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  1. Kozmotown Playmat Designs

    meh.. the watermarks are annoying, but most appear to have excess filters   edit: and the stocks are just bad, better quality stocks are required if you intend to sell them.
  2. some doggos and flowers

    for what you are doing you arent doing bad. you should try adding a few colors layered for a more realistic look but aside from that you are on the right path.
  3. i think so rei. u have always had a problem with that
  4. It's cool you still posted in the greatest section on the site. RIP animu section.     It's cool, Gutts is off the boat, animu section will be reborn.     no matter, most people on this forum miss less. either they are short or.. i unno cuz shit is always going over they heads
  5. rhymes, poetry, bullshit, random. summary complete. stop being lazy
  6. im filled with anger from wearing a retainer, not to complain but my ex just got a restraining order on my ass. apparently my love was a mortar, destruction of morals, and i was toxic probably cuz i let my cock slip into her ass. whoops i just put that bitch on blast, jynx jynx a blast from the past robbin this forum to give to the hood to supply more.. um..  lil john is my right hand man call me king of the hood so much that i keep bling under my hood just for my grils to see. purs like a kitten, a tiger cub roaring on my hubcaps kicking up mudflaps to the sound of claps and faps as i pass. moving on down the road the future is much to behold and you can see it at any rate, it shows itself day by day, and every bitch will lay for the cause. just cause i say it dont mean its truth or sarcasm i mean what do you think im writing this for? spam of the ages and random rap for the card players the tcg mayor of town i got it going going down like that bitch brittney with her milk mustache of the century. i give out hair gel for reasons i wont tell, dont be suspicious, it even tastes delicious i swear to you my flair is true, i give her pearl necklaces, fuck diamond when i can just make it for her myself like arts and crafts ill lego your ass real quick hoe best believe i dont love u no mo.   random bullshit.
  7. Whats up

    iirc? lol and yea my max bench was 425 back then, now im lucky if i can pick up 200 lbs without hurting my back
  8. Whats up

    yes, i remember you bro. good to see your still around, u still drive these fucks nuts? or was that reserved for me?
  9. Whats up

    yes you are, and no.. i am not. i got lazy after hurting my back. i havnt worked out sine a year after i left dgz
  10. Whats up

    when you first joined i had been gone for about a year XD
  11. uh..same

    likewise, i havnt messed with photoshop in about 8/9 years. im trying to remember how to use it really lol. but i enjoy making things that others find appealing to the eye, so im swapping back to photoshop from my pencil and paper
  12. Sig

    i know, joe hooked me up with him on facebook.
  13. Sig

    agreed, i need to look into more fonts. thanks for the note
  14. My Flower

    good, :D most people think its beautiful, but you spot that its really just a cheap imitation. i like you :D