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  1. Broken's Broken Game

    Unvote: haz vote: jericho
  2. Broken's Broken Game

    Unvote: hazmah Vote: Jericho So since we aren't voting to lynch now, Jericho gets this vote. I have to be gone the rest of this phase.
  3. Broken's Broken Game

  4. Broken's Broken Game

    Over half of the game has expressed suspicion and willingness to put a vote on Tyranno (ZP, Walia, Sage, haz, Jericho), and while that does not mean Tyranno is not scum, I don't think that would be a good place to vote at this time. Especially with Walia and Sage putting most of their game focus on Tyranno.
  5. Broken's Broken Game

    I will put my vote wherever I want, when I want, on who I want. You have also discounted why I put my vote on whoever I have. By "appease the town" I mean this as the unvote on me trying to appease myself and not make me more suspicious of Tyranno. I did not clarify this when I initially posted it. We have both agreed/observed that Tyranno's unvote felt quick. You're making the vote switches sound worse than it is here. Is there anything wrong with releasing pressure? This seems devoid of context. I don't like the bolded part of this post. This is putting us dichotomy to vote either of us when something else could happen this phase. Unvote: Tyranno Vote: hazmah Hazmah's views are centered upon Tyranno and I being scum together. It does come off as if hazmah is looking for teams rather than individual scum, but he has discussed our play independent of each other and this is fine. I don't think hazmah realizes roles are not flipped upon death, but in any case, I feel his arguments have been exaggerated and do not take into consideration events surrounded why people have played as they have and has generalized situations. The above quote also makes me feel hazmah does not have a pro town agenda.
  6. Broken's Broken Game

  7. Broken's Broken Game

    Unvote: TGT Vote: TGT even harder u post substance
  8. Broken's Broken Game

    Can you be a little more clear as to why this is oddly tunnelly/very thin?
  9. Broken's Broken Game

    It's been a long long time We've come a long long way
  10. Broken's Broken Game

    I think you're getting ahead of yourself and underestimating the fault of a wagon. If it ends up in a mislynch, everyone on it loses towncred. Maybe the person who started gets more scrutiny, but to push blame onto them as someone else who was on the wagon is blasphemy. We will not know because flips are not revealed, but if it actually escalated then that can be a problem. And you're right, there is an ulterior motive, but saying that it leaves Jazz as bait is a little far-fetched.
  11. Broken's Broken Game

  12. Broken's Broken Game

    Felt like Tyranno backed off VERY quickly when I voted him. Kinda gave me an "appease the town" vibe. How would this be an easy wagon when you say the tell was neutral? What's wrong with pushing a wagon this early? out with the old guard and in with the new
  13. Broken's Broken Game

    I am inclined to believe this is TGT being opportunistic in taking advantage of my erratic behavior. Unvote: hazmah Vote: TGT
  14. Broken's Broken Game

    Unvote: Jazz Vote: hazmah concurred
  15. Broken's Broken Game

    Did I stutter?