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  1. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    [quote name="??????" post="3722876" timestamp="1396357175"][quote name="lordTyranus" post="3722612" timestamp="1396325628"][url=http://i.imgur.com/rBnxQdc.png]http://i.imgur.com/rBnxQdc.png[/url] Yeah sorry for serpent 2'months and it'll be legit[/quote]   How is this updated when you're using cards from 2 lists ago?[/quote] I'm a little confused what you mean. The deck is OCG April legal minus serpent
  2. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    Pod card, I can sit on hand traps for a turn at worse luck, tg real question is pot of avarice mained or not
  3. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    http://i.imgur.com/rBnxQdc.png Yeah sorry for serpent 2'months and it'll be legit
  4. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

      depends on how good the list isI mean I took atems advice cut the fancy crap put in protection and more consistency
  5. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    If I post a updated copy of my deck with your comments in consideration would I get hate?
  6. Organization XIII - [TCG] Early Premium Gold Info

    Because the Lightsworn got a massive huge text turnover in Japan with the Holiday Duelist Set where the 3 new guys came out. Also Ryko was a legitimate tournament card until it got power creeped out of existence, and this Gold Series seems to be aiming for "Neat stuff to reprint" along with 30 or so new cards and the gods in Bling Bling, and Ryko was a neat card at one point until he became unemployed.   Obelisk is typically considered worth it. (High Attack, unstoppable summon, and can't be targeted)   Yeah sorry I was thinking more March 2013 era where non targeting meant jack shit
  7. Organization XIII - [TCG] Early Premium Gold Info

    Do tell are any of the gods actully good? I prefer coldwave I mean wicked avatar over them any day
  8. Starting to learn more about this community.

    [quote name="Paraliel" post="3694785" timestamp="1392941266"][quote name="lordTyranus" post="3694646" timestamp="1392929150"]Don't post and when the first 4 dislikes hit change the post to avoid more[/quote] If you change your post, you deserve every single neg even more. Don't give advice to people please.[/quote] I haven't as you see by my rep. But in a site full of dislike bandwagoners I'm trying to stop the guy from starting out neg 50
  9. Starting to learn more about this community.

    [quote name="Vice Captain Sanada" post="3694652" timestamp="1392929527"]Protip #2: Don't take advice from LordTyranus   Also, I neg people when they edit their posts deleting their content. [/quote] Well seeing that you get negged with no feedback/comment I would say that I was pretty close to being right about those site
  10. Starting to learn more about this community.

    Don't post and when the first 4 dislikes hit change the post to avoid more
  11. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    [quote name="Dango and Tswift <3" post="3694406" timestamp="1392898441"]I don't think you understood my point at all. I would lurk man, if this was not the ocg forum, and more people read this  thread you would be destroyed by people that are strictly better than you. Your not understanding the basic concept of timing, formats, and card value in a format. I don't even play the ocg format, and I can tell you that you get wrecked by Rulers, and you get wrecked by a lot of other decks. [/quote]having played against rulers I suggested this deck but whatever
  12. [OCG][February 2013] Chaos Dragon

    Cut gorz put in frost.. Doesn't target and is better than rainbow for me One more lance in 2ccd Black rose Minus Gaia #2 Hopefully that helps
  13. Bleach Manga

    So thought on Aizen and the tea? Aizen vs Hashwalt would be a amazing fight
  14. Naruto Manga

    Just sayin. The creeper could be Izuna he was mention right before in any case. Also Obito FTW? He took Madara's staff