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  1. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    yeah during the 'aftergame' or 'after i died' and even then, i was "as active" in posting about unable to play seriously if you want to post a list of arguments, at least make them have a pedestal to stand on I will look into the other suggestions however, thanks for those
  2. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    The fact that I cannot play my "normal" way because I was taught by DnF. Since then the playstyle every game I entered, starting with the game I scum read MBA for "blind town trust" in me, dating to now, I have always had issues playing, because of the activity time, and prior because I was shit asf lol That said I also lose interest due to the activity, and I get annoyed with spam during a game. I have to read 100+ posts of "shitposts" to actually read for posts to "reply" to. Cannot tell you how annoying that is, especially on the go on Mobile. Then I waste my time thinking "is their anything special to this shitpost, or do I ignore it". This is very annoying, especially when trying to find an alledged quote, and then backread to see the context. I have to go back pages to a page I didn't even track the # of, and then re-read everything again. If it was compiled this would fix this and make it easier for me to reply "to everything" instead of "skimming" and skipping key details due to "spam". Worst issue when I AM active, is I have to always Summarize everything, and sometimes I repeat the same thoughts other player's already stated, because I am playing catch up, and that makes me "fos" because I am posting their same point, town or scum I always seem suspect, so I tend not to "play" DGz games anymore, because everyone get's "irritated that I don't try" when I do, and auto reads me for scum when 90% of the time, I have been town, and 25% minimum of that, as vanilla trying to post as much of my thoughts as possible, and I still get scum read because the thoughts are not gathered all together, of which because I don't have time to sort through the backread messages. When I am online during the last few games, people were online viewing the mafia thread, actively, and not responding. This leaves me the option of A) Wait until I login the next day, of which I will likely be killed off by the town for "not replying", or B) Post a summary of my thoughts in game about the players, and leave praying I don't get scumread for summarizing "all my thoughts before I leave, in case I am asked, and scum read for not replying".
  3. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    Best Staff Member: ACP Best Duelist: rip kid no cry Best New Member: walia Best Post: Best Poster: Jazz Best Sig: rip kid no cry's brother Best Thread: Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team: Worst Staff Member: mmf Worst Duelist: Some Random Insert Worst Poster: Myself (Jap Nick) Worst Sig: Anything Blank Worst Thread Mafia God: Faint Best Meme: Droll & Lock Bird Best Thing to Happen: Angriest Poster: Myself (Jap Nick) Biggest Shitposter: markus Stupidest Fucking Idiot: Myself (Jap Nick) Where is Big P?: Markus' Torture Chamber Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) : Some hot stud, idk any of you so Blank
  4. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    Yep, just like when I was active people were asleep, so I couldn't reply. Life is also starting to "pile up" so I really don't want lesser activity than I had to be an issue lol Honestly if the times are faster, and chat client based I can give it my best, but other than that I would be dead weight more so than not lol
  5. TGT presents Star-Crossed Mafia Signups[Cancelled]

    For what it's worth I dropped out of Mafia in general. I find a bunch of people always gunning me for bad plays means I shouldn't play the game, especially when I am not that good at it to begin with. Sad to see it doesn't increase results, but I definitely am out of games so you won't see me (for good or bad) playing
  6. @Faint Everytime I get in a negative mindset, I find myself going to your profile at times and seeing "pos vibe for pos life"

    I just want to thank you for that, you have no idea how many times I chant that to myself to increase my pos vibes. It really helps.

    1. Faint



  7. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Everyone has their off day, I am sure at least one of you has beat your wife before. We all do shit that no one would ever accept in life. I truly am sorry I went retard mode, and if it's me leaving everyone wants, then i'll just banish myself to the shadow realm.
  8. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    i went pure retard, but I know what triggered it, i've come to (through experience) expect more than I receive from mafia communities, that I end up causing myself to get worked up. So for the solution I'm taking a vacation from Mafia, until I can appreciate what I do get from the communities. No idea where it came from, and it's never happening again. That's because everything 'except' mafia is active, and mainly because 'mafia' hasn't moved to a chat client. Honestly if this could happen, it might increase the mafia activity to mobilize it on discord and off of DGz, the only catch22: It's in discord so any links would lead to the chatroom instead of a forum if referencing games. Though I think you could also hyperlink sign ups so that it opens a new chat room, and you can create a QT in discord as a pro. If Showdown can, so can DGz?
  9. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Love how we get more people actually post, when someone acts out? We need this more often <3
  10. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner You're not the only one to notice this, and it happens when people "suck at the game" and "cannot get better" and "want help" but "only have 1-2 offer". At least I got those 1-2 but still, fuck. More Mafioso please!
  11. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    At least I can explain myself when I post, without going offline first? Details? I get tired of waiting for it to start, because it's inactive because of people like ACP nuking activity and making people flee I hate idiots who say "you are dumb" but don't say how, such as yourself Hosts say "I plan to start monday, but give no update until friday and then cancel because busy IRL" Personally I am just PMSing because I realize that people talk shit about my "bad skills" but don't try to "help me". I get 1-2 give me tips and the rest just wait for the next game, rather than aide a player to learn. Also I am pretty sure "stupidist" isn't a word, so mine's actually more intelligent than your's?
  12. Man, the moment you realize you suck at a game, and no one wants to help you get good at it, because they'd rather you suck or ragequit the section than to play a competitive game with you. SMH

    1. rei


      its almost like having a smug, cancerous and malicious personality is offputting 

    2. ニック


      Sorry, you're right. I expect too much activity, and posts from the games and it's getting toxic.

      It's a Sign that the Mafia Games, are not currently for me. Going to work on the attitude issues, and already working on preventing the triggers. Backreading everything to see how retarded I sound when I go through a mood swing, because that was the first one in awhile, think a few years.


      Sorry about that rei, I know you've worked hard on the site and me being an idiot doesn't help.


    3. Francis J Underwood

      Francis J Underwood

      Tfw rei's description describes half of the mafia section. 

  13. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    So many questions, so many edits. Really don't know how else to ask this: Why aren't you hired, now that ACPs out of the picture?; Also Why isn't ACP Banned for something of that scale? Especially given that the sites barren already
  14. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    Context: Let's me see: Inactive (I could join 10 mafia universe games in the time it takes a DGz game to have a day phase, but it can't start a game until half a month after sign-ups on average during this season) Inactive (When I do get into a game, no one is online to post, anything and thus would rather have me get MK'ed for inactivity or fluffing throughout the entire game, then have me play a game and make the section active) Idiots (We have none for once, and I can't even get a game to start, even if I weren't in it) Finally got PC (It's convenient that as SOON as I am able to PC game, and play the game without mobile only, that everyone is 'inactive') Oh and then when I finally LEAVE the section gets active again. You're right, why do I complain. Cya after the migration everyone Thats why I complain rei
  15. I never said Atem was wrong? This isn't a "you are wrong Atem, this is the correct way", this is "you meant not at all, not "not quite" reply. However I have NOT had that situation come up, and the Judges I correct at locals I correct using said chart. Such as when I told A that entering main 1, open state I can set tenacity of the monarchs, before my opponent psy-framelord omega in response, so I know about up to that part, didn't realize it had a way to let the player respond before the opponent to an action of any kind, so good to know.