because my schedule works out like that. Weren't you the one who thought Curious wouldn't make it out of his group at all? And then he crushed MC and roflstomp'd MarineKing on his way to topping the group? Do -you- watch the GSL at all? Or do you just fellate korean players because you were told that they were that good? Lots of players in the GSL fuck up worse than minor tournament players and if you actually watched the GSL you would know that Stephano's level of play is up there with the mid-tier for sure. Also, MULTIPLE casters, including -TASTOSIS- themselves, multiple KOREANS, rank Stephano as an S class player. But no, you know more than all of them really you do. Your disgusting bias against him is pitiful and your attacks against me are ridiculously mean and show a severe lack of maturity. I remembered what about this forum made me not want to post here anymore. It's people like you who will, rather than just take the time to be nice and explain a few things, go straight to attacking someone you really don't know at all. Please reconsider your life, dude.
  10. top 10 humans

    Of course it exists, the first man is the man who came first. What I'm telling you is that we do not need to figure out which exact species or genus is first. He is a variable, X. Just know that he existed, because that is a fact.
  11. top 10 humans

    what i'm saying is that identifying who exactly was first is completely irrelevant because we know first man exists and that's all that matters. finding out who he was specifically or what he even was is completely besides the point if we factually know that there's SOMEONE who is it.
  12. top 10 humans

    the first man is the man who came first. it doesn't matter who he is, he factually exists.
  13. Breaking Bad

    Having an entire episode dedicated to Gray Matter would be stupid. We pretty much know everything important about that aspect of the story already. Like what do you expect? Walt to be into drugs before breaking bad? It has already been established that his time with Jesse was his first experience with such things. Also they just spent a scene where Walt explains the Gray Matter scenario to Jesse, that should be the end of that. No need to waste time here.
  14. top 10 humans

    i can't believe none of you listed "first man". if he didn't mate none of us would even exist. he is pretty important. also I know Ash is trying to troll here, but I think he was outdone by the guy with Ronald Reagan. hilarious.
  15. Starcraft 2

    you couldn't be more wrong, but if you'd rather just make claims rather than back anything up then that's completely your choice and I'm not going to pursue anything any further.