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  1. [quote name="rei" post="3463296" timestamp="1366580499"][quote name="MrsDN" post="3463232" timestamp="1366575922"]lol made my entrance look like shit -1 for being...well you[/quote] [/quote] ive been compromised oh noonooo
  2. lol made my entrance look like shit -1 for being...well you
  3. Madolche.dek

    Now that I see what he is capable of I'm really liking this card
  4. Madolche.dek

    [quote name="kahu" post="3400873" timestamp="1360755347"]Redox requires you to discard first, then summon a target from your grave.   This means that if you have a monster in grave, you can also use Redox to Special Summon a card from your hand. It also means that you can play around Warning more directly.   Furthermore, Redox creates an automatic target for the Cosmic Cake Owl. If you use Hoot on any turn that isn't the turn you use Redox' first effect, you also get to search another Redox, which you can use the following turn to apply more pressure.[/quote] So it my machina fortress of the deck ? What would I drop if i decide to add him in,the maxx Cs to side deck and keep the veilers ?
  5. Madolche.dek

    [quote name="Nex" post="3400082" timestamp="1360708612"][quote name="MrsDN" post="3400076" timestamp="1360708337"][quote name="kahu" post="3398934" timestamp="1360638520"] Redox. USE IT. [/quote] Whats Redox?[/quote] [url=http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Redox%2C_the_Rock-Incarnate_Dragon]http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Redox%2C_the_Rock-Incarnate_Dragon[/url][/quote] Not seeing how he would be particularly useful care to explain ?
  6. Madolche.dek

    [quote name="kahu" post="3398934" timestamp="1360638520"]Redox. USE IT.[/quote] Whats Redox?
  7. Madolche.dek

    [quote name="Mars" post="3398824" timestamp="1360635278"]Why do you maindeck Maxx C? If you're looking to fuel Hootcake, maindecked Veiler is far less situational.[/quote] Maxx can be dropped any time while veiler I have to wait during your turn and for the versatility of having both I've considered 3:1 But i find 2:2 the right balance,if I feel one or the other won't work well i simply side in th better option
  8. Madolche.dek

    lol i see that 
  9. Madolche.dek

    there is no OCG section for this so i hope that this isnt breaking any rules... Firstly i would like to say that Silver Fang is currently a proxy for Madolche Hootcake  http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Madolche_Hootcake When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to your Graveyard: Shufflethis card into the Deck. You can target 1 monster in your Graveyard;banish that target, then Special Summon 1 "Madolche" monster from your Deck, except "Madolche Hootcake". You can only use this effect of "Madolche Hootcake" once per turn. This build currently is running pretty well ATM,with a few combos enabled by Madolche Hootcake Its pretty fast and has pretty decent recovery rate (although i haven't actually had to play recovery yet,except from maybe a heavy storm,with me having any protection). a combo with the deck is below although there are many more i will only just post 1 [spoiler]Combo 1: Cards needed Mewfuielle and Hootcake( being able to activate its effect ofc). NS Mewfuielle and use its effect to SS Hootcake   Use Hootcakes' Effect to SS messengelato   Messengelatos' Effect to Search out a Madolche Ticket ( if you don't have one up already,if you do feel free to search out chateau.)   Using Mewfuielle and Hootcake to XYZ into M-X Saber Invoker.   Use Invoker's effect(Detach Hootcake) to SS a messengelato from the deck.   Activate Madolche Ticket (if you haven't already)   XYZ using the Messengelatos to SS Madolche Queen Tiaramisu.   Use Tiaramisu's effect to return up to 2 cards your opponent controls to the deck.   Ticket activates SS any Madolche monster of your liking.   ATK your opponent the damage should be 1600+XXXX(w.e Madolche you SS from ticket)+ 2200. Base damage of 3800+XXXX.(if Madolche Chateau is activated on the field base damage will be 4300+XXXX+500) Ending Field: Madolche Queen Tiaramisu, Invoker, and Madolche X[/spoiler] theres also a variant that goes into Cruffusant first then invoker into messengelato which is pretty straight forward since it almost mirror the above combo Rate and Fix? all advice will be considered  (that hand traps are there for the versatility of match-ups and the hootcake enabler,outside of regular means of XYZ and torrential,darkhole,ect.)
  10. Hello there, beautiful strangers

    Welcome to Dgz enjoy
  11. INNOVATIVE Wind-Up Deck for YCS Miami!

    e..e not even sure why I got negged but w.e
  12. INNOVATIVE Wind-Up Deck for YCS Miami!

    Good luck at Miami ^~^ Deck looks ok IMO,use what you like and feel your comfortable with But in all honesty I do wish you the best but as it stands you probably won't make don't take what they say so hard it is cruel but the truth nothing a few changes wont fix,take the advice from the posts that actually gave helpful advice and good luck
  13. hi everyone

    Welcome to DGz ^~^
  14. Are they worth getting?and suggestions

    [quote name="Urthor" post="3378200" timestamp="1358902558"]Ffar Cry I HIGHLY suggest, that's a great game.  [/quote] I played it this past weekend with any friend,a lot of rage on.the multiplayer,and i got killed by a tiger x..x Was fun but hard not.used to the randomness
  15. Are they worth getting?and suggestions

    [quote name="TonySK" post="3378038" timestamp="1358894392"]The question for Marvel 3 is easy. Have you ever played a Marvel series Capcom fighter before? Did you enjoy it? Then you will enjoy this.   If you prefer slower paced and, dare I say it, more well balanced fighting games then I would advise against it. Please don't take this comment as disrespect towards MvC3, I played the hell outta 'nilla and still occasionally play Ultimate, but you should know the score before you get involved with it.[/quote] Yeah I've played them b4 I was thinking of getting it again since right now i only have 5 I can get I want to be very precise in what i pick lol I was thinking far cry,and killzone 3 but i think thats ps3 only