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  1. @SageRhapsody @Broken Brilliance @Solstice :^) @Cheesesteak you interested in playing? i remember you asked about the mafia scene once and could use a few new faces.
  2. i have finally ascended float status why wasn't this thread initially in smash'd??
  3. Over a fourth of the season through at this point. In the NL... How about those Rockies? I thought they'd be giving some competition in the West, but look at them in first place. Diamondbacks are doing better than I thought they would. Pitching has improved, although Miller having tommy john is all kinds of disappointing. Dodgers should be able to make a push for the overall NL West title but I wouldn't be shocked if the Rockies took it. NL Central is shocking to me. I'm a Brewers fan, but I did not expect the Brewers to come out and be in first place at any point after April. Starting pitching has been subpar, but their offense is legit. If both Thames and Braun can be healthy then that'd be great; otherwise, their depth offensively has been outstanding. Cubs are surprisingly playing under their ability as of now. Expect them to make a run sooner or later given their talent. Cards came out strong for a little bit but are coming back to reality. Same for the Reds but they'll burn hard. NL East is pathetic. Nats are a great team and should make it to the playoffs easily. On the AL side.... Astros the best team in baseball thus far. Although they were swept by Cleveland, it is safe to say they are going to be competing for the AL West title. I'd say they'd outright win the thing, but the Rangers have been hot. Would admittingly piss me off if Texas won it, but it'd be deserved. AL Central is being led by the Twins! A surprise team. Ervin Santana has been pitching out of his mind...besides against Boston and Colorado. Indians should catch back up if their starting pitching gets back to how it should be. Best pen in baseball. AL East has surprised us with Yankees in first. Team has supposedly been overperforming but they are for real. The rookies and vets are both performing as they should - starting pitching suspect as well. Orioles doing their orioles things and winning more than they should (Go Showalter!) . Boston has underperformed more than i thought they would. I'm glad the Brewers have beaten them thus far. :^) wild mlb season! Who is excited for the rest of the season to unfold? Division predictions at this point?
  4. claiming bulletproof miller vigilante
  5. you break the game based on a list and shoot the player right below you. now if scum are paired next to each other on a list then that gets hella entertaining.
  6. coming from mr. POS REP VIBES this post is bad and you should feel bad (attacking players not ideas!!!)
  7. the return of ikawolf ----------------------------------------------------- i floated better than floatstone/top_float and made the difference in my survival (aka was forgotten by a few ppl!!) although not to say i should try to float every time i roll scum. scumwise we chose the vig over the inno child because of the #dgztownpunt in the wrong hands. fairly surprised i wasn't vig'd early on though malcolm entering the final 3 was a scary thought but it worked out well in the end =]
  8. jumanji is coming
  9. Vote: ZeroPassion
  10. my first priority is gemstone. if they flip town i'm going to have to really review the game vote: gemstone
  11. antag i going to throw occam's razor at for being the deciding vote on scum and call him town. he's right in saying i didn't find him too scummy on day 1 which i worded what i meant poorly that day. i'm definitely reading into him later 2k i'm torn on. i dislike them saying i wanted to lynch monahan last phase, although with respect to saying to vig mon i can give some points there. if anything i see them as the "helpful townie" figure that antag mentioned about soph.
  12. liked mascis more for town after soph was lynched but that read has staled. they say i've been continually pushing players who he thinks are strongly town, only i initially voted markus and explained my reasoning for that, then had liked them more and said so in the thread. his reads seem inconsistent aka calling monahan town when he hasn't objectively done enough for a townread (mascis does explain a little better today) or me being his #1 scumread but wanting to situate gem/2k/malcolm first which i guess is alright? i'd expect him to want to vote me this phase my power had gone out at eod or else i would have voted mascis last phase. had to look through the phase to see what faint had noticed but then again there was no way faint was going to escape nk from what he claimed even if mascis was trying to soft something. i lean town on mascis still since i can't see soph putting a vote on a scummate and pushing it through half the day but i think their read on me is silly
  13. this is the voting from soph onto monahan and then a vote right back that I don't read as super serious monahan had one post after this on the same page as the vote and didn't post at all near eod / rest of the game at that point now monahan has been on malcolm for the entire day which is disappointing. he went back and made a push/vote on malcolm with a quote which is essentially saying soph was trying to move away from malcolm being brought up. we already have someone gunning for malcolm at sod (gem) and others have expressed concerns on malcolm, so people are legitimately scumreading malcolm as townies, or we have scum trying to push on malcolm to get a ml through scum interactions. malcolm cannot be alive = scum'd due to prs being outed and dying unless it can be argued that he "should have been killed n1". i cannot townread monahan based on these actions. a slight lean to town because of him being on soph's lynch in the "new player wifom" realm where they would not want to bus teammates, but with that vote i feel very indifferent.
  14. Gemstone looks bad from his posting while Malcolm looks bad due to soph's interactions to an extent. I was essentially the vote which brought away from the gem/antag lynches but it did not look like a gem lynch would have taken off unless I voted for him in that case. Soph voted gem at a 2-4 point between gem and antag on day 1 respectively so idk what I should read into that. If anything them not going onto the antag wagon could mean more, but antag hammered soph off. Above quote is terrible since he quotes soph with defenses for malcolm but disregards what soph posted at top of the page aka "malcolm peddling bullshit". Malcolm I'm indifferent about from but as I stated earlier I think is a stronger townlean (especially outside of soph in this phase). I don't think soph expects a lynch that close to eod and spews muck in the cluster. Malcolm going off this phase along with their vote going almost everywhere is showing indecisiveness at best. I think that in itself is null behavior but going off this phase in an attempt at solving is indicative of town for me; especially when the game has slowed up as much as it has. Going to have to re-read antag the more I think about soph voting around that wagon