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  1. Randy Moss

    He is, actually. I heard it was a hammy injury, but didn't think it was as serious until I just looked it up. Word has it he'll be out a solid 6 to 8 weeks. No wonder they went after Moss! http://ten.247sports.com/Article/Kenny-Britt-out-6-8-weeks-with-hamstring-according-to-source-4786
  2. Pride of Arizona

    March/Big Band music is so much fun to watch, but I have too many ex-band friends that are tired of the scene and essentially badmouth it, so I always feel guilty when I find myself enjoying it. gbsfbgasbdfcasdjf
  3. Dgz RYM thread

    Ugh. I'd forgotten how much -core bands have dug into the DGz music scene. I need more melody than they usually feed me... Love seeing Athiest up there though. I need to find a copy of Elements again, I only have Unquestionable Presence right now. :S
  4. Emarosa

    Cool story bro. You really should consider writing for the Times, I think it'd be a hit.
  5. Introduction to /Speed Metal/

    they're not really speed metal imo Ditto. Thread needs more Helloween and Judas Priest imo. I'd argue that Priest did as much as Motorhead did for the genre, and I usually think Helloween and X Japan when I think Speed Metal.
  6. NFL Week 8

    fake No, he did and so did JP Losman. Truth. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=Am.ff7q1NwAYRX_fEDok87_.uLYF?slug=ap-redskins-russell
  7. Randy Moss

    Britt isn't the man I'd look at. How many 8 man fronts will CJ2K see these days?
  8. Week 8 LOL

    LOL Chilly! He is the most pathetic head coach I've ever seen.
  9. Randy Moss

    Chilly is an idiot and a wuss. I've been knocking Wade Phillips for being weak-willed lately, but that is pathetic. Randy criticizes him in front of the media on Sunday and he goes all to pieces. Guess he didn't want anyone but Favre making him look like a punk. Dallas could try to pick him up, I could see Jerry Jones trying to take him on to make up for passing on him all those years ago. I think he'll end up with some semi-.500 team that still has a chance to push for the playoffs though. A team that needs another weapon to push for the playoffs. The Patriots don't need him, and they're last in line to try and get him anyway. Nah, it'll probably be someone like Kansas City, or Miami, or Washington, or Seattle. A team that needs a proven deep threat to open their offense and push them to the promised land.
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I started watching Yu Yu Hakusho again 'cause I'm all nostalgic for stuff I liked as a kid right now. I think in some cases, this turns out to be crap. In this case, it turned out to be totally awesome.
  11. NFL Week 8

    Who's blaming him? I'm loving it. Too many coaches have been all corporate and close to the vest. But now this guy and guys like Rex are out there talking smack. It's absolutely incredible.
  12. NFL Week 8

    I love Raheem Morris now. What a guy. Tampa beats up some bottom dwellers and then he calls the Bucs the best team in the NFC. I think he's wrong, it isn't like the Bucs have beat a team that currently holds a winning record, but that guy's got some cajones. Yeah, I said it. The Cowboys have been an absolute disappointment this year, and it sucks. What's worse is that I can't trust them to take the high draft pick they're bound to get and invest it in more picks or a high talent offensive lineman. Jerry Jones is terrible as a GM, usually picking up guys who sizzle (character issues be damned) and forgetting about the trenches. And because Dez Bryant's doing so well, he'll feel empowered to keep doing stuff like that. I'm gonna be fuckin' pissed if their first pick is a back, or a corner, or another weapon for Romo to throw to instead of a lineman to shield him from guys like Boley. I know the Raiders have been the whipping boys in the NFL, but they're actually an ok team this year. Seriously. If SeaBass stops shanking kicks against Arizona, then they're 4-3 and a half game behind the Chiefs. If they had an actual QB, or at least a playcaller that can make their guys look good, and this would be another inexplicably good team scrapping out wins in the AFC making us go, "What the hell is going on this year?" Fact of the matter is, they have useful skill position players. The O-Line is statistically ok (too many sacks, but average in QB hits and the Raiders can run the ball). The defense has been ok, if uninspiring. Unfortunately, their collection of journeyman QBs won't scare anyone, and Al Davis' overinvolvement will keep any coach worth his salt from ever coaching for Oakland to make anything out of the talent they've managed to stockpile.
  13. NCAA Football '10/'11

    How so?
  14. LOL of the Week

    LOL INTERCEPTIONS. Brees, Cutler, and Favre all made some boo-boos that simply can't be overlooked. Especially Brees, how do you throw two pick-sixes to a converted DEnd in one game? Surprisingly shameful.
  15. Dgz RYM thread

    Mine's still a work in progress, but since I'm over halfway done... http://rateyourmusic.com/~Marzy