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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    In regards to winter blossom you could also side a package of majestys fiends and/or vanitys fiend and potentially the monarchs stormforth so you have plays when they -1 to get rid of your dantes, the fiends shine in your kozmo and mirror matchups so i can see them being a valid strategy, so if you play bapk you have multiple gameplans left
  2. Evilswarm nightmare seems like a solid pick up, It has only 2 rarities one being the dt, and I can see it going for 4-5
  3. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    With how the current build of nekroz are looking(the knowleadge I gathered is from playing the deck and lurking dgz) im thinking of solving the problems with the inclusion of the following cards:   3x Mask change II in the main 3x Mind crush in the main 2x Dark hole with no mst in the main 3x Shared ride in the side   Mind crush along being a versetile card in a plethora of matchups in particular is a great card against them for some obvious reasons plus valkyrus is the only card I worry about when I have the OTK puzzle figured out so there is this problem solved to some extend. Dark law is a meta defining card if you havent figured that out then you are behind. Dark hole is the most versetile out to ojama trio/the djinn lock/dark law. Shared ride slows them down and gives you the 1-1 that digs you deeper into the deck. Nothing too out of the box but with the consistancy of BA in my opinion a perfectly solid way to go about the switch in the meta.
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Obelisk is just a terrible card in this deck now let me explain why: 1. Becouse you yourself mentioned there are extra deck outs to him you also must get that your opponent doesent acctualy have to draw outs to him he just has to use the resources he has in a way to make a push that gets rid of the obelisk but has to bait out the backrow first which leads me to my second point 2. You have to have backrow to protect him, you can never always just draw the obelisk with the resources to summon him and with backrow to protect him plus a portion of your traps require discart outlets 3. As for deckbuilding purposes you never want to draw him first turn 4. He isnt synergetic with your strategy burning abbys are an advantage deck and he last but not least: 5. Takes up so many of your resources to summon you just lose once the opponent gets rid of him
  5. Butterfly caught

    Yeah invoker is just added utility and warrior is very needed to make the floating rats into lvl 4s, and thats another reason why i think 4 artifacts 3 ignitions 3 sanctums are correct, you always want to open with one of the 6, like if i knew that i would always draw sanctum before the morraltachs i would run 0 ignitions 0 beagalltachs, but i want to use the drawn artifacts and doing this most effectivly is running 3 ignitions, the ignitions and sanctums are dead only in the mid/late game and  wind ups are the strongest in the mid game. Also the gameplay is, get advantage, disrupt plays with artifacts/traps, push with morrals, float rabbits/rats, play through their backrow/setup, and if you get like a dead sanctum you can always emerald with a floating rat/warrior
  6. Butterfly caught

    Soo... I know the motive behind me picking this deck up again was the nostalgia factor it bringed with it. Like there will never ever be a deck  I enjoy playing more than them toys.   That being said, I don`t enjoy playing for fun, if I see a deck isn`t the best deck I will stop playing it and will realize my mistake, which was always the case with this deck after the wind-up format.   BUT this time I think the deck acctually has potential to be the best deck or rather choice for a tournament, hear me out why but first here is the decklist:     I feel that this deck greatly benefited from the new rule. Wind-ups are great at playing through backrow, there is always an combination of plays that play around certain traps which greatly benefits the more skilled player. They are also an advantage deck and starting second is no problem becouse  the +1 you get from going second starts to snowball into more advantage very quicky. Being a combo deck and a grind deck at the same time also is very amazing because if your opponent doesent have backrow for you to grind through there is a plethora of combos and plays you can make that out alot of scenarios. Artifact sanctum is obviously insanely amazing this format and the artifact engine not only is amazing in itself it synergizes perfectly with  this deck. When going first you have factory rabbit as the best possible opening and obviously setting up just rabbit and bacrow, or cardcar and bacrow is insanely beneficial for this deck for obvious reasons.   I think this deck should be considered before HAT or FAT or even the kuribandith artifacts. The build in itself is not even close to perfected with the side being thrown together and the main should be 37,but i do however believe certain card choices are correct (the 4 artifacts 3 ignition, 2 cardcar 2 duality, the 2 rats 4 rabbits) and will elaborate later why i think so. I hope you give this deck a try and test it for yourself. I must also note that the few days that i am playing this deck is the most fun i had playing yugioh since ycs Bochum not that this matters at all
  7. Geargia - Discussion

    The ratio that I currently think is the best is 3 Seven tools 3 Black horns and 1 Call of the haunted.   Black horn is the card of the format (atleast now in the beggining), i see no reason not to main 3,its good all around and for the mirror whoever will have more has a better chance of winning, seven tools negates horn and other seven tools, so same principle who has more will win. This of course is looking at things in a vacuum but generally i want to see both tools and black horns as fast as possible so playing 3 of both is correct in my opinion.   With the inclusion of the 3rd tools i opted to cut one call, call is only good when you have armor. So if i get the tools instead of the call, once i get a play out its immidiately protected, with call i would have to wait another turn.
  8.   So, I have won a regionals yesterday with this build (we split in the finals) and i must say i really enjoy playing this deck, it is so much fun and really the options you have in the extra deck are amazing, i love when i utilize all of my exeeds regulary and yesterday I summoned all of them except for emerald becouse I drew to 2 geargiagear only once and that time I opened with both without any gianos (must be nice).   I won just 2 dice rolls (out of 8), the main i think was fairly standart but here are some thing that may be worth explaining:   -3 mind crush: that worked out nicely, we all now mind crush is a ok card this format, but what i loved about it is when i resolved it I knew which cards my opponent has (no shit) and its so easy for this deck to play around stuff, I opted to run 3 copies becouse mind crush in my eyes is best when ran at 3 so it was either 3 or 0 for me. The con is obviously that mind crush is not good to draw to an established field but so are the cards I would have ran instead.   -2 accelerator: when I started playing this deck like a month ago, 3 seemed staple, but while I was getting better with the deck the more I hated to open with accelerator and I learned if you are using your resources correctly 2 is the right number   -dark hole/torrential: I think those are staple, geargias have problems dealing with established boards, i zenmaines ttd once,   also my play of the day was this: my opponent had megalo, pike and sphere he searched with megalo with 1 card in hand, my hand was mk2 and dark hole both i was holding from turn0 plus a geargiagear i drew, and i had a arsenal in grave, i summoned mk2 grabbed arsenal went for geargiano, made soul of silvermountain, he activated spehere, i attacked linde he brought out teus I summoned arsenal went for accelerator, dark holed grabbed back mk2 and set the geargiagear, he scooped shorty after :D   The side was ok, full house sucked and I will not be siding that again.
  9. I have i question, am i allowed to a post a ebay link with the gravekeeper mat that im selling,for anyone that would be interested?   And more on topic, what should i do with my super rare upstart goblins? I feel like holding them becouse they could go up in value even more on the other hand they already skyrocketed, and what would be a fair price to value them at right now?
  10. So after playtesting pure geargias on dn and then having to play the 2 tuner build yesterday in a regionals (shitty one but i topped),because i couldnt get exiton, i ll state some of my observations about the pure build:   -The extra deck options are absolutely amazing the deck really feels like wind ups,the tuners were never really good  but you needed them to answer established boards, now with so many options you can play around more cards, deal with more scenarios, the deck feels alot more skilled now then it did before   -3 veilers and 1 skill prisoner worked amazing for me in testing even though it is true the veilers are as good as your follow up is, that is not true against cardcar, and when you do make a board veiler protects you from exiton and cannot be lanced ,prisoner was mvp   - i hated all reactive cards in from of prison/mirror force but i think torrential tribute is absolutely needed the games you lose are as stated before the ones without armor/arsenal torrential is good here, zenmaines torrential is my favourite play in ygo and the real reason i love torrential in pure geargias is ARK, resolving ark setting torrential is insane, torrential is also good in the games when you geargiano/accelerator loop   -i also really like all the spell trap destruction/protection in form of 2 dust 3 mystical 2 lance, lance ofc is the stones with exiton, and really nice with soul/alucard but one more than one occasion i went mk2 armor atk bear when i was reading no lance on their part
  11. romany gypsies???

    Like i dont usually post here but... you guys are fucking retarded like seriously, this way of thinking i would expect from ignorant 10 year olds, not what i tought were intelligent individuals,  your friends sound like idiots. The Roma people are an ethnical group and are discriminated for centuries becouse some people dont understand their culture, of course some stereotypes turn out to be true with some individuals like any other stereotype.   You said she is cool to talk to, how about you express interest in her origin? You actually talk to her about it?   But if you want to bang her, sure do it at your place, so you don`t get beaten up and married "bro"
  12. The cloggy hands and people giving attention to machinas inspired me to try and migtate those hand by doing the switch like this:   -redox -nishipachi   +gearframe +fortress   So instead of opening with nishipachi i open with gearframe, and instead of opening redox i open with fortress, and i have the option of machinas through the whole game. I know my argument can be countered why were you running redox in the first place so this logic doesent stand its ground the way i presented it, but still its not necessary that you get more clogged hands when combining the engines.
  13. I too have  been testing the machinas in geargias, how do you guys feel about a really minimalistic machina engine combined with the karakuri tuners? Im currently running 1gearframe 1fortress with 2watchdog and i have good resluts.   I disagree that the engines should be seperated, when they complimate each other quite well. As we all seem to agree fortress is the tits,gearframe as said alot of times can be tutored by ggx. But there is no need for things like 2gearframe 2fortess, you dont want to open with either of them really and you minimaze your chances of that by running the singleton of them. And please dont disregard this because apparently opening with fortress and drawing into gearframe will happen so many times that one can say the benefits dont outweight the reward of you deck having the option of going into fortress.   And thats just how i look at machinas, not nessecarily as an engine, just another option to go into at anypoint of the game.
  14. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    The mystics sucked in my testing so did komodo dragon.   But enemy controller man its so good and versetile. Taking Ancient fairy dragon and the exeeding with it is just the best feeling ever, also i started extra decking Gigantcaste, for when you take a collosal with enemy and synchro with it. I cut orient for it becouse the enemy controller thing happened more than the maxx+debris, and game23 i rather save the debris for afd.   My side deck plan is also 2x electric virus 2x enemy(main one side one) 2x fader(also main one side one) and no debunks, i really hated the card.
  15. So i have like 30.000-40.000 commons/rares i got from buying collections, does anybody know how to get rid of them? I live in Europe and I dont know any vendors who would buy them. Also how much am i looking to get per common/rare?