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  1. I've been back and forth getting ready for work the past few hrs. I've been going back through the thread and looking at players with my time permitting. I'm exhausted from how many pages there are already, but that's a consequence of so many people in the game. I should be back by EoD. It's frustrating.
  2. Silver's vote here does not seem like they're willing to take credit at all for the lynch and feels survival-like Part of PSK and silver interactions. Silver does say earlier he had no opinion of either me or tyranno but here he does not directly answer PSK. Says later on I wasn't deterring town and didn't focus on me bc of that. I dislike silver not discussing the vote. I ping this as Silver trying to link himself to me in case he went down. Also a crei voter which I do want to kill --- Walia's only relevant post today (larger post, not quoting this time) is the case against me and other thoughts outside of asking questions. I'm the popular lynch today and while it's good that he actually gave a read, it sucks that its the most popular one ITT. --- This is where I stand for my kills now. I find Wunter has hardly done anything notable this phase. I thought the Jazz and Malcolm interactions to be a point of interest but I don't have time right now to look. Vote: Silver/MBA I won't be back until like maybe 9 hrs from now but my main kill is Silver. I don't know if I want to touch Walia today.
  3. I thought that post was a green cop check - he doesn't want to lynch me and gave more reasoning compared to other posts I've seen from him. I don't think I've played with LFN before so idk what type of player he is or if he'd try that but fmpov his play came off to me once I read that post. I don't unvote LFN if he didn't make that post. I want to focus on scum. I can get to this later Most likely Walia or Malcolm. Walia has given his biggest push against me and nothing else notable this phase. Malcolm never gave a straightforward on what his opinion was of me when Jazz asked earlier and later votes me. That's part of the reason I don't like silver who didn't give a straightforward opinion until later.
  4. To clarify this: I do not remember much of hazmah's meta. The linking was from the previous game only as he hard linked Tyranno and I as scum and doubled down on our pushes. I think you remember what happened after I died that game. I don't think what he said was scum-indicative there.
  5. Oh fucking christ you have to be town Unvote: LFN
  6. Former 2 lean town, latter less of a townread, but I'm more biased because of the slick tunnel, and because of some of his reads (I'll get to this in a different part). I've never experienced the opposing end of a slick tunnel in my life. ------------------------------------------- The LFN case which I thought I had covered better comes down to: - LFN's voting day 1 seems like it comes only when prompted. As in, it really came toward the end of day and does not feel like they care where the lynch went. This is when he votes when asked by Francis I think this is after silver posted about Mascis being worse. Crei vote traction comes here. I voted crei later, yes, but I mentioned earlier I thought this line here was an attempt to get best girl votes again as LFN was losing them. Potential power for scum to have here if they are voted best girl. I think LFN led the best girl votes at one point but cba to look. These votes are on the popular lynches which is fine but does not seem like it really cares where they go. - I believe he has given thoughts and that is fine, but nothing that screams like it is really helping town move in a direction. Giving thoughts is nice and all but I do not see him pushing any agenda here. I compare Soph as a better LFN to an extent because I feel soph has given a better stance as to where he is versus LFN. This is part of why I do not have slick as that high of a townread. ----------------------------- I'm not going to go further on LFN unless tagged or if I see something eye-popping but there is a better clarification. He's just being there I feel. LFN, who do you want dead? I need to go into the other players. Silver is on top of my list because I feel he was purposefully dodgy to connect me to him.
  7. - Mascis was a sarcastic best girl vote - The "willingness to move on a lynch portion" is meant at LFN choosing either Mascis or Silver as a vote. Did not seem like LFN cared where the vote went. - I liked Solstice entrance this phase which is why I said it's good. Given how I've played it is justifiable to scumread me. - It's not just that LFN bandwagoned, it's that I feel it was an attempt at getting the best girl vote again Bolded means absolutely nothing for this phase. Regardless I'm at a point where I contribute or I'm dead. I want to see what hazmah thinks of me too. Can you quote this for me? I'm not gong to be able to post for at least the next hour. My top kill is LFN but I need to relook at the Silver/PSK interactions and Jazz/Malcolm interactions that I saw, but I agree so far that Silver not discussing me is shady.
  8. Bolded seems like it is worded poorly - I had something to show my point on LFN at the time. What are you saying here? I had to get quota in at the time I voted crei. Regardless my reasoning for voting crei was that I found him scummy and a better wagon than silver at the time, and putting the vote to tie the lynches between crei and silver would be able to give information on who voted for who, and whoever would break that tie as well. Silver made himself look worse now and deserves to die for not directly answering your question about me and tyranno. LFN vote came down to my belief that scum was on crei (I explained this today) with part of their play from the previous phase. I have looked through LFN's posts for d2 (since the last time I had posted) and d1, and he does give thoughts, but I feel that's just it. I don't see him as trying to find scum for as much as he has done already, ie helpful townie, and I do not think they made it clear who they want dead this phase. I would not have voted LFN if Solstice did not make their first post which indicated that they were looking at the votes. I agree that while they do not have a hard stance on what they think the votes mean, Solst scumreads me and Jazz which is better but I don't think they have laid a vote down. I find Solstice to have more of a town mindset as they made it clear who they want dead.
  9. Is this your opinion on what we should do or was this a question you had directed to LFN?
  10. @Faint fwiw I gave you best girl bc I found you the towniest player at the time.
  11. I'm intrigued in you bringing up the soph wagon - you are looking at the votes which is a good sign. I'll look more into this later. We should look into the crei votes now as I don't see how scum doesn't try to get crei lynched when players discuss the possibility. Vote: LFN LFN votes after Slick and Jazz do as crei votes pick up steam. The vote gives me a vibe that they want to get the best girl vote back with their last sentence there. Not a fan of LFN's opening this phase that has talked about the dead player (brandis) vs the living players on there.
  12. Unvote: LFN Vote: Crei Tied between Crei and Silver Who wants to break the tie
  13. I thought their vote on Solstice for the trust list seemed weak and the willingness to move on a lynch of mascis or silver for info reasons also seems weak. Solstice is the other vote on them which I like but I don't think the progression of the vote sits well with me (it was initially rng but stayed for a reason). One of the few people to call out how the best girl votes on LFN were not good. I do like LFN voting crei so I think I'm reading the players incorrectly here between Solstice (due to vote progression) and LFN. Anyone have a stance on Solstice's vote on LFN?
  14. Vote: LFN This is a player I want dead and I think we can move this lynch there