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  1. I haven't played yugis in a while but I do have some dantes lying around... How much can I sell those for since it's obviously the best deck right now?
  2. Naruto Shippuuden

    They really need to stop dragging everything on like we are so close to the ending stop making me wait for months plus i am sick of the repetitive Obito flashbacks... I can sense more are coming 
  3. Nanatsu no Taizai- The Seven Deadly Sins

    I like it, it gives me hella LOLs
  4. Akame ga Kill

    Did they really have to kill of everybody in night raid except Najenda and Akame?? They couldve at least gave Leone a better death than a cheapshot from the Minister.
  5. Legend of Korra

    Yea the ending could have been alot better like I wouldn't mind if Mako actually died sacrificing his life to destroy the Spirit Mecha. That could have been a legit ending where it shows that warfare is getting more dangerous and how each nation has to grow tech wise and humanity wise
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    has anyone considered siding back to square one/ dark core against denkodolls?? it breaks denko + winda boards when your traps are locked
  7. are maths still worth something? i have a playset but don't know what to get rid of them for
  8. League of Legends

    I love the baron buffed canon minions 
  9. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    While in the mountains Billy reached enlightenment 
  10. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    Danny Bassous in Top 8!!
  11. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    Danny Bassous please win!! Another Arab YCS Dallas Champion 
  12. Aldnoah.Zero

    Don't get me wrong I loved the ending but holy shit was so unexpected
  13. Aldnoah.Zero

    Just finished watching this anime and holy mother of god. Wtf just happened
  14. i feel like i should move my tin wolfbarks before right now but what would be a reasonable price atm? i got them for a dollar each so idont really mind doing a little less
  15. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Any thoughts on HTS Psymueth? Its an immediate out to any shaddoll fusion , except maybe construct not really sure, and it doesnt let them get the fusion back and if we are running the trap card thats an immediate virgil after that.