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  1. The Last Hope [vs] All-in

    He'll fix it when he gets on lol. you already got the win. just wait for the OP to be updated lol.
  2. The Last Hope [vs] All-in

    I lost 0-2 nice deck change :P   you guys got your win. We would like a rematch in the future. We are gonna show you who shall be legally blonde :D and guys. try to have fun next time!
  3. The Last Hope [vs] All-in

      No need to start complaining we did war you guys yesterday it's not like we have been terribly inactive I am balancing homework, Team Practice and a lot of other things I was not actually watching the game. I was doing some homework I had to get done. Unlike some people I have a life and a reputation to keep in real life. I am not trying to be smart.  I am basically just stating everything you said to me @$ap after you logged out and I finished my homework I did check both Logs. so please guys. keep your pants a little more loose. I will be on to war soon.
  4. Chey here :D

    Do i know you :O ? If not thanks for the welcome anyways and Haiii ;D Shining Rainbow from DNF ^^  :) 
  5. Chey here :D

    Ohey Chey :D
  6. I'm going to get you whipped into shape!