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  1. AL West is a dumpster fire for the rest of the teams, although each team actually plays really well at home for some ungodly reason. The road records otherwise have been terrible (except for the stros)
  2. yes! although when 4 of your starting pitchers go on the DL, that success is not going to hold up. replacement starting has been decent, but going 3-6 on the most recent homestand does not do you any favors either.
  3. Those Rockies man. That NL West, as a matter of fact, the top 3 sweeping their weekend series and not gaining any ground anywhere. Wow.
  4. Opt in Civil Discourse & Unchained
  5. the stephan a smith finals prediction curse is now over give or take 2 games
  6. i had my vote parked on mascis since i voted him early in d1 lol i am officially retiring as champion and riding my chariot off to crack open a cold one with the retirees
  7. me watching town implode:
  8. what were you thinking when i intentionally bussed my partner
  9. i did not think i'd get away with that bus, especially considering i'd be in a position to where i'd either flip my world to lynch francis, bus my partner, or just not post rest of day. fortunately for me francis was fooled by it and all things considered (my biggest threat imo), the rest of the town was as well. i was not purposefully trying to potato the game at all since i was in a good position but i didn't want to implicate myself to the jazz night kill (who i had killed because i thought they were indeed trying to draw a heal to themselves as a pr with the thought that mascis was doc). doc was able to self heal once but it is still a good nk on jazz in any case wild game!
  10. covfefe
  11. so admittingly my thoughts for reading back and voting faint were to see how scum night kills. if i die then francis is left alive with 2 players who he'd struggle to see who to lynch. however, if francis was the night kill, i have to an extent scumread both of you, which gives a little hesitation. however, francis was a little more inclined to townread silver out of anything, which due to the nk, can be very much indicative of silver trying to pocket francis this phase. i was more ready to scumread silver so his lynch could go through, which makes it indicative of nelrick being scum to get the silver lynch off although another thing that has crossed my mind as i have read was could silver try to bs his way through this phase with defending himself with "ermagersh guys they are gonna lynch me" regardless of the wifomery, i cannot ignore silver's previous day actions at all. actions > wifom vote: silver @Solstice @confuse rei
  12. i do state i like nelrick better earlier this phase i had not struck much more on faint but seeing how his previous phases have been lacking vote: winter
  13. ebwop: did not directly respond to me on the sheeping part
  14. iirc i was first to press silver on him sheeping (following francis) this phase though he responds with it's on trusting francis
  15. silver had a vote on mascis during a period after mascis claims cop and before francis had unvoted then asks for the hardclaim. silver does not ask who mascis scanned at the time but tyranno did, although mascis was not up front about this. nel/faint/me were not here at this time silver was not here during a period where francis asks mascis to hardclaim who they scanned and where nelrick posts. faint/me were not here at this time either so we miss our chance to have a vote on mascis, same with nelrick. the opportunity to off mascis is over silver ends day by hammering tyranno if anything silver should've asked who masc scanned for clarification sake. hammering is a good look since they would know mascis is lying and the redscan should end the day, but you don't know how faint or i would respond. the former of the above is more of an implication for not attempting to clarify the situation. latter not as much due to how day was auto at that point. previous votes on tyranno are irrelevant in this specific situation as i read. this makes me think nelrick's scenario he came out with today would only be relevant had everyone been around when mascis claims cop.