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  1. damn this place died. not surprised tho

    1. ACP



    2. fuckfiend


      the mafia section is bigger than ever, speaking of which, you should play. 



  2. Shut up and play

  3. Freedom of Speech not Freedom of Speech*

  4. damn bitch fuck ass dick cunt shit piss crap n-...n-word...

  5. Proud Aryan oven-maker

  6. It's baffling how much of a fucking hugbox DGz is turning into. It's just like pojo, except shittier now.

  7. >TFW you almost became a pokemon master

  8. You know you're doing something right when people make bots to negstalk you.

  9. I will never claim to know unless it's proven, I hope you do the same.

  10. I just really love being the antagonist.

  11. For whatever reasons, everyone knows me, and not you :)

  12. DGz's a pretty cool guy.

  13. Going for the high score!