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  1. Man, the moment you realize you suck at a game, and no one wants to help you get good at it, because they'd rather you suck or ragequit the section than to play a competitive game with you. SMH

    1. rei


      its almost like having a smug, cancerous and malicious personality is offputting 

    2. ニック


      Sorry, you're right. I expect too much activity, and posts from the games and it's getting toxic.

      It's a Sign that the Mafia Games, are not currently for me. Going to work on the attitude issues, and already working on preventing the triggers. Backreading everything to see how retarded I sound when I go through a mood swing, because that was the first one in awhile, think a few years.


      Sorry about that rei, I know you've worked hard on the site and me being an idiot doesn't help.


    3. Francis J Underwood

      Francis J Underwood

      Tfw rei's description describes half of the mafia section.