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  1. Hey I am looking for people who play the following games:

    Town of Salem : Miles777Edgeworth

    Hearthstone : xAssassinx#11680 NA

    1. ZeroPassion


      No time to play on here?

    2. ニック


      Nope, and I still don't have my own PC / Laptop yet. I cannot stand the aggitation of trying to read everything on my cell, Ill miss posts and "become suspicious" because of it. I also cannot fully remember everything therefore I need backreading abilities that don't take 2 hours to re-read everything.


      I wish I could man, planning for mid october to start november, and then I will be able to. :)

  2. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Why do you think he's not mafia? What's the root reason?
  3. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Unless somewhere your role was somehow announced then I think it's an OK idea, but aiming to dismiss it off the bat just also screams "he's onto me". I have to do more reading but what's your view on Kahu @Mascis
  4. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    What use does a tie give town? Both our votes were on silver and both of us can switch but you'd rather leave it up for a tie. Which actions scummy and distancing from information? The one wanting to tie it of course
  5. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    If kahus scum so are you so rn Kahu vote will give me more info
  6. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    unvote, vote Kahu No ties
  7. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    vote silverdude
  8. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Rehashing day one I didn't like kahu for being active enough to post he was going to be inactive but didn't I've any reads, fluff and flee + leave excuse which is how I last started my scum game to an extent and i leanned scum on them Tyrannosaurus seemed to just be going with flow and went to question me plus defended with stating Kahu probably didn't expect the game to start when it did which came off as minority defense to Kahu, defending without basis. So I leanned potential scum on scum with that pair. That's what I've left before as far as I can remember off the bat without backreading I still feel the same way, I would like to know also if Kahu has posted actively today and what their thoughts are
  9. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Markus tomorrow for day 3 I'll have all my thoughts out there. I personally right now don't want to vote mark and I don't know where I stand on mark but I got my reasons. I plan to be on to give thoughts on interactions in general and got a lot to read so any mentions of any player interaction and page number will help me find it to give my thoughts on it and make the process of catching up easier. Day 3 onward I plan to be much more active with my thoughts and posts. Last game was solely because that time I was scum and no one pushed me so I distanced away and avoided giving thoughts while giving minor ones on how scum were scum, scum were town and how town were town or scum. I have about 4-5 reads to have leverage. I plan to give all my reads tomorrow on leans reads and solid feelings based on posting whereas if I did that now I'd be going solely on gut and without basis.
  10. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    JC wants to silence me so I don't get time to review the thread. Rip So JC is there any spot for me to skip to to gauge interactions? I want to contribute my thoughts ASAP but 1073+ posts is a lot on mobile D:
  11. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    I have a lot of unread posts and damn too much to read through on mobile so I'll have to do it at the library when I get a chance tomorrow. All I saw in mentions of me was from zeropassion and i did roll town. I haven't got to read much into interactions yet but I will definitely post my thoughts no later than day three and as soon as possible. Had class for anger management next is tournament at locals then it will be about 10est when I get back. Is there any interactions between people to read up on and specifically pages I need to read through to give my view on?
  12. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Also I really like the idea you flip scum I vote your bud you defended. Reminds me of how another game went.
  13. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Here it was. So I jumped on the nelrick bandwagon by suggesting he targeted himself and by voting a different player, of which you referred to that player as "probably not expecting the game to start when it did but the next day". Sounds like a soft defense and a redirect if I ever heard one. unvote, vote tyranno You sound like you're trying to stretch the truth which makes you scum. Ggnore
  14. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Someone want to remind me when I targeted nelrick because iirc I said I think he might have targeted himself and that's all regarding him. I think silver is just trying to make me a target with that, Malcolm likes him as town. Im getting the feeling Malcolm will be scum this game with silver. Also I only read up to page 24 end. Houghts I'd be active then backread later
  15. Goat Mafia - Day 9 - Town Wins!

    Kahu* - ebwop