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  1. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Aftergame]

    Add laziness to the list.
  2. MVP Rankings

    How the hell did I accumulate points like that
  3. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    no, can't
  4. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

  5. 2017 MLB Thread

    This postseason would be so much better with the Brewers in it instead
  6. Mafia Statistics

    I am the reason my faction wins games tbh
  7. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread - Town Wins

    @JC. to know that you made me VERY upsetti by quoting me on something so INSIGNIFICANT that it hurt my feelings. @JC. please don't do that nonsensically like that again, okay? ilu @JC. thanks @JC.
  8. 2017 MLB Thread

    A good thing the Dodgers won last night. Indians also have enough wins in their streak to legally buy alcohol in the U.S.
  9. Family mafia sign ups

    First week of college for me. New university. Exciting classes! I'll be out for a while now. I'll probably be shitposting on the dgz discord in my free time. If anyone wants any other contact info from me please dm me!
  10. really important poll :^)

    You only made this poll because I changed my discord nick to confuse crei
  11. DGZ Mafia Mafia Afterthread - Scum Wins

    This is not a good precedence then.
  12. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    You're all scum
  13. 2017 MLB Thread

    Dodgers lose their first series since June 6-8 vs the Nationals. They had went 19-0-3 in series before today.