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  1. @Faint Everytime I get in a negative mindset, I find myself going to your profile at times and seeing "pos vibe for pos life"

    I just want to thank you for that, you have no idea how many times I chant that to myself to increase my pos vibes. It really helps.

    1. Faint



  2. Man, the moment you realize you suck at a game, and no one wants to help you get good at it, because they'd rather you suck or ragequit the section than to play a competitive game with you. SMH

    1. rei


      its almost like having a smug, cancerous and malicious personality is offputting 

    2. ニック


      Sorry, you're right. I expect too much activity, and posts from the games and it's getting toxic.

      It's a Sign that the Mafia Games, are not currently for me. Going to work on the attitude issues, and already working on preventing the triggers. Backreading everything to see how retarded I sound when I go through a mood swing, because that was the first one in awhile, think a few years.


      Sorry about that rei, I know you've worked hard on the site and me being an idiot doesn't help.


    3. Francis J Underwood

      Francis J Underwood

      Tfw rei's description describes half of the mafia section. 

  3. Well since mafia is inactive, you can find me on Mafia Universe from now on.


    Thanks to Golden Tyranno for his thread post about the mafia competition, as it gives me the exact info I wanted, places where I can forum mafia, so bored of ToS and ToL with the fast pace and been wanting a slow paced game, but I never get one, or I have no PC and everyone spams so I lose info, or I get a PC and the sections dead asf.

    I literally been having issues for awhile simply playing, but now I realize how many communities are out there for me to explores thanks to the Hydra Event Thread.

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    2. rei


      (we use discord a lot too) 

    3. ZeroPassion


      lurk more dammit

    4. ニック


      Would if it was worth, but only section worth for me is mafia.

  4. Where are the mafia games at, I get a PC and now no games are queued :(

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    2. Flacko


      wish mafia died out before last generation.

    3. Jazz


      you're just salty malcolm outplayed you

    4. Faint


      i think we broke markus

  5. Once my taxes come in, first priority will be a computer. So I should be back to Mafia at most 2 months from now.


  6. Hey Man, I wont be able to play Mafia until about Mid-Late November at the latest.

    3 Years of taxes will pay for my computer, and mobile I tried and I just am not at my best on Mobile (At my worst actually) so won't be until then.


    Thanks for the tag

  7. Hey I am looking for people who play the following games:

    Town of Salem : Miles777Edgeworth

    Hearthstone : xAssassinx#11680 NA

    1. ZeroPassion


      No time to play on here?

    2. ニック


      Nope, and I still don't have my own PC / Laptop yet. I cannot stand the aggitation of trying to read everything on my cell, Ill miss posts and "become suspicious" because of it. I also cannot fully remember everything therefore I need backreading abilities that don't take 2 hours to re-read everything.


      I wish I could man, planning for mid october to start november, and then I will be able to. :)

  8. Taking a long break

  9. Friend made last minute plans to celebrate my birthday, sorry mafia crew but I have to drop out as I won't be active to keep myself in, or to post frequently. 1 Sub needed

  10. I know why people hate DNF and DNF users so much now.

  11. I am the master of receiving salt. First SwagSquiddy over "omg 4 downvotes" and now Chumlee Doublestack, over "omg, 2 downvotes". Is everyone like this?

  12. Farewell for now DGz, war scene inactive af, no time for this site. Seeya on DNF

    1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      if u inactive y u keep unulikin mi posts >____>

    2. ニック


      Because you are a wannabe, that keeps posting bad content?

  13. 1 slot open on Lethal Infinity, any takers?

  14. Team 1 is up and approved. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=160770 Let the offers for war fly.

  15. Making a team. Free Agents HMU

  16. If you are seeing this a 2nd time, it is because you posted more than once in the free agent thread. I am looking to throw a team together. You must be at least decent with activity, have AIM or Skype for communication purposes, both are free to download. This will be a team comprised of other Free Agents who accept the offer, I cannot guarantee skill level of those involved in the team. Reply back with yes or no, and we will go from there.

  17. Looking for a team HMU

  18. Changed, no longer a faggot. Do not believe me, give it time.

    1. Dashie
    2. ニック


      k i understand, I did act out a lot without thinking first.

  19. War Record 0-3. Keep getting sacked. When will this losing streak end.

  20. DGz wars are really inactive....

  21. Guess I will start off with the Ruling Section. My specialty

  22. Back on the scene, and got a lot more mature since the last time. Hope to get a 2nd chance with everyone.