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  1. So lemme tell you a little bit about where I go for college... ...The mascot of this university?... Once, a golf course; now, this university was originally a commuter college - still is, to an extent. This university is the only public univeristy in St. Louis, and is Division 2 for sports. While students can decide to live on campus, there are very limited options, and the drama that occurs spreads like a fucking plague. Trust me, it's not fun to deal with 24/7. Highlights of this campus are the rec center that ranks in the top 10 of new university recreation centers, the food company Sodexo - which is one of the shittiest companies in the existence to ever exist - their food quality is SHIT, and finally, the geese population all around campus. That's right, geese. They literally walk, poop, and swim anywhere on campus. This campus isn't situated next to a body of water, but for some reason the geese must have made this their home ages ago. Whatever reason, who knows. They can be benevolent, or attack you. It's rare if they attack, but it could happen. Here, let's find out if this goose will atta...OH SHIT IT HONKED AT ME, I GOTTA RUN THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vote Count 2.01: Mascis (L-5) Solstice TheGoldenTyranno (L-2) The_Be(a)sT, Malcolm, Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-5) TheGoldenTyranno Not Voting: Winter Multi, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Wunterslaus, Confuse rei Majority is 6.
  2. So that zoo episode was actually literally awful. So awful that I don't feel safe in this town, because you never know when a zoo outbreak can happen, I mean the city isn't prepared for that! ...So maybe that's an overreaction, I mean why did I even come to St. Louis anyway again? For education? Oh yeah. I think today is the day I discuss the universities in this area, or I'll be the campus guide and I will try to sell you into coming here as well! Education is important! ...So as I leave from the zoo, I hear... "ZOO OUTBREAK! THAT BEAR GOT OUT OF HIS CAGE! SAVE US!" Wait, what? I see the bear coming out of the entrance and trying to claw people to death. Unfortunately, a young dapper man could not escape that bear's wrath and was, you guessed it, mauled to death. Zookeepers finally run out and shoot the fucking bear, falling to it's untimely death. Why was that bear so violent? "Attention, everyone, we are looking for someone who unlocked the cage door and let the bear out! That bear is...well, was, very volatile. Whoever unleashed that bear will be sentenced to death!" Death! Like I said, this city is DANGEROUS! Why would I even sell you on coming here??? Whoever let the bear out will feel this city's wrath... ...but enough about the bad, lemme tell you more about the education in this city!... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The night was not peaceful... @iSlickz was Night Killed! (mauled to death by a loose bear). iSlickz was Town Universal Backup, who had inherited the Town Watcher ability! @Winter Multi @Malcolm @Mascis @The_Be(a)sT @Solstice @Nelrick @TheGoldenTyranno @SageRhapsody @Sophocles @Wunterslaus @confuse rei Day 2 has begun and will end at 7:00 PM CST on 4/23/17! Majority is 6.
  3. Day is potentially starting after 6 pm cst. This workshop is taking a while and I'm no5 at a place to start day normally
  4. Game Announcement: @Jazz is being subbed out for @The_Be(a)sT
  5. So now that I'm at the St. Louis Zoo, I can explore their many exhibits! Let's go over to the west side of the zoo, to the River's Edge exhibit. As I get there, I see a crowd of people hovering around a cage. I go over there just to see what's going on. Maybe that giraffe is giving birth! "...Ladies and gentlemen! We shall now reveal our newest animal! Say hello to...YOGI BEAR!" WHAT, NO, YOGI BERRA AT THE ST. LOUIS ZOO? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT, HE ISN'T A BE...Oh, shit, the actual literal Yogi Bear! Well fuck, he's right! Looks like I am imagining things. Maybe I should lea...WOAH! "HOLY SHIT, A GUY IS BEING MAULED ALIVE BY A BEAR! WHAT HAPPENED?" "HE WENT IN TO FEED THE BEAR, BUT NOW THAT BEAR IS GOING TO EAT HIM ALIVE INSTEAD!" For whatever reason, everyone continues to watch as the guy is eventually eaten by the bear. Looks like he'll get euthanized by the zoo. Maybe it's time to go... "THE GIRAFFE FINALLY GAVE BIRTH! LET'S GO SEE THE BABY!" The people all run to the giraffe exhibit and hope to see the baby. I decide to leave instead, pondering my life choices and where to go next... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Day 1 Vote Count Jazz (L-5) Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-6) TheGoldenTyranno, Digbick (L-3) Solstice, iSlickz, confuse rei, Jazz Nelrick (L-6) Wunterslaus Not voting: Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Winter Multi, Malcolm @Digbick has been lynched. He was a Town Watcher. Night has begun and will end at 5:30 PM CST on 4/23/17, or unless all night actions have been received before then.
  6. Day is over, no more posting.
  7. Vote Count 1.04 Jazz (L-5) Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-6) TheGoldenTyranno, Digbick (L-3) Solstice, iSlickz, confuse rei, Jazz Nelrick (L-6) Wunterslaus Not voting: Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Winter Multi, Malcolm Majority is 7 Everyone has met quota, and day ends in 45 minutes.
  8. So, after a short drive from The Hill, I arrive at... ...A luscious park for recreational purposes. Enjoy a nice stroll with your girlfriend/boyfriend, have a picnic, bike, play frisbee golf (or actual golf)... ...Forest Park is also home to... ...But finally, it is also home to out next destination... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote Count 1.03 Jazz (L-5) Mascis, Sophocles Malcolm (L-6) TheGoldenTyranno, Digbick (L-3) Solstice, iSlickz, confuse rei, Jazz Not voting: Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Wunterslaus, Winter Multi, Malcolm Majority is 7. Day ends in 6 hours and 9 minutes!
  9. GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS/REMINDERS: - Self Voting is allowed - had discussed this w/ PSK in pms but this is to clear it up. I had it this way initially. - Remember not to attack players, but the ideas instead; calm yourselves down before mashing the keyboard buttons, etc. - Flavor is purely flavor and zero game relevant information will be included in flavor, barring death scenes if you consider that, but the role flips will be separated, of course. The flavor relevancy was mentioned in the Host Notes in the OP but may have been a little unclear, but the formatting from my posts so far have been flavor and then vote counts or game relevant info. I format flavoring as I have done it now, and is generally the only time I format posts like that. If you want to skip the flavor, that's fine, the game relevant stuff is at the end of my post and is clearly separated. Otherwise, enjoy the flavor - it's done differently. I think that's it for now. Enjoy playing the game, guys!
  10. Alright, so Ferguson was a mistake. I guess I'm going to go The Hill, instead. Maybe I can enjoy the Italian Culture once again, as if I don't see it enough down here... ...which I actually don't, surprisingly, besides the food... ...ANYWAY... ...The Hill! Now, what all is at the Hill, you ask? Well, we've got... Having had enough of The Hill (and from being creeped out by the ghost of Yogi Berra), I decide to drive nearby to Forest Park and see if things can get better from there... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote Count 1.02 Jazz (L-4) Mascis, Malcolm, Sophocles Malcolm (L-5) confuse rei, TheGoldenTyranno, Wunterslaus (L-6) Jazz Not voting: Solstice, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Wunterslaus, Winter Multi, iSlickz Majority is 7. I will be posting some game announcements/reminders shortly, getting some ducks in a row.
  11. Alright, so I pondered a bit on where to go to start my morning. I could have chosen downtown, University City, or the fucking airport out of all places. But no, I instead chose to go to the wonderful, playful, historic... A little jumpstart to my day would never hurt, right? What is there in Ferguson? Well, there is... ...But wait, what is on the side of that building? Is it...HOLY SHIT! MOTHERFUCKING HARAMBE! "Waddup, Harambe?" ... "Hello?..." ... "...Oh, he must be sleeping. Let me just rub him on the head..." "HEY, WHITE BOI!" I turned around to see some protesters everywhere. Uh oh, is it a riot? "THIS IS A RIOT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, MAN!" Oh shit, it is! I hurry back to my car as they start throwing beer bottles and other random shit at me; the funniest thing being Harambe's dislodged head. May you rest in peace, oh wonderful gorilla. Some racial tension still lingers in this area, so it's probably for the best I leave while I still can. I decide to turn around and head somewhere else. Maybe the zoo? The Hill? I'm hungry for some Italian cuisine anyway... Vote Count 1.01: Jazz (L-4) Mascis, Winter Multi, Malcolm Tyranno (L-6) iSlickz Malcolm (L-4) confuse rei, TheGoldenTyranno, Jazz Wunterslaus (L-6) Sophocles Not voting: Solstice, Nelrick, SageRhapsody, Digbick, Wunterslaus Majority is 7.
  12. St. Louis (Matrix14) Mafia "Ah, St. Louis. Wonderful place. Okay, so maybe the crime around here isn't so grand in some neighborhoods, but it's pretty good elsewhere!" "...So why did I come here again? Well, for college, especially considering the scholarships I got to go here. I'd be a fool to pass them up. It's really beautiful and there are a lot of things to see, such as..." "...The St. Louis Cardinals..." "...The Gateway Arch..." "...Forest Park..." "...Yogi Berra..." "...And many more places where I will take yo....WAIT A MINUTE, HOLY SHIT, YOGI BERRA!? AREN'T YOU DEAD?" "Yes I am, and soon, you will be too, for being a Cardinals fan!" Yogi Berra grabs his bat and starts bludgeoning ZeroPassion to his untimely death. "Our 27 championships don't compare to your 11! Ha!" I was killed by Yogi Berra. I was... The Set-Ups So we are playing Matrix14, and the link to it is: We will be using the NAR stated on the page, and the following differences: - Allow universal daytalk - Backup would receive the number of shots remaining from a role (In this case it would only affect the commuter and strongman. A commuter who used all their shots and is the first PR to die will make the backup essentially useless). Potential Set-Ups, for reference: Note that for any scum factions, anyone can carry out the kill. The Rules (Template from the new thread :^) ): Host Pre-Game Notes Let's get those potential role PMS back 'ere... The Players: Living in Missouri: 1) @Winter Multi 2) @Malcolm 3) @Mascis 4) @Jazz 5) @Solstice 6) @Nelrick 7) @iSlickz 8) @TheGoldenTyranno 9) @SageRhapsody 10) @Digbick 11) @Sophocles 12) @Wunterslaus 13) @confuse rei Dead in Misery: Getting bullied by ZeroPassion in his dorm room (Modkilled - don't make it happen): ANYWAY... Day has begun and will end at 5:00 PM CST on 4/22/17! GO AND HAVE FUN!
  13. Okay....role pms sent out.... game thread coming out shortly.....
  14. The_Wo(a)aT
  15. That's 13 players :^) Cool. Game will start this afternoon; hopefully before or around 3 pm CST. Until then..... 1) Faint aka winter multi 2) Malcolm aka faggot #1 aka pride 3) Mascis aka Gravekeeper’s Russian Spy 4) Jazz aka inferior to silver in goats 5) Solstice aka c++ 9 eclipse 6)Nelrick aka nelbae 7) iSlickz aka salty flygon 8)TheGoldenTyranno aka undefeated as town 9) SageRhapsody aka reuw 10) Digbick aka dmallsick 11) Sophocles aka modest rowlet 12) Wunterslaus aka wunter has finally come!!!! 13) confuse rei aka annoying motherfucking zubat Prepare yourselves.