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  1. if you click on this topic you must post

    Hard to believe this was 4 years ago, it feels like 4 months. I went from being a scared and desperate college dropout, sleeping on a couch to college graduate starting grad school next week and looking to buy my first house. Another dude here on Dgz gave me words of encouragement and damn that meant everything at the time cause it felt like everyone i knew irl was calling me a fucking loser. @lo fi thank you. Never let go of the dream guys.
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    haven't been on dgz in while. damn i missed this place
  3. you clearly didn't watch the day 1 stream then. There was a nice variety of decks being played, from BA to monarchs, pendulum, even madolche and satellaknights. In fact, I was really interested in the final because it was the first BEWD mirror that I got to see at the event (There might have been another but I missed it if there was)
  4. this yugi vs kaiba duel is so dank
  5. As someone who actually quit playing yugioh altogether over a year ago and subsequently dropped all yugioh related activity, I will provide my anecdote   I had three major reasons why I quit the game, and while one of them was completely related to konami's design flaws, the other two reasons were really just occurrences that happen in life that just lead me to move on. The first reason that I had quit the game was simply because all of the cards that I had enjoyed playing and made the game interesting for me became completely irrelevant. March 13 Dragon ruler format was one of my favorite formats because if no one at your locals could afford to make full spellbooks or dragon ruler then you would just play whatever dragon ruler with whatever elemental deck you had at the time (most popular at my locals were tidal mermail and blaster lavals, my friend loaned me a bunch of cards so I could play tempest dragunity) and the game still felt fun- your deck didn't feel insanely weak despite not being top tier and casual games just felt good to play because they were action packed with big plays from both sides of the board. Even if you didn't have a dragon ruler of some sort in your deck, you can still scumbag people with cheap strats like card destruction EEV dark worlds or random necrovalley royal tribute but for the most part the game wasn't stale. People played whatever they liked and it felt good to play because the plays felt strong, even though the top tier decks were clearly in a class of their own at the time.      however, when you switch to the more competitive side of things and start playing top tier decks you had intense skill matchups that required knowledge of the matchup and good sideboarding to win in a best of 3. It was far from boring and always entertaining to watch.      Then the cry for nerfs came, #occupyygo happened and slowly the game and its banlists went from "lets just make everything OP and the top decks can be the really powercreeped stuff" to "lets limit or ban everything thats unfair because its not fun to play against, and still keep the power creep with each new set anyways"   go forward a year later, and any deck that you wanted to play that wasn't top tier just didn't feel fun any more, and would repeatedly get shit on by anyone playing anything new. Playing anything less than the best decks made you feel like you were choking yourself out of the game every time you played. Your "big plays" just didn't feel big any more.    One of my favorite decks before I finally made the decision to quit was hieratic dragon ruler. The deck felt strong, the plays felt strong albeit a bit fragile and even though you could shit out free wins if you opened well, at the time other decks were in a similar boat and they were able to contest with their own strategies and cards. The game wasn't stale (although summon bear set 4 was the most annoying thing to play against ever).   Then, shadolls came out followed by BA and quils, rulers got hit, etc. This is when I felt like the game was starting to decline and soon after i made the decision to quit. If you weren't playing the best decks, any other option might have been competitive was simply hit by the previous lists and you were forced to play the best decks or just lose all the time. Playing anything weaker didn't feel good because your deck just felt so limited that the fun factor was just being taken away. You just couldn't play what you liked any more to have fun.    Some life was breathed back into the game when nekroz came out, as other decks were being in the game that had their own strengths that appealed to players (ritual beasts, HERO, BA, Shadoll, Satellaknights, quils) and for the most part it was fun to play those decks even though they were still inferior to the best deck at the time. Now, when you play some of those those same decks it doesn't even feel good because of banlists just shit on them and the new meta makes them feel completely useless. There is nothing more frustrating than having a feeling of hoplessness or uselessness when playing. At that point you dont even feel like you are playing the game and you are just sitting there getting shit on.     the second reason that I quit was simply because of the playerbase. Most of the people that I knew were simply going nowhere in life, or had questionable morals (usually both). Going to regionals was always a gamble because you never know when someone can scumbag you in a trade or steal from you the moment you look away. I remember one time I attended a regional and the next week I had heard that someone had their car stolen at the venue alongside over 1000 dollars worth in cards. The sad part was the car was abandoned and found in perfectly good condition but the cards were gone. Also, Meeting new people at regionals was always a fun experience for me because I'm a people person and cracking jokes and playing for fun with someone who had the same hobby should be a really enjoyable experience. However, at the last regional I attended most of my opponents just looked at me like I wasn't even a human being. No smiles, no fun, I was just another opponent to them that they had to beat.    Lastly, I decided to quit simply because I felt like it was just time to move on in life. I was getting older and I had found new interests and hobbies and so did my friends. 
  6. if you click on this topic you must post

    fuck this shit, its my senior year of college and I cant afford it because my university raised tuition again  
  7. if you click on this topic you must post

    finding it really hard to talk to my mother
  8. if you click on this topic you must post

    I was there, got the post-card, went and went back again. You can ask these guys about the job hunt, that I had gone on, the countless days and nights I was on here writing about my application process. It was shit, it was absolute shit, and I hated every bit of it.  But the last thing you need to do is be down on yourself about the entire predicament. We run into problems once in awhile, if life came extremely easy there wouldn't be any good stories, or value in living. Shit would just be free, all day. But instead we're here and in the present, and you need to do what the rest of us have done. Pick yourself up off of the pavement, wipe away your tears, and get through the trenches one step at a time. Your struggle isn't lost among the others, and don't feel like I'm patronizing you, because I came from the same place where you are. I say this as a DGZ member ; and ultimately as a guiding voice. You're going to get through it.. I promise. Just stick to your plan, and you'll get there.       Its been about half a year since this happened. Got a job, and I am able to pay my rent and take care of myself financially speaking and I even have money saved in case of emergency. Even though im working fast food, im learning to pick up a lot of basic skills like giving good customer service, how to be more sociable and advertising / upselling that I can take to another job if something were to happen at my current place. My co-workers are nice, and my boss is actually really nice. The work is physically demanding, but i know that it's only temporary and I really want to seek an office job where im not on my feet seven hours a day, but for now I am ok.  I really want to thank you lo fi, and everyone else that posted to give me some emotional support during my time of need. I was so scared at the time because I would remember seeing so many homeless people out on the street during my job hunt and realize that failure meant becoming one of them, and a lot of my sanity was kept in place during this stressful period in my life thanks to random posts on DGZ and a few of my close friends who were there for me.   Some people might see it as just a post, but it meant the world to me and kept me from becoming more depressed when I was going through this.  Seriously, thank you. Thank you so much. 
  9. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    after playing a few quil matchups, I found it to be surprisingly easy if you dont get floodgated to death     nekroz matchup is a whole different behemoth, especially if you dont main deck a lot of outs to a djin lock. however, if you dont get locked out of the game, you can make trades and apply pressure in a long game by getting steeds + ambush as often as you can
  10. should i wait before buying e-teles, or get them now? 
  11. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    another top, another decklist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTo_1bOU3oU
  12. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    the problem with monk is that if the opponent has an answer (skill drain, vanity, warning, etc) you are in a really bad position and you are more likely to lose the game for it and assuming it does go off you dont even get a fusion out of it to facilitate your advantage / utility engine which is the main point of the deck. Lack of synergy with steeds and ambush, etc the risk isn't worth the reward, imo 
  13. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    not seeing why someone would play soul absorption when its a terrible topdeck and doesn't actually win you games, only stalls them out for you when you already open well (and only open well, if you open bad soul absorption makes it worse)   what does dark rebellion offer that any other xyz doesnt? it looks random as if you just put it in there to fill the space in without really thinking it out.    you run so many tamers and 3 e-tele but the beasts themselves seem scarce in comparison. What lead to this? What are your options when you open multiple tamers + teles? have you considered any lower ranked xyzs in the extra in the event that you open brick like that and need board presence? 
  14. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    too soon to tell how strong it will be in the coming months, but here's something to look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP7_KalZ550
  15. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    cant beat maxwell. fml I get to the sacred song loop after killing her for the first time and just cant put out the damage after