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  1. Bomb paranoia or a different paranoia? @Felwinter have we ever played with each other before? I don't recognize the username from anywhere I've played and you said you've never played w/ anyone bar me.
  2. I'd lynch Felwinter - I'm not a fan of the float and that day 3 seems to try to get them off the lynch block from what is presumably giving a Nelrick scan and for the previously mentioned seemingly being on popular topics as contributions.
  3. Are you looking at just the analysis and nothing else surrounding when it happens? Barring him speaking of DarkBlaze on day 1 and now, to Francis on day 4, he's been on the popular topics late and idk how they could think Francis may be freaking out over losing quickly I'm still weary about the Nelrick scan which should "conf" him as town, but we have a good chunk of scenarios where players are "conf'd".
  4. q u o t a u o t a Anywho, DarkBlaze did suspect Nelrick day 1 and saw flimsy logic during Nel v FJU heated debate 2k16, They think Nelrick is absolutely anti-town but wants to wait until they get back, if Nel did that day. I kinda like their huge page 13 analysis post - the first half is essentially informational but the bottom is tonnes better with their reads. They confirm Kahu as town, which I think a good majority of the playerbase had thought to an extent after Kahu claimed FT. Another thing them seem to be doing is with all the "I agree" posts with votes - seems like he himself is trying to get swayed by others instead of using his own thought processes. I can get behind a townDarkBlaze with calling Nelrick out - although I would have wished to have seen a vote on Nel sooner by him day 1 if they had placed their vote on a Felwinter early. They have been more floaty these past few phases and said we should look into x more, but don't give their own analysis to them which is concerning. The more I type out this out the more I think Dark leans town
  5. I guess just [ spoiler ] then???
  6. Yeah I'm getting to DarkBlaze
  7. y u respond to darkblaze but not solstice y flaffeh y
  8. This may be a point against you being scum which is something I've been considering. scumMascis doesn't have to commit to voting his scumbud and instead goes for a non scumbud. The problem here is that scumMascis may know that a world where scumSolstice won't die by lynch and is therefore safer and waste a day in terms of lynching. Vote counts at the time had Nelrick and you as competing wagons so maybe Mascis was trying to set up his vote for a judge lynch in the case where players couldn't decide, but I don't think this is likely in this point of time. Although I don't like: Where this ties up the votes at 4-4-1.
  9. Could you talk a little more about the master floater, Felwinter - someone you mentioned today?
  10. I don't think that's majority dig idk why you're voting yourself there if you're town if you're saying that bullshit holy fuck man
  11. I stopped my post bc idk if this is the majority or not
  12. Okay so a couple of thoughts before placing a vote. Deftown are Jazz and Kahu, the latter world w/ DarkBlaze could not exist unless they outplay us claiming Oracle dying as a partner. Which isn't a good use of the FT and I'm p sure scum would have discussed that. I'm using Occam's razor for rei and Francis for now - rei for the NK attempt (even if it is the Illusion Kill) and Francis bc Nelrick tried autoing the day by giving the redscan on him. I know there could be a world where Francis and Nel are scum but I don't see that world existing. I know I'm town. This leaves the players on the hot seat in digbick and Solstice, and with 2 others that should be discussed more: DarkBlaze and Felwinter Starting with Felwinter: I'm not a fan of their contributions besides giving their inquis information. They discussed a few reads in Me who was fiercely discussed, Solstice, calling Dark's logic poor, and on me along with other floaters. Thinks Sol is the better lynch and doesn't want to lynch the Priestclaims either, which is alright - a good chunk of their posts that day are about the Priest issue though. Day 3 they come in and implicate they are inquis by saying they scanned Nelrick and DarkBlaze. They didn't pay attention to the end of day 3 if they say they had to scan me to out my role when I did claim. While scanning Nelrick should be a definite rule out for them being on a team, I actually don't see a point in scanning Nelrick after mark was lynched, unless they were trying to find out if Nelrick was a defensive role, aka the Survivalist. That'd solve the game if nel was a defense role but we'd learn of that if we went to try and lynch him and he turned up Survivalist. Could have scanned someone else to check for a different type of role (maybe?) and give him credence there.
  13. Yes, those are my concerns about digbick. I'm not sure how much of what they say I should consider Pre Day 3 (fuck whatever scumNel/Masc say then) or if town considers this too? Curious about that.
  14. A couple of gems I found of Mascis with regards to digbick as I read day 2 again. First quote is when Mascis has their vote on Nelrick. I do not believe there were any comments about demon hauntings at the time which is perfect if town forgets and if Nelrick is lynched. 2nd quote is when they're on Solstice for Jazz's safeplan. I think scum would have wanted to kill mark regardless since if Nelrick rlly had to be inactive, it helps to get rid of an inactive member that would be bound for a lynch anyway (Nelrick). In a town that is paranoid about dig's alignment, scum don't judgekill him. They certainly don't if he's scum ofc. This would be evident by their play as they haven't contributed as much besides giving us the GD reads. Nel had shaded the GD role, saying that if they didn't out themselves he'd assume they're scum. Unless that's in-game coaching but I see that chance being slim. I like a digbick lynch more because Jazz is their apprentice. On a standalone aspect w/o considering the above: Absolutely. Considering the above: Ugh it's like scum what us to waste 2 lynches.