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  1. Well since mafia is inactive, you can find me on Mafia Universe from now on.


    Thanks to Golden Tyranno for his thread post about the mafia competition, as it gives me the exact info I wanted, places where I can forum mafia, so bored of ToS and ToL with the fast pace and been wanting a slow paced game, but I never get one, or I have no PC and everyone spams so I lose info, or I get a PC and the sections dead asf.

    I literally been having issues for awhile simply playing, but now I realize how many communities are out there for me to explores thanks to the Hydra Event Thread.

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    2. rei


      (we use discord a lot too) 

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      lurk more dammit

    4. ニック


      Would if it was worth, but only section worth for me is mafia.