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  1. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I see, another bad habit I got from DnF honestly. That site was cancer for Mafia, especially with BT running the shots. Thanks for the memo. Anything else about my plays "besides my chicken scratch, and post organization" that needs work on?
  2. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Partially, however when I afk and "quota float" it results in the same outcome. I just tried to put together my thoughts as a whole, because everyone was afk when I was online. 1) Yeah I did, because you did a lot of posting, suspecting and pushing, and overall contributing as a town vanilla would act, from my perspective, so i noted you as VT. 2) My reads were what I got when I read through it, didn't really tie it to anyone else's reads, which I feel I should have tried to do for those I suspected as likely town, maybe tunnel vision on their reads, though the "inventing a reason" bit is the hard part since literally all my reasons were duplicates of posted reasons, so i'd look like I was bw'ing D: 3) Yeah I didn't want to vote and leave, and get suspected for it, though I get voting in general would make me more "townie" than what I was doing. 4) Nope I didn't mainly because no one was active when I got on, so I had no one to actively question, and didn't want to question anyone that was afk. Not blaming you for inactivity, just remembered you being online at a time I was online, so I cited you. "He's not responding, so that makes me suspect them even more, since they are not defending their actions". I saw a few akin to this line of thought, and I really dislike it when people gauge "me" based on this, with 48 hour days. Yeah because my notes are always chicken scratch because I absolutely despise mass quoting D:
  3. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Willing to try to 24 hour day phase game, but definitely not playing another 48 hour one as long as it can be kept civil
  4. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Also when i have a raging PMSing teammate posting in the QT post death shit about me, i'm not going to sideline and let them get away with smack. I was asleep the entire time I was suspected, and up to the end of the day. Sorry I am so shitty for needing sleep and sorry I can't defend myself because no one's on to question me when I am posting my thoughts. Jazz easily could have questioned me, and sidelined instead, JUST SAYING i had opportunity to defend myself, and it was burnt out. In any case, I really think i'll be sitting out the next few games, really don't like the drama from it, and I really do not like the inactivity. If you need a Host LMK
  5. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I get the feeling there are false impressions behind my salt, but if you read the QT you would actually understand the reasons, rather than assuming them Soph
  6. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    When I got online to post, no one else posted, period, and we had people online to post (to list one: jazz). I'm more disappointed with the "slow" pace of the game when I am online because no one else is, whether I am on early morning, evening around 7PM, it doesn't matter. No one does a lot of posts after me, if any at all. I hate that when I post what I can "because no one is active" that I go away, go to sleep, wake up to being "already dead" about 8-10 hours later, so yes i'm definitely pissed when a few voted me because "he is afking, he's scum" logic, when i'm not the type to AFK when people call me out. Zeropassion you are right, I will enjoy it a lot better man, sounds like it with a faster pace, and yes I got a lot to improve on, but people calling me out on it during games rather than after helps me improve better, nothing personal but if I was genuiely VT and posted my thoughts as a whole, the same result would happen and being afk as a "play" being the reason a few voted me has me superiorly salty.
  7. New Years Mafia

    You know i'm bad in social circles. D: Yes because I find that Tyranno saying not to vote Solstice, which makes me feel they know something they aren't saying #scumslip awe someone knows me better than I do D: no! from my notepad tbh D: ow any reason why specifically mr.scum? If im a fool, could'nt I be a VT fool? FoS thinking im a fool and then voting me. Why am I am fool specifically? Details man lol @Solstice Okay; It's exactly why he's a null for me, I usually expect more suspect lists day 1, so that people going into day 2 can deduce who they feel is scum based on the kill, as well as the day posts.; I guess to find that you'd have to lynch me or walia, to test that wifom, wunter hasn't really given a "list" imho, but i feel they'd be VT if town, which is why it's scummy to me I'm not seeing a list that's bigger than that listed.
  8. New Years Mafia

    Once again i'm online when no one's on and it's 7PM Well alright, time to go back to grinding Hearthstone. #DragonPriest
  9. New Years Mafia

    TheGoldenTyranno - scum with solstice, or town - reading scum Jazz - highly likely town, doing a lot of pushing and has one of, if not the most posts, actively hunting for info bombs. Likely Vanilla. BuildTheWalia - Not as active, on and off, overall null to me. Sophocles - Null - not as active and not as much info in posts as i would like Solstice - Null - Tyranno posts that the whole "Joy to the world, for I am town" bit, is something Solstice wouldn't do, if they were scum, ergo they are town to them - Wifom Faint - Pushing Tyranno + Mascis as a BW link, Pretty sure you had the thought 2nd, though I did have it third, you seem to really push it. I like you for town with the pressure, but could be scum with the execute mindset on this dual team. ニック - Im obviously null, haven't done enough posting. Wunterslaus - I like this for scum, kinda active, kinda not, not drawing a real link to anyone. Mascis - Is Convinced that Solstice is scum because Tyranno backed them up and sees a scum link? Before I do just want to make sure I got my post in Overall my stances Scum Town N/A N/A Town/Scum leaning Town Myself Town Town - I don't see them being scum with Tyranno, and I read Tyranno as scum.
  10. New Years Mafia

    Mascis Vote Solstice "I got a good feeling about this" TheGoldenTyranno Vote Jazz"Determining your alignment is critical" JAZZ FOS'S THEGOLDENTYRANNO Says something I can use to link them with Mascic "Good at Mafia" Soph Distancing from the conversation going on, "who wants to be the first lynch of 2k18" Jazz points out Tyranno's flawed logic Buildawalia+Mascis Link Potential Exists Mascis Fluff Potential Solstice + Tyranno Link via Instant Trust from Tyranno, Potential Distancing from Mascis from them with early bus. If scum link with Solstice and Tyranno I see Mascis also thinks it's Solstice and Tyranno. Faint also thinks it's highly likely Solstice and Tyranno. Tyranno when solstice and tyranno are suspected, says don't vote Solstice. All in all I see Tyranno rushed to say "Don't vote Solstice" so that highly makes me suspicious as to why someone would tell other's "not to vote" unless to save it from being hammered. Tyranno seems to be operating mostly on gut though, then reads, and I don't like that as town much. Going to go get my list, and put names and my reads on them together.
  11. New Years Mafia

    Im here, sorry was asleep. Had an all nighter till 9 AM and woke around 5. Ill read through right now to see what I can get noted.
  12. New Years Mafia

    Thanks. Glad to be back
  13. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    it's a trap, modkill mafia is the real theme #hostwins
  14. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    dw i learned new tactics...Well tactics in general. I also got a pc so ill have those quote trains and full suspect lists and scum connection wifom for ya bby
  15. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

    As long as no one 4gets this post, we're lit