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  1. He's not the only one here Gottems
  2. What does Francis do that is the "same exact shit as scum every game"? Speaking of him, @Francis J Underwood has Solstice appeased you? @Jazz VC pls
  3. even then the thought of me being compared w/ nicky poo is actually scary and idk how ppl would confuse me for him pls console me
  4. Speculating wolf abilities is pointless until one is dead. This is also a type of looking townie w/o actually contributing to the game logic. This reaction is also poor considering this occurred early in the game (side note: going head in instead of going through 10+ pages of shitposting before ppl start playing is exciting!). We're immediately going to a "he's pushing a mislynch" conclusion when no one has been established yet. This phase isn't halfway through and things can change. Unvote: Francis Vote: Sage I like Tyranno a lil bit for giving crap on the vanilla claims. Francis must be mistaking me for someone else since I've never been MK'd here, or ever. Maybe thinking of japnick? :^)
  5. Not sure if joking or serious and mistaking me for someone else.
  6. Francis didn't receive a bomb? How unoriginal Vote: Francis Have a vote, on me!
  8. In but never seen GoT. :^)
  9. I think the sheer fact that Wunter didn't die n2 was a better reason to lynch Tyranno over Nelrick tbhimotbh Beam me up, Scotty.
  10. Where did the you being a hero meme come from? Do you sexually identify as a Poliwhirl? Whose dick would you suck on these forums, and why?
  11. That was so much better. Your assumptions on me are also accurate. q_q
  12. Admittingly I thought Slickz was the twin w/ Mascis after their banter. scum killed incorrectly hehehe
  13. > ZeroPassion literally knows that rei is town but isn't pushing his info hard enough. If he doesn't use his ability tomorrow night to publicly flip rei I am going to flip a shit. Was waiting for another janitor kill since I thought there'd be 3 and wanted to see which flip was worth it. Tempted on flipping rei immediately to end the rei = scum conspiracy but I wanted to see how that played out. > ZeroPassion, you are my favorite new player. I wish everyone took mafia as seriously as you. e g o b o o s t g o b o o s t > ZeroPassion I like you but you move at a pace that makes glaciers jealous. They always said I would never make it in Cross Country. Twin QT is interestingly fun to read. solstice is a losr The governor faction ability is actually really bastardy. zp runs away!!!
  14. wewnellie wild game! I'm surprised game didn't end with the neutral left w/ 3 players? Mascis and Markus should have won with town? A note for myself next time: always push yo scumreads and don't waffle. Another thing too was being very cautious of noting what beast said when everyone else didn't. I didn't want to spell it out in case of modkill (which should've been a MK). Reading through the notes/QTs now, but shit, 900 + posts in the scum QT = qqmoar.
  15. DEADPOST = MODKILL @Jazz day is over hopes and dreams now?????